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historybook 100%

Coolidge was in the White House trying to make life better in America.


Center-For-Strategic-Studies-Meeting-Notes-3-10-12 90%

You’re trying to understand religion so you can shove it down our throats o Right:


EBC 87%

I hope I can give all those involved the justice of their commitment they have shown and continue to show every day – Mark Hughes ‘Part of TeamBrooke’ The Story It all began in Sept 2012 when two friends Mark Hughes and Terry Harding found a story about a young girl on Twitter who had cerebral palsy (CP) and whose family were trying to raise money so she could go to the USA to have a life improving operation Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) This would enable her to make her first unaided steps ever.


THF Nation Process 86%

I felt more interested and challenged by actually trying to rethink the whole identity as well as the use of this unique place that I called the THF NATION.



Trying too many new products.


Hum. Reprod.-2015-Habbema-humrep dev148 85%

The latest female age at which a couple should start trying to become pregnant strongly depends on the importance attached to achieving a desired family size and on whether or not IVF is an acceptable option in case no natural pregnancy occurs.


IMG 20160913 0004 84%

has been trying b. have been trying c.


Timeless 83%

Intro parlée de 4x8 temps, à 16 secondes, sur le mot « pedicure » Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy (Hey, what up Girl ?)  Put my glasses on, I'm out the door ‐ I'm gonna hit this city (Let's go)   Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack  Cause when I leave for the night I ain't coming back  I'm talking ‐ pedicure on our toes, toes, Trying on all our clothes, clothes  Boys blowing up our phones, phones, Drop‐toping, playing our favorite CDs  Pulling up to the parties, Trying to get a little bit Tipsy    Don't stop, make it Pop, DJ, blow my speakers up  Tonight, Imma fight, Till we see the sunlight  Tik Tok, on the clock, But the party don't stop, no !  Whoa‐oh oh oh, Whoa‐oh oh oh Forward-Side-Forward Touches, Side Step, Slide 1–2 3–4 5–6 7–8 Toucher D devant, toucher D à côté de G Toucher D à droite, toucher D à côté de G Toucher D devant, toucher D à côté de G Grand pas D à droite, glisser et taper G à côté de D Forward-Side-Forward Touches, Side Step, Slide 1–2 3–4 5–6 7–8 Toucher G devant, toucher G à côté de D Toucher G à gauche, toucher G à côté de D Toucher G devant, toucher G à côté de D Grand pas G à gauche, glisser et taper D à côté de G Step Forward, Slide (x2), Step Back, Slide (x2) 1–2 3–4 5–6 7–8 Pas D en avant dans la diagonale droite (haut du corps face à 10h30), glisser et taper G à côté de D Pas G en avant dans la diagonale gauche (haut du corps face à 1h30), glisser et taper D à côté de G Pas D en arrière dans la diagonale droite (haut du corps face à 1h30), glisser taper G à côté de D Pas G en arrière dans la diagonale gauche (haut du corps face à 10h30), glisser et taper D à côté de G Out-Out-In-In, R Jazz-Box with ¼ Turn Right 1–2 3–4 5–6 7–8 Pas D (out) en avant, pas G (out) en avant Pas D (in) revient au centre, pas G (in) revient au centre Pas D croisé devant G, pas G en arrière ¼ de tour à droite (3h) et pas D à droite, pas G en avant BE COOL, SMILE &


White book - What language learning isn't 82%

Trying to memorise the most frequent verbs or words of a language, or trying to decipher thousands of grammar rules won't be of any help unless they serve a precise purpose.


document overview 82%

Blank page or 404 not found – when trying to open theme admin pages.


Brochure Incontro Orso ENG definitivo 80%

If the bear notices your presence and stands up trying to identify you, stand still and talk calmly.


DSL-2640U B2 Manual 79%

Trying to detect carrier signal.


Transforming Pain 79%

it correlates the suffering that results from long-term pain with the static way in which we relate to it and the efforts we invest in trying to avoid it.


ribbed boxers 78%

Trying on as you go is an important step to get a tailored fit because everyone’s behind is different and you might need more or less short rows than I did, plus I don’t remember exactly how many I used.


survival ASPERGER 78%

Marc has his own theories of how the problems of autism might be construed, and these will be of interest to anyone trying to understand the ‘enigma’, whether from inside or outside.


HopeforHealingweb 78%

Rape is rape no matter who it happens to.” — David There are people who care about what you have endured and what you are going through now, as you are trying to heal.


englishgrammarsecrets(2) 78%

Look, somebody is trying to steal that man's wallet.


Only War Skills and talents 77%

In these instances, the GM applies modifiers to the Skill Test to represent the difficulty or ease of the task, such as a bonus when trying to detect a large and obvious threat with Awareness or a penalty when trying to swim across a fast flowing river with Athletics.


Modélisation combat épée Michel Sicard ANG 2015 77%

The quality of this observation depends on the experience and the background of the one trying to understand what happened.


Important information about asdf 77%

Françowas-René Rideau's XCVB (trying to build object and image data determinwastically and in parallel), and its polar opposite, Drew McDermott's YTools (trying maintain coherence of the current Lwasp image at a fine grain), and the newcomer ASDlite.


Internship ConnectiVision - LanguageStudents 77%

Our team consists of language teachers of various nationalities whose main goal is to create virtual learning environments that can help students extend their engagement with the language they are trying to learn, beyond the classroom.


anglais61 76%

Because of the hype and pressure to improve processes, it is easy to move into “process paralysis.” Process paralysis, as defined by Yourdon [6], is when the project team becomes thoroughly overwhelmed by the new technology and gradually end up spending all of its time (a) trying to understand the new technology, (b) arguing about the merits of the new technology, or (c) trying to make it work.


outrage a verdun 76%

+8 The stunt took place on during commemorations at Verdun - scene of one of the bloodiest battles in military history, where some 330,000 soldiers lost their lives most of them French and German troops, in 1916 +8 Some 3,400 children ran among the graves of soldiers who died in the battle of Verdun as part of a stunt choreographed by German filmmaker Volker Schlondorff, who argued that he was 'trying to depict the chaos of the battle' But on Sunday, as French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel paid tribute to the fallen, many said the 'commemorative run' was in poor taste.


In the shadow 76%

Just a normal girl who’s burning inside and trying to live with her own demons.


The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor Volume 14 76%

Have you heard of his tale?” The Dwarves who gathered around trying to unveiled the secret of sculpting, grew silent.