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Open day 100%

Villagers gather for a presentation on SaeLao On a beautiful Laos day, SaeLao staff and volunteers were on hand to showcase the existing programme of work carried out at Saelao on a daily basis.


TS6-Rulebook-Press.4.7MB 78%

However, all is not as it seems, for the swamp’s decay has reached into the heart of the village and corrupted the villagers.


waza2 76%

To the pleasant villagers of Carpelcobber, the person who resided in that house did not want to be known.


Newsletter de la Duke University Avril 2012 annoncant leur collaboration avec Graine de vie 73%

(Photo by Erik Patel)  As menƟoned in the newsleƩer’’s introductory arƟcle, reforestaƟon will be an important component of DLC’’s SAVA ConservaƟoniniƟaƟve.WeintendedtocarryoutreforestaƟon eīorts ourselves by working with local villagers, focusing on zonesthatbordertheimportantprotectedareas.However,in theveryearlystagesoftheproject,welearnedthataBelgian NGO, Graine de Vie (Seed of Life), has been working for severalyearsalready,exclusivelyonreforestaƟon,intheSAVA and adjoining Masoala area. Erik and Lanto visited Graine de Vie(GdV)treenurseriesandreforestaƟonsites,andmetwith the director and personnel of GdV. We learned that GdV is quiteadynamicorganizaƟonthatisquicklyexpandingitsoperaƟons,includingtosomeof the sensiƟve zones around protected areas. Although they have only been working in the region since 2009, they have already planted around 500,000 trees at 5 diīerent sites in


Le Bénin Promoteur de la Paix 71%

The attackers told villagers they had come to preach before firing on a crowd that gathered, survivors told the BBC.


Wrinting2 71%

-There is a range of reasons why the villagers to the cities Tahgerh me among them lack even the most basic means necessary hospitals and transportation means Finding work Mestekareaulthossein circumstances of living ..................



One day― It happened that a man from among the villagers lusted after taking a bath into the neighboring river.


kit press Pdf 60%

It is not however, a question of denegrating modernity, that in many ways has undeniably benefitted the villagers, but through this film we hope to capture a moment in time that may serve as a memorial for future generations.


Note 3 - Requiem 45%

None of the dead villagers we saw had vomited blood, and according to the stranger the poison there was acting a lot slower.