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100% - paola cheries raincoat

This version is unlined and made in very thin fabric scavenged from an old child’s raincoat. 11/08/2015


Slippery surface similar to lining for a easy put on High abrasion resistance A slightly shiny appearance close to a classic viscose lining FUSE FASHION is intended in particular to unlined jackets / coats but also respond to other applications (bags, accessories, leather ...) OUR OFFERS 1. 23/02/2015

53% - Mental Health alu et autre métaux

manufacturing soap/detergent, artificial flowers or leather, enamel, rubber and insulators, jewelry, semiconductors, silicon microfilm, textiles, velvet or wax bookbinding making/using disinfectants, pigment/dye, fertilizer, fungicides, or insecticides working with metals, including brass and bronze, soldering or welding copper or lead smelting glassblowing or etching mining sheep dipping taxidermy Tin Sources of Tin Exposure food stored in unlined tin cans some seafood from contaminated coastal waters some plastics, including polyurethane, plastic polymers and silicon-coated baking parchment paper Occupational exposures: 25/07/2017