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Acoustical-analysis-labour-sounds 100%

This study examined the acoustical properties of work/effort, childlike, and out-of-control utterances to determine whether their acoustical properties differed.


X2NLA chapter6 87%

/ I hear you’ve got a big house / / Well, it’s quite (big), I suppose / Exercise 6.5 Context-dependent tonicity II Underline the tonic in the utterances in italics.


9eme technique 77%

d) Complete a gapped dialogue with the right utterances from a box including 2 extra utterances.


Consistance de epreuve 9eme base general 72%

e) Match utterances in a short dialogue with the right functions provided in a list including one extra item.



What about our utterances (cf Austin’s Speech Act Theory)?


PaulGUILBERT-bio 61%

Paul GUILBERT (biography).


aicmt english 57%

spoken or written utterances. For the child that acquires its mother tongue, language use is what it encounters in its environment, for adult language users language is what they use to communicate with each other.


Samir Kassir 56%

The slogans revive [Arab] national utterances that even [Syrian Information Minister] Mahdi Dakhlallah, former editor-in-chief of the Baath newspaper and the current custodian of what's left of the publicity of the two Baaths, finds hard to buy.


Kristen crosslinguistic developmental consistency 56%

Following up on these findings, Bretherton and Beeghly [4] asked 30 mothers to document the internal state word utterances of their 28-month-olds and created a 78-word checklist for assessing toddlers’ internal state word production, the Internal State Language Questionnaire (ISLQ).


extrait 3 53%

Extract 3 : Harriet's fifth pregnancy II.


cri de nn 50%

Current Biology Vol 19 No 23 1996 Listening to an adult speaker producing vowels, infants responded with utterances that perceptually matched the vowels presented to them [45].


Pourquoi le féminin épicène 42%

61-62) - The key requirement is to find some way to differentiate between utterances the child is generating on the basis of specific words and phrases and those she is generating on the basis of more abstract linguistic categories and schemas.