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100% - Wall sdric

 The wall  is 6 additional  locations  (3 wall  fortification and 3 wildling villages)    Wall fortification:  Shadow tower is a Stronghold  Castle Black is a Fortified City  Eastwatch is a Stronghold    Wildling village:  Fist of First men connected to Shadow tower  Craster’s keep is connected to  Castle Black  Hardhome is connected to  Eastwatch    At the beginning of the game, place 1 NW  recruit (2  Hit,  2  SP) on each fortifications. These Troops are the initial garrison of the   3 wall's fortifications.    Only NW  brother can  be in charge of a wall  fortification. A NW brother  taking the charge of a wall  fortification takes  control  of his  garrison.  If you are in charge of a wall fortification your Hand limit is 4 card and you can add 2 GD to your wall bid.    No one can control/move/attack a Wildling village.    I.​  ​ Hear Ye Phase :  Before the LC election :  1.2.1/ News from the Wall :  ● If no wall fortification is under attack,  In summer,roll once 1d6 1d3  in autumn, roll twice 1d3 1d3  In Winter, roll thrice 1d6 1d3  Theses roll which represents the news from the Wall  The  NW brother with the  largest  army  of NW troops  (more SP  than any  other NW  brother) can reroll once per turn  one  of the dice.  D6 result  1­5 : Add wildlings/WW equal to the D6 in the wildling village indicated by d3.  6  add  a   giant  instead  (5   Hp,  5  hit    cunning),  if  no   giant  available  then  add 5 wildlings/WW  in the  wildling  village  indicated by ​ d3 Result​ .  1f Fist of First men or Shadow tower if Shadow tower fortification has been destroyed  2f craster  3f hardhome or Eastwatch if Eastwatch fortification has been destroyed  ●   If a wall fortification is under attack    Do  not roll  dice and instead add a giant in the wildling attacking army, if no giant are available. All the Giant in  wildling   villages immediately join the attack.    In winter  or if only  Castle Black remains, White Walker replace all the  wildlings (Flip  token,  3  hit 3 SP) white  Walker have the  Storm attribute. Giant stays Giant.    All Wildling and WW have the cruel attribute  and  are always  considered  with  a  Leader  even  if this  Leader is not materialized   and do not bring an extra SP.  1.2.2/ Lord Commander election :  as NWE,   can not leave the wall   can force NW brother to join the wall   once per game can declare a great ranging.   can take the charge of Castle Black if he wishes to.  PURCHASE Phase :  Contribution to the defense of the Wall :  same as  NWE except  that  the money is then  converted  into  Troops that  they  send to  the NW. You can not bid troops already  on the wall.  Troops are attributed to any NW brother on the wall or any garrison.  Brother will command  those  troops until he  dies, leave  the wall, give it  to another  NW brother or  as garrison. If a player does not  want to give the troops to a brother, he can give them to any garrison in 1 of the 3 wall fortification.  NW recruits and NW Archer cost 2 GD and can be upgrade in Knight for 1 GD (flip the token)  NW do not have any Champion.  As NWE, GD that can not be spend end up for the LC.  Lords taking the black and the wall  As NWE   can be in charge of a wall fortification  Note  :  A  NW  brother on the wall will not be  able to  purchase NW recruit for free  as you can purchase only  if you do not control  any NW troops. 08/10/2015

91% - Osprey Men at Arms Armies of the Vietnam War 1962 1975

While fewwanted to commit US ground troops to an Asian conflict, advisory and financial aid to the south was immediately raised. 23/03/2016

91% - Men of War AS Commonwealth EN

Tobruk was a strategic port in North Africa besieged by German troops led by General Rommel. 27/01/2012

90% - Men of War AS USA EN

The objective Chronology was to defeat Japanese troops and establish December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor strategic bases from which to drive the allied campaign in the Pacific. 27/01/2012

88% - MK II quick ref sheet 1

MK II quick ref sheet 1 ADVANTAGES Abomination: 05/05/2010

87% - Rappels (1)

Rappels (1) Rappels Rappel indicatifs radio : 24/01/2017

86% - TF OPPORD 001

Based upon the weather some troops might be inserted into the field by the „Helicopter". 13/09/2010

86% - m530562a Modelling Workshop Empire

The right arms and weapons come from the Handgunners kit, while the shield arms from the State Troops complete the figure. 06/11/2015

84% - Fief GoT rules v3.1

  These  incomes can then  be  used  to  purchase  additional Troops, Mills,  Strongholds, and Titles. Income may also be used to bribe   or ‘help’ other Players.  Players  occupy  Villages  with  their  Troops  that are  led by the Nobles of their House. If opposing  Player Troops are in the   same Village, a Battle may commence.  Expanding a House’s territory brings more influence and  income ­  thus granting the House members Titles like  Lord/Lady  Paramount,  Warden,  Member  of  the Small Council,  Hand of  the  King, or even  King... 19/10/2015

84% - brijean rally strategy

(2' is the approximate time needed for troops to get back to each RM after hitting the target the time needed for the RM to join the new rallies (menu naviagtion, marche time, ...) ) The purpose of waiting before scouting target is to get the target receiving the notification as late as possible while keeping enough time for RM to tp and join the rallies. 23/02/2018

84% - Fief GoT rules v2

  These  incomes  can  then  be  used  to  purchase   additional  Troops,  Mills,  Strongholds,  and  Titles. 11/05/2015

83% - Fief GoT v2

 These incomes can  then  be   used  to  purchase  additional  Troops,  Mills,  Strongholds,  and  Titles.  Income  may   also  be  used  to  bribe   or  ‘help’  other  Players by using the embassy tokens.  Players  occupy   Villages  with   their  Troops  that   are  led  by  the  Nobles  of  their  House.  If  opposing   Player  Troops  are  in  the  same Village, a Battle may commence.  Expanding  a  House’s  territory  brings  more  influence  and   income  ­   thus  granting  the  House  members  Titles  like  Lord/Lady  Paramount,  Warden,  Member  of  the  Small  Council,  Hand  of  the  King,  or  even  King...  signs  of  true  power  and  maybe  the   beginning of “a dynasty that will last a thousand years!”    We   recommend   to  play  this  retheme  only   after   being   familiar  with   the  base   game  and   having  at  least  2  or  3  games  of   the  vanilla  version   under  your  belt.  Being  familiar   with the  Politics expansion  is also  advisable. We  also recommend not to play  with  the NWE on your first Song of Ice and Fief game and to be familiar with the Crusades expansion from Vanilla before playing it.    Game setup   1) Place   the  Game Board in a central location. The map represents Westeros. 24/04/2015

83% - Men of War AS German army EN

After the allied landings on the Normandy beaches, the efforts of the German troops under General Edwin Rommel's command were focused communications center on the route towards the French capital, Paris. 27/01/2012

83% - Brijean Rallies Strategy

(2' is the approximate time needed for troops to get back to each RM after hitting the target the time needed for the RM to join the new rallies (menu naviagtion, marche time, ...) ) The purpose of waiting before scouting target is to get the target receiving the notification as late as possible while keeping enough time for RM to tp and join the rallies. 23/02/2018

82% - Warmaster Rules Update

The Initiative rule represents the ability of a unit’s commanding officer to lead his troops to the attack or guide them away from danger. 08/12/2014

82% - Men of War AS USSR EN

50 Assault troops......................................................................................................... 27/01/2012