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grammar 100%

6 (consonant + o) add –es (vowel +o) –s tomato –tomatoes radio radios Irregular plural forms (exceptions)     Child Foot Man Woman  Mouse mice  Tooth teeth  Fish fish  _____ people (is always plural) (no s) children feet men women Countable and Uncountable nouns  Countable nouns a book books ,one book some books, many books, two books a lot of books a few books  Uncountable nouns money some money, much money, a lot of money a little money Types /Categories f uncountable nouns Types Examples Liquids milk, water, juice Abstracts advice, love, peace, luck, music Particles sand, coffee, rice ,beans, soya Raw materials gold, wood ,iron, Entities soap, bread, cheese, meat, money Verb Tenses  Simple present tense  Simple past I Work I Worked You Work You Worked He, she, it Works He, she, it Worked We Work We Worked You Work You Worked they work they worked  Simple future Another way to express the simple future I will work You will work He, she, it will work We will work You will work they will work I am going to work tomorrow.


article baptiste lacroix 89%

¯ We say a stable homomorphism R˜ is Riemannian if it is uncountable, Definition 2.2.


Maths 78%

embedded subring is contravariant, uncountable, totally maximal and almost surely Lambert.


ENGLiiSH lessons By SpecialOne 77%

𝑚𝑢𝑐𝑕 for uncountable nouns.


Vickson-Rachmoulz 73%

A co-linear, normal, canonical factor B is extrinsic if J is anti-canonically uncountable and null.


Conventions and Agreements 73%

Standards Efficiency and Transformational Government Division 25th Rabat May 2011 Not everything that counts can be counted Not everything that can be counted counts Albert Einstein Counting the uncountable?


Anglais-Cours 64%

combien + sg I noms qu'on ne peut pas compter ( uncountable) ou pour un prix How many:


publi maths 64%

Introduction Every student is aware that every ordered factor acting stochastically on an Erd˝os vector is stable, partially integrable and uncountable.


Program Francais anglais 64% CONCOURS D’ENTREE A l’EAMAC PROGRAMME ANGLAIS - FRANCAIS Ingénieur, Technicien Supérieur et Technicien ANGLAIS I) PROGRAMME OF ENGLISH A) Nouns Common / proper Mass / collective nouns Abstract / concrete Countable / uncountable Plural • zero plural • foreign words’ plural • plurals with different meanings Concord compound B) Articles Indefinite / definite/ zero article C) Adjectives Types of adjectives Order of adjective if more than one Comparative and superlative forms D) Adverbs 1 Types of adverbs (manner, place, degree, possessive, quantity, etc.) Order of adverbs (if more than one) Position of adverbs ( initial, mid and final) E) Pronoums Personal / relfexive / emphatic / relative / possessive / interrogative / demonstrative / etc.


The Big Tool Box 64%

The Big Tool Box (Thanks to our Press Review!!!) Keynesian Liberal = free marketer A poll = a survey The growth = increase of Keynésien Libéral Un sondage La croissance the GIP (Gross interior product) NATO OTAN A warship = a military boat A storming = an attack, an offensive Harsh = hard Ties = links Un navire de guerre To shape = to influence The lineup of events = series of events A panel of authors = a multitude of authors An earthquake = a seism To flee = to run away A landslide A rubble Influencer Une série d’évènement Hacktivist = hacker + activist Appalling = horrible / awful A direction To pay a tribute to Un pirate + un activiste A target = a point to reach A shelter A spokes man Un objectif, une cible A lethal injection A witness To witness The death penalty = Ø capital punishment An overhang 7in 10(US) = 7out of 10(GB) To testify A testimony The evidence Ø A piece of evidence To be held hostage Une injection mortelle Un témoin Etre Témoin de La peine de mort A discharge Un renvoi au foyer Une prise (militairement) Dur, difficile Liens Une multitude d’auteurs Un séisme S’échapper Un glissement de terrain Un débris Horrible Une mise en scène Rendre un hommage à Un abri Un porte parole Une avancée Témoigner Un témoignage Les preuves Une preuve Être en otage Enlisted = enrolled A shift = a change Uphill = it’s uphill all the way A skill A harm To harm = to hurt To make it plain = to make it clear/obvious To embody To champion = to defend Inscrit Un changement Ce n’est pas une tâche facile Une compétence Un mal Law enforcement agency Home secretary Case low The data Organisme responsable du maintien de l’ordre ministre de l’intérieur Un cas de jurisprudence Ensemble de données A likelihood = A probability Prior to fence To be merely cries for help = to be ceiling for help To upset To commit suicide Une probabilité To urge somebody to = to encourage A toddler = a baby = an infant A household A Psychologist A psychiatrist A psychoanalysist To harm = to hurt Harmful Entertainment To entertain To advice sb to do sthg advice (uncountable) To keep sb/oneself busy Encourager qq’un à … Pipe dream To grab = to (take) seize OECD = Organization for Une chimère saisir OCDE Rendre évident incarner Avant Barrière Irriter;


mathgen-2098536964 40%

In [23], the authors address the splitting of embedded, open, sub-uncountable rings under the additional assumption that Ξ ≡ ∅.


Grammar-review 39%

How much – refers to a quantity or a price (uncountable nouns) How much time do you have to finish the test?


Statistics Equations & Answers-QuickStudy 23%

Type of Random Variable General Formula for Mean General Formula for Standard Deviation discrete (X takes some countable number of specific values) µ = E (X) = ∑ X P (X) σ = SD ( X ) = ∑ X 2 P ( X ) − µ 2 continuous (X has uncountable possible values, and P(X) can be measured only over intervals) µ = E ( X ) = ∫ XP ( X ) dX σ = SD ( X ) = !