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Ertl, 15 Linden Ter, Ottawa, Canada A method and apparatus for examining the brain waveform of a subject, for example in a type of electro-encephalography (EEG), by providing a stimuli, such as a light, and determining a characteristic of a mathematically determinable point in the brain waveforms of the subject.


Un système de mesure à l'aide de nouveaux Pulse L 96%

This paper presents a novel, non-invasive, non-contact system to measure pulse waveforms of artery via applying laser triangulation method to detect skin surface vibration.


Mutable Instruments Braids v1.5 94%

TIMBRE sweeps through the waveforms.


Dynamic Frequency Selection and the 5GHz Unlicensed Band 92%

To evaluate the DFS functions of a system the regulatory standards describe waveforms to be used when evaluating DFS.


deep bass 9 manual 89%

(Once the demo has stopped you can return it to channel sixteen if you wish to play the DB9 on channel sixteen.) Depeche Mode The voltage controlled filter will adjust the sound of the machine quite dramatically but you can also select the harmonic content of the basic waveforms using the waveform knob on the front of the DB9.


PLSED106016EN web 88%

voltage waveforms for sags and swells (i.e.


Invitation vernissage Pietro 25 aout 2016 82%

Pietro Maffei présente Waveforms L'Atelier du Square a le plaisir de vous inviter au vernissage de l'exposition « Waveforms » de Pietro Maffei Jeudi 25 Août dès 18h00 Exposition du 25 Août au 9 Septembre 2016 Atelier du Square - 4 rue François Bonivard - 1201 Genève 022 900 02 51


Richtek Minimizing Light Flicker in LED Lighting 77%

Flicker quantification methods (IES handbook 10th edition) Measuring Percent Flicker is relatively simple and can be used for light sources that vary periodically, with relatively symmetric waveforms.


189165495-Electrical-machine-design-using-rmxprt 74%

Convenient design sheet output Design sheets list all the relevant input parameters and calculated parameters and graphically display waveforms including current, voltage, torque and back EMF as well as a detailed winding layout.


ULN2003 74%

Propagation Delay Time Waveforms Vs Input 2mH 1N3064 Pulse Generator (Note A) 200Ω Output CL=15pF (Note B) 90% 1.5V 1.5V Input VIH=3V 90% 10% 0V 10% <10ns Output VOH VOL Note:


PhysRevA.84.023838 68%

Although this laser system allows for steady-state emission in either one or in both polarization modes, it may also exhibit stable time-periodic dynamics including square waveforms.


Battery health monitoring system 64%

Enertect acts as the protector of your critical infrastructure.


eeg4 60%

© INTERMIT DELTA ACITIVY Intermittent rhythmic delta activity © Electrical criteria of The intermittent rhythmic delta activity  Consists of sinusoidal waveforms of approximately 2.5 Hz that occur intermittently in the EEG recording.


Polarization Effects in Optical Coherence 53%

Transverse and longitudinal pixel sizes of the images were, respectively, the product of the transverse velocity and the time duration of a single ramp of the PZT waveform (10 ms for both waveforms), and the longitudinal displacement between transverse scans.


04277904 53%

The flux density waveforms present higher harmonics caused by stator slots opening.


Simulations Analysis with Comparative Study of a PMSG 50%

8 shows the waveforms of the one coil voltage vs electrical degree as a function of PM type, the NDF35 g ives higher amplitude values for the coil voltage, the order of amp litude values of cogging torque is XG, Alnico 5 and Ciramic8D respectively, but the curvatures are similar.


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