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Australian Swimwear Boutique 100%

This design features 'Tummy Control' lining which is perfect for those troublesome areas we want to flatten so you can feel comfortable and confident whether you're at the beach, swimming laps of the pool, or just looking gorgeous poolside!


62 98%

4 HAPPY TUMMY TRAVEL AROUND 3 LIMIT FATS EAT ON TIME Although Buddhists are generally vegetarians, the practice varies and meat-eating.


DIYtummymolding1 95%

DIYtummymolding1 This is a little tuto ‘low cost’ and ecological for all  the moms to be who wants a souvenir of their  tummy :). I’ve tested it and it works well.    To make it :     For the flour glue :  ● flour  ● water  ● sugar    For the slices :    ● Toilet paper roll  ● slices of paper (like advertising flyers)                            Step 1 :


produit-wrap-anglais 90%



EverythingAboutPaddlingInHollandPart2EnglishPDF 72%

I had to get down on my tummy at least 3 times and a few times we were lucky that they were


How to reduce belly fat 61%

There is no worse place to carry fat than in your tummy area.


Beach Bum Beauty 48%

But don’t you worry, apparently the Supercleanse formula I have to take before breakfast and before bed will swell up in my tummy making me feel full.