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100% - Offre SVE Croatie

Volunteers' center Zagreb (Croatia) Project title: 22/01/2018

98% - CELEX:32014R1244:EN:TXT

CELEX:32014R1244:EN:TXT L 334/52 Official Journal of the European Union EN 21.11.2014 COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) No 1244/2014 of 20 November 2014 laying down rules for the implementation of Regulation (EU) No 375/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (‘EU Aid Volunteers initiative’) (Text with EEA relevance) THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Having regard to Regulation (EU) No 375/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the Euro­ pean Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps (‘EU Aid Volunteers initiative’) (1), in particular Articles 9(3), 10(1) and 12(6) thereof, Whereas: 01/07/2017

97% - Kuterevo news winter 2012

In this newsletter from the volunteers working in Kuterevo, we would like to share with you some news about these last months in the Bear Refuge. 02/03/2012

95% - Azafady

Our programmes give volunteers the chance to gain first-hand experience working with a grassroots development NGO, on projects that have all been requested by local communities and respond to their directly expressed needs. 12/05/2015

94% - EVS

EVS Through this Open Call the organization Youngsters in Europe is seeking VOLUNTEERS for the NEED project (EVS) GENERAL OBJECTIVE: 16/04/2015

93% - jrinfosheetjr14 212ROCLES

jrinfosheetjr14 212ROCLES Infosheet France 2014 _____________________________________________________________________________ JR14/212 ROCLES, VOLUNTEERS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT 06/07/2014 – 26/07/2014 ENVI Vol : 29/06/2014

91% - mdrgn007ea

At-risk communities Guéckédou, Macenta and Kissidougou prefectures ( 3 in Guéckédou, Macenta and Kissidougou prefectures ( 3 million plus) million plus) Host National Society presence (n° of volunteers, staff, branches): 16/07/2014

90% - 141208 PI Kosovo Pedagogical Expert

it trains young volunteers aged 15-20 to become sport animators and to organize educative activities for the children of their localities. 06/01/2015

90% - All missions informations

natural maladjustment, sickness, accident, hospitalization, disaster -De Maintain a communication link with the families, friends of interns and volunteers during their stay through the facebook page of the association. 26/08/2014

88% - Annual report 2014

Annual report 2014 Annual Report 2014 Organization for Basic Training (OBT) Chiro Village Our year in 2014 OBT Key Stats Children attending OBT in 2014 203 (in 2013) 183 Volunteers with OBT in 2014 65 Total revenue in 2014 $31,912.70 Founded in 2007, OBT is made possible by our generous contributors, volunteers and community members. 14/03/2017


The organizations listed in this section have expressed an interest in receiving volunteers and have registered directly with the CJE Pontiac. 14/11/2017

88% - IVD PROPOSED ACTIVITIES DEAR VOLUNTEERS, Welcome to CYA workcamp! 18/11/2016

87% - european civil protection and humanitarian aid operations Certificate

european civil protection and humanitarian aid operations Certificate EU Aid Volunteers An initiative of the European Union CERTIFICATE FOR ONLINE VOLUNTEERING Yann Noret Participated as an online volunteer and completed successfully the following assignment Online volunteering: 19/12/2019

86% - VLH 2013 BEFR 15

All these activities would not be possible without a network of 420 members, 160 international volunteers during the summer and a team of 9 employees. 12/03/2015

86% - Open Call EVS project DH Nature farming 2016

Open Call EVS project DH Nature farming 2016   Stifting Wurkgroup Butengebiet Droegeham, The Netherlands    Number of volunteers: 2     Title of project: “Nature farming : Natural & Sustainable Region Effect!”  Period of volunteering: 1st of October 2016 – 1st of October 2017 (12 months)  Start of project: 1 October 2016    The Stichting Buitengebied Drogeham organises active and educative farm  visits, school visits on the farm and in the surrounding nature. Important goals  are to educate children and adults to become more involved in the sustainable  management of the natural environment and to develop leisure activities in the  region of Drogeham.   In the near future the farm has the aspiration to transform the near farm fields  into a ‘Food‐forest’ to serve as a natural resource for both animals and  humans.   The farm is located in a small village called Drogeham in the very north of the  Netherlands. The accommodation on location is shared by the two EVS  volunteers.      Tasks of the volunteer:   ‐ Taking care of nature  ‐ Taking care of animals  ‐ Hosting groups of children and teaching them (in Dutch) about the farm  animals  ‐ Activities in the natural surroundings, and making a plan for the Food‐ forest    ‐ Maintenance of the natural landscape  ‐ Giving a hand where needed  ‐ Expressing your interests and experience, so that you can use this at the  farm (together with the farmer you will look how you can implement  your skills and experience into daily farm life)    Expected characteristics of the volunteer:   You dare to think out of the box!    You are independent and you dare to take initiative   You have green fingers and are passionate to sustain nature  You are preferably interested in a self‐sufficient life and permaculture  You are committed to animal welfare   You like working with children          As the volunteers will be working with children, we encourage volunteers to  learn a bit of Dutch before the start of the project.    The description of the organisation is available on the EVS database:    The website of the hostorganisation is:  (the website is in Dutch but you can get an impression looking at the pictures)    We are looking for motivated people and, as they will stay together for one  year, preferably of the same gender. 29/02/2016

86% - Mtlvolunteer jobdescription

Mtlvolunteer jobdescription STARTUP OPEN HOUSE ­ VOLUNTEERS     Startup Open House is looking for exceptionally driven, organized, and talented volunteers to  help plan the 2016 edition of Startup Open House in Montréal.     THE OPPORTUNITY  Instead of companies presenting at stuffy career fairs or sterile conferences, we bring the public  into the workspaces so they can experience the funky and unique startup lifestyle. Startup Open  House is about showcasing and celebrating the innovative startups that are redefining  entrepreneurship—and helping them succeed by attracting talent, building networks, and  increasing their visibility.     Startup Open House originated in Montréal’s startup community and this year, we’re going  global. We want to make sure our event here is bigger, better, crazier, and cooler than in other  cities. We’re looking for volunteers who believe in the vision and mission of the event to help us  bring it to the next level.     QUALIFICATIONS  We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:  1. 20/06/2016

85% - Call for participants EU China long term 1

From Asian organisations you may go to Estyes (Estonia) Allianssi (Finland) Deineta (Lithuania) Concordia (France) FIYE (Poland) Cyprus Youth Council (Cyprus) Genctur (Turkey) Xchange Scotland (UK) From European organisations you may go to CEYEA (Beijing) China Guanghua Foundation (Beijing) SICA (Wuhan) China University Media Union (Beijing) Voltra (Hong Kong) Volunteers for Peace Vietnam (Vietnam) KYSD (Cambodia) Anhui Youth Federation (Anhui) Dates: 18/03/2013

85% - Bright Oléoactif® Brochure v210416

SIGNIFICANT RESULTS ON ASIAN SKIN AFTER 2 MONTHS OF TREATMENT Brightening and whitening efficacy 273% ** ** ITA variation (%) ** L* variation (%) 10,05% 2,33% 2,24% 1,29% ** x18,5 4,99% 4,81% * * 0,60% Placebo 0,27% BRIGHT Oléoactif 1% ® D28 D56 Skin luminance index (L*) D28 D56 Skin color index (ITA°) In just 28 days, volunteers have a visible improvement in the quality of their complexion: 19/08/2016

83% - Feb 2017 newsletter final

Students, teachers and volunteers, as well as the Chiro community have all worked hard to move us closer to our goals of a fruitful education for all in a resilient and independent community. 03/03/2017

82% - REISS

The scientists therefore put healthy volunteers into a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine and showed them cartoons. 13/01/2014

81% - Annual report 2015

Annual report 2015 Annual Report 2015 Organization for Basic Training (OBT) Chiro Village Our year in 2015 OBT Key Stats Children attending OBT in 2015 243 ( Previously in 2014 ) – 203 Volunteers with OBT in 2015 Total revenue in 2015 81 $56,752.57 Founded, in 2007, OBT is made possible by our generous contributors, volunteers and community members. 14/03/2017

80% - Imperial Blobal Brigades 2017

The project was run with great success with 18 volunteers from Imperial College travelling to Honduras and carrying out the hybrid Water and Public Health Brigade. 28/02/2018

79% - flyer ang basse def

CHANTIERS Workcamps bring together volunteers of all ages from all over the world. 09/04/2015

77% - Mission Humanitarian Orphanage Local Health education

volunteers teach courses in all possible materials and organizing academic support for children in primary schools that have trouble following, and literacy courses for the elderly. 06/08/2014