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98% - milimeter wave radar for detecting the speech signal applications

milimeter wave radar for detecting the speech signal applications International Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves, VoL 17, No. 02/09/2011

97% - Some extended analyses concerning the physics and kinematics of wave propagation in moving systems

An introductory analysis on the kinematics of wave propagation from a source to an observer in a moving inertial system follows thereafter, primarily for elucidating the natural causality of the source and the observer remaining centered at the common midpoint of the radiating waves, without undergoing any relative drift. 20/07/2012

96% - PhysRevA.84.021802

published 10 August 2011) We study the nonlinear dynamics of wave packets in honeycomb lattices and show that, in quasi-onedimensional configurations, the waves propagating in the lattice can be separated into left-moving and right-moving waves, and any wave packet composed of only left (or only right) movers does not change its intensity structure in spite of the nonlinear evolution of its phase. 01/09/2011

96% - PhysRevA.84.023825

The main mechanisms responsible for these properties are the maximized convective separation between the counterpropagating waves and the associated phase-locking between the pump and the co-propagating parametric wave. 31/08/2011

95% - 08

Both horizontally as well as vertically polarized anten­ Fig 8-3—Reflection coefficient (magnitude and phase angle) of horizontally polarized waves over three types of ground: 21/04/2014

95% - eeg4

eeg4 The secrets of conventional EEG  The spike/sharp wave activity o Electro-clinical characteristics of  The polymorphic delta activity o Electro-clinical characteristics of activity  Intermittent rhythmic delta activity o Electro-clinical characteristics of rhythmic delta activity  The 3 C/S spike/wave discharge o Electro-clinical characteristics of spike/wave discharge  The fast 4/6 C/S spike wave discharge o Electro-clinical characteristics of spike wave discharge  The slow spike /wave discharge o Electro-clinical characteristics of /wave discharge  The Hypsarrhythmia pattern o Electro-clinical characteristics of Hypsarrhythmia pattern  The triphasic waves o Electro-clinical characteristics of Spike/Sharp wave Polymorphic delta the Intermittent the 3 C/S 2010 The fast 4/6 C/S The slow spike The The triphasic waves ©  Professor Yasser Metwally Professor of neurology, Ain Shams University 4/14/2010 POLYMORPHIC DELTA ACTIVITY Polymorphic delta activity…The EEG phenomenon characteristics of subcortical white matter destructive lesions © Electrical criteria of the Polymorphic slow wave activity. 25/06/2011

95% - Brijean Rallies Strategy

The 2nd RL creates the rallies for the 3rd waves instead of joining the 2nd wave rallies. 23/02/2018

94% - brijean rally strategy

The 2nd RL creates the rallies for the 3rd waves instead of joining the 2nd wave rallies. 23/02/2018

94% - 09

The following expla­ nation is valid only for reflection of vertically polarized waves. 21/04/2014

92% - PhysRevA.84.023821

this condition may be satisfied with the interaction of ordinary and extraordinary waves [25,26] or in periodically polled media [27–29]. 31/08/2011

92% - PhysRevA.84.024701

published 2 August 2011) We present results for cross sections summed over partial waves L = 0–2 for electron-impact excitation of the 2s and 2p states of He in the energy range of 40.84 to 45.66 eV. 01/09/2011

91% - 05

05 CHAPTER 5 Antennas: 21/04/2014

91% - Mutable Instruments Braids v1.5

SYNC This model synthesizes the classic 2-oscillator hardsync patch, with both oscillators emitting square waves. 01/12/2014

91% - PhysRevA.84.023836

As one of the most attractive effects in studies of the reflection of electromagnetic waves from magnetic materials, there is the observation of a nonreciprocal phase behavior [5]. 29/08/2011

90% - Vinilosisa

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90% - Dr Pereira ISBF Glasgow 2017

3000 Hz 500 Hz 100 Hz 20 Hz is is is is 0.11 m 0.68 m 3.43 m 17.1 m Low frequency waves can propagate over larger distances than higher frequency waves. 08/04/2018