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But, more than a simple colour, Red is the space where joy meets passion, turmoil love, and strength exquisite delight.


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Francais Anglais A travers trough Un voyage Journey/travel Des conseils advice Un conseil A piece of advice sage wise sagesse wisdom Se suicider Commit suicide Réussir à Manage to + BV/succeed in + BVing solitude loneliness En avoir marre de To be fed up/to be bored with/to have had enough of bourse A grant Bourse d'université A scholarship Monter/descendre d'un bus Hop on/off/into rater fail affirmer assert proéminent foremost Vœu de silence Vow of silence daltonien color-blind poignet wrist Place/localisation setting Être témoin de To witness Ils se sont entre-tués They killed each other Ils se sont tués They killed themselves Fournir quelque chose à quelqu'un Supply sb with/provide sth yo sb/provide sb with fournisseur A provider engendrer To generate courant stream but Goal/aim/purpose Atteindre la majorité, devenir majeur Come of age Être en surpoids/gros/obèse To be overweight/fat/obese grossir To put on weight adultes Adults/grown up tentative attempt skinny slim épais thick Équivaut à mince et grand slender potelé plump Joufflu (pour un bébé) chubby nourrir harbours Finir par End up+Ving Futur, en devenir would-be Pour exprimer quelque chose qui est prévu Be to+BV Trouble/agitation/désarroi turmoil Retournement (de situation), rebondissement twist Non négligeable sizeable À l'échelle mondiale worldwide Réaliser un rêve Fulfil a dream/make a dream come true gratte-ciel Building/high-rise/skyscrapers pelouse lawn purifier To deanse/purify Faire la grasse matinée To have a lie in Bizarre, étrange...


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Revolutions and turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa, together with wider, longer-term trends in transatlantic relations, underscore the importance of Atlanticism, and especially “wider” Atlanticism, as a key dimension of Morocco’s new geopolitics.


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This allowed us to deepen our knowledge of the history of the Jews in order to be better prepared mentally for the next day, leading us all the same to a state of turmoil.


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There was a very serious correction in April 2013, as technical problems led to panic selling As the major platform collapsed, further turmoil ensued, with a balance out currently in the $500 area.


Ebook Usfia-gb 64%

There was a very serious correction in April 2013, as technical problems led to panic selling As the major platform collapsed, further turmoil ensued, with a balance out currently in the $500 area.


Morocco child mariage - FINAL - EDITED.PDF 63%

ECONOMIC CONTEXT Despite the 2011 Arab Spring turmoil that affected many countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Morocco has experienced political stability in recent years, with the arrival of the moderate Parti de la Justice et du Développement (25 November 2011).


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Reputation buffers a company’s financial results to prevent loss of value during periods of market decline and economic turmoil.


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A separate section is dedicated to subversive threats amidst social conflict and extremist exploitation, with reference to the attempt by extremist individuals and groups, both left- and right-wing, to exploit social unrest and turmoil to affirm anti-establishment appeals and to raise the level of confrontation with institutions.



My fellow citizens:


778 - WORLD, Analysis, News on Sunday 27 May 2011 53%

We recognize that Iran has tried to take advantage of the turmoil there, and that the Bahraini government has a legitimate interest in the rule of law.” Further on, he added:


Echanges 21nov2014 - Programme 52%

Borys and Hlib demonstrated radical non-violence during political and military turmoil.


EMS-2010 52%

Given the economic turmoil and market uncertainty during this past year we hope to offer some perspective, (less hype) on how these factors have impacted the European housing sector.


Canada’s-Asset-Recovery-Tools-A-Practical-Guide 51%

• there is internal turmoil, or an uncertain political situation, in the foreign state;


AIHR-IADH-Human rights Press Review- 2013.12.03 49%

But experts say the draft text also gives privileged status to institutions that have repeatedly thwarted change during Egypt’s years of revolutionary turmoil, including the police, seen as the main instigator of abuses.


qeg-user-manual-3-25-14 48%

The timing is wonderful because, as of the writing of this, the entire planet is in turmoil as never before, and people will need to not only be self-sufficient, we will all need to live according to what is good for all (Ubuntu), and help each other for our continued evolution as species/planet.


japan 47%

The political gridlock, coupled with increasing public resentment towards Prime Minister Naoto Kan’s leadership and calls for a grand coalition from some quarters, is expected to lead to even more political turmoil, which could derail reforms.


2010 ICMagazine 47%

Economies worldwide work hours have become longer and are still in turmoil and experts do not the results smaller.


Fania Noel Fear of Black feminist nation 47%

The demonstration organized by this group in August of that year produced turmoil and controversy within the decolonial movement.


Dagenais-Greer Decolonizing the Middle Ages 45%

My life is destined to be spent ’midst storms and turmoil.


The Student Revolts of May 1975, page 13, Le Mauricien 20 May 2010 44%

In the turmoil and ensuing confusion, some angry students looted market stalls in Port Louis and burned tyres and erected barricades elsewhere.


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Yet there is no denying that the economic turmoil triggered by the global downturn hit the aviation industry hard.


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In the wake of this industrial turmoil, the “giving the dog a bad name and hang it” policywould apply and the allegations to be turned into clear accusations targetedat her.