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Téléportation 100%

10.1126/science.1253512 Unconditional quantum teleportation between distant solid-state quantum bits R.



The aim of the present review is to provide a review across wide range of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies to critically identify the cortical networks associated with passionate love, and to compare and contrast it with other types of love (such as maternal love and unconditional love for persons with intellectual disabilities).


Psychology-of-Relationships-QuickStudy 78%

Unconditional love of a superior for an inferior, most clearly manifested in God’s love for the individual sinner who is utterly undeserving of this “grace.” 2.


Wind Spinners 77%

Seasonal Spinners - available all year Theme Spinners Ovallusion Spinners Winged Sensation Spinners Solar Light Spinners Twirling Machine Spinners Lifetime Rust Proof Guarantee We offer an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME RUST PROOF WARRANTY on ALL of our Wind Spinners.


Wind Spinners Metal 76%

We are the only manufacturer that has an Unconditional Lifetime Rustproof Guarantee.


IPD SA Infopack August 2015 73%

After receiving the participation fee we will send unconditional invitation letter to the participants by email/post and by fax to the relevant embassy which you mentioned in your filled application form.


UV2-option anglais 2012 73%

aren’t you is it have you 16- The temperature is almost__________ in the summer unpredictable unconditional unbearable 17- We ________ here every year;


After April 24th 2018 Newsletter 03 18 68%

In my four years of intensive traveling and studying our Armenian culture in the homeland, I have noticed how hard it is for Remembering my father and his most women in a poor economic state to unconditional love for my gain financial independence.


Little Life Contest Rules 67%

Participation in this contest constitutes a full and unconditional acceptance of, and agreement to be legally bound by, these contest rules.


presale of services to fund my travel to India 64%

They put us in touch with the light and unconditional love from another dimension.


Corrections 61%

The unconditional MSEP was calculated with the standard deviation parameter σi instead of the variance parameter σi2 .


Free Movement of Persons 60%

unconditional Art. 12 Citizens Directive :


Mahafaly Dictionary 59%

translating%and%guiding%our%way%around.%In%about%two%months%we%put%together%a%small%phraseM book%or%dictionary%of%about%three%thousand%English%words%and%phrases%translated%to%Malagasy% and%Mahafaly%Dialect.%Many%of%these%words%were%directly%translated%by%Heri,%others%required%the% knowledge% of% people% that% were% born% more% than% halfMaMcentury% ago.% One% of% the% biggest% challenges% of% making% the% dictionary,% as% I% assume% it% must% be% when% working% with% other% endangered% languages,% is% the% gradual% loss% of% information% due% to% the% influence% of% major% languages%such%as%English%and%French.%In%this%aspect%both%me%and%Heri,%made%our%best%effort%to% compile%words%that%reflect%with%the%utmost%fidelity%the%epistemology%of%the%local%people.% The%compilation%of%the%dictionary%was%complete%on%the%day%I%left%Ejeda,%the%5th%of%April%of%2011.% In% my% way% back% to% Antananarivo% I% undertook% the% task% to% transcribe% the% dictionary% to% my% computer,%and%design%its%edition%and%cover.%The%first%edition%was%presented%to%WWF%Madagascar% in%May%2011.% Since%the%first%edition,%the%dictionary%has%undergone%substantial%changes,%as%it%has%been%revised% by%David%McDonald,%the%Malagasy%Academy%of%Language,%and%from%Andriamiseza%Ingarao%from% the% Department% of% Endangered% Languages% at% UNESCO,% correcting% spelling% mistakes% in% English% and%Malagasy,%and%revising%the%structure%of%the%dictionary%to%a%more%userMfriendly%design.%% The%dictionary%is%collaborative%undertaking%that%represents%the%voice%of%hundreds%of%people,%in% their%majority%Mahafaly,%but%also%from%many%parts%of%the%world.%Whose%foremost%concern%was%to% share% and% protect% a% language% at% the% verge% of% extinction.% It% is% my% hope% that% this% dictionary% can% serve% vazaha% [foreigners]% and% Malagasies% to% bridge% worldviews,% build% consensus,% and% further% cultural%and%biological%conservation%in%Madagascar.% Thanks% go% to% all% the% people% that% made% the% dictionary% possible,% to% my% fellow% WWF% team% members,% and% to% all% my% Mahafaly% friends% including% Baina,% Rivo,% Haja% and% Heri% without% which% advise%and%example%I%would%not%have%been%inspired%to%undertake%this%adventure.%Your%courage% and%happiness%in%the%face%of%adversity%showed%me%there%is%no%limits%but%the%ones%you%pose%on% yourself.%I%am%also%grateful%to%my%family%for%their%longstanding%and%unconditional%support.% % % % José%Carlos%Pons%Ballesteros% Mexico,%DF% 4%November,%2012% % % % !



3.3.1 Unconditional coverage 3.3.2 Kupiec’s test .


Men of War-AS-Japan army-EN 54%

Not long after, the Emperor announced the unconditional surrender of Japan.


Men of War-AS-German army-EN 54%

The fall of Berlin in May 1945 triggered the unconditional surrender of Germany.


Reglement Mother Day Contest IG ESCADA 20200428 FINAL LEGAL 54%

Participation in the Game automatically implies express and unconditional acceptance by the Participants of these Rules in particular and of the rules of Internet deontology, as well as of the laws and regulations in force on French territory, including all laws applicable in France that concern games.


Burundi Annual Report 2012 (14th May) 53%

Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, we serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.


Information for letters to PACE delegates 52%

● Russia’s unconditional return to PACE would contradict the Statute of the Council of Europe, ​as well as the Assembly's own resolutions calling to end Russia's aggression against Ukraine​, which clearly state that Russia must make progress in them before a full dialogue with the Assembly is resumed.


201705-Statement 25th anniversary occupation ofShusha 49%

In spite of adoption of well known four UN Security Council Resolutions on unconditional withdrawal of the Armenian armed forces from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, as well as the UN General Assembly Resolution on “The situation in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan” dated March 14, 2008, the Resolution No.


Newsletter 22 46%

I am particularly grateful to my dear friends and colleagues at the IMGA Executive Committee who provided me with their unconditional support, unmatched guidance, and unweariedly commitment during my time as IMGA Executive Officer.


La prédestination.DOC 43%

• Total depravity (dépravation totale) • Unconditional election (élection inconditionnelle) • Limited atonement (sacrifice limité) • Irresistible grace (grace irrésistible) • Perseverance of the saints (persévérance des saints) Parce que cette TULIP a 5 points, ses adhérents sont souvent appelés "



Participation in the Affiliate Programme implies the unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use in their entirety.


Safetyatsea-AegeanSea-English 41%

Whatever your nationality or legal situation, rescuing people in distress at sea is an unconditional obligation for all captains of all boats around as well as for coastal states.


IsraelLobby 39%

He even tried to time the attacks to highlight this issue.16 Equally important, unconditional U.S.