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Sports Car Rental Dubai 100%

Owning such vehicles is prestigious but unfortunately, not everyone can afford them.



INTERNATIONAL R'GUIBA-DO STICK DEFENSE ASSOCIATION (Style as Stick Africain, Phillipino, but spécial) Art Of Stick Dear readers I'm not unfortunately neither writers nor historian.


Morny - 1988-2015 93%

Morny 1988 2015 PRIX MORNY Deauville - 1200 m - Turf - 2 ans Année 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 Nom UNFORTUNATELY LADY AURELIA SHALAA THE WOW SIGNAL NO NAY NEVER


PROFIL X (English Version) 93%

Unfortunately, these Servicesaides attitudes are common currencies and continue to arouse popular anger.


Maths 88%

Unfortunately, we cannot assume that p that |ψ| = 2.


AAMAS2015 mentalprograms poster 86%

I Unfortunately, undecidable in the general case.


Flyer December 19 83%

Unfortunately, not everyone can rejoice and celebrate.


The Bell Curve 77%

Unfortunately due to the nature of .txt files this is likely only a pale comparison to the original work.


symbols hypotheses 77%

Questioning oneself is an unfortunately too rare quality, and everyone should feel easy to think and write with both <


sweet-sue-bird-dress-pattern 76%

Unfortunately I don’t have the original pattern, but I’ve seen pictures of the pattern pieces and appliqué online.


Le pistage et contre pistage de combat 72%

Unfortunately, many teams receive little or no training in this type of deployment.


Peds0315 Seizures 72%

Unfortunately, evidence to guide the evaluation and management of children presenting with new and breakthrough seizures and status epilepticus is limited.


Being an Aspie - my opinion 71%

Unfortunately, he was not there, but I asked his elder sister whether she could thank him for not having let me down at that time.


ArticleIFB 71%

Unfortunately, he announced on his twitter that he chose de skip Roland Garros to focus on grass season.


Orcs Goblins Hordes 70%

Orcs and Goblins enjoy nothing more than a good scrap, unfortunately they’re not always very discerning about who they scrap with!



Unfortunately, the concept, with a few rare exceptions, remained stuffy in the narrow circle of the military psychiatrists.


Medical Imaging Software Project Leader @DAMAE Medical 69%

This whole healthcare pathway is long, costly and even inefficient since 1 out of 3 melanoma is unfortunately missed by the dermatologist’s eye.


WASPmod manual 69%

Unfortunately it isn't compatible with earlier versions.


InscripGB 68%

Unfortunately, due to the international Economic situation, the organisers will not take charge your expenses of fuel and accommodation as we previously did.


IBHM 086-107 68%

Unfortunately, although his work was correct, very few mathematicians appeared to care about this new finding.


Transcript-Turkey-Coup-Plotters-WhatsApp-Group-version-2.4 68%

Unfortunately, the messages of the AJ Türk images do not have a timestamp.


Optica Article submitted 68%

Unfortunately, it is difficult to accumulate a large number of independent speckle realizations on short time scales.


Phylogenetic position 68%

Unfortunately, the two Ceropegia endemic to the Canary Islands were forgotten.


OverlayInstall 67%

in order to install the new overlay, and unfortunately due to the design of the Andromeda, it's necessary to unscrew the 2 plastic covers located at each end of the ribbon controller, from the inside :-( 1:


TestoftheraspberryPiinaplaneJuly12th2015 67%

  We  have plugged in all the cables.    This  system  was  stuck  on  the  airplane’s  belly  thanks  to  a  lot  of  tape.  The  ethernet  cable  went  through the door of the airplane. We plugged them in our computers inside the plane.      Description of the test:  We  flew  during  approximately  one  hour  above  the  east  side  of  the  bay  (Berkeley,  Oakland,  Richmond  and  surrounding  areas)  taking  pictures  of  8  targets,  that  is  to  say  8  people  we  had  started a fire in their backyard.   Each  computer was  connected to a camera controlling it thanks to the program “”.  Unfortunately  we  lost  the  connexion  with  the nameless camera just after the take­off. Hence we   only took pictures with the camera “infra” (with a blue filter which blocks the green light).    We  took  different  kind   of  pictures.  Indeed  we  ran  the  program  several  times  with  different  instructions:  ­ Pictures at 2240X1680 with 1.5 seconds delay between pictures.  ­ Pictures at 640X480 with 1 second delay between pictures.       Results:  Thanks  to this test we can obtain different informations. We can check the quality  of our pictures  (Are  they  blurred  ?  Can  we  see  the  buildings  on  the  ground  ?  ...).  We  can  also check if we are