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Future 100 2019 100%

Taking stock of our list this year, I was struck by how integral Instagram has become to trends, shopping, visual language, and culture—and also by the degree to which all consumers, not just influencers, see themselves as brands, curators, Wellbeing, stress management and health are all prompting a continued and creators.


Wellness Programs Dubai 98%

STRATEGIZE Based on your wellbeing assessment, we will design a wellness programme that addresses the key areas of concern within your organisation.


2012-04-25-PeoplePlanetSummary 92%

Original version available at President’s Foreword Sir Paul Nurse FRS Rapid and widespread changes in the world’s human population, coupled with unprecedented levels of consumption present profound challenges to human health and wellbeing, and the natural environment.



LAB NEWS HOT SPOTS PULLMAN lance son programme WELLNESS launches its WELLNESS programme Sommeil, alimentation, sport et Spa sont les 4 piliers du nouveau programme bienêtre développé en collaboration avec Sarah Hoey, wellness coach pour la marque et piloté par Aldina Duarte Ramos, directrice wellbeing Pullman Hotels &


The impact of housing design on Health A-L Verret, N Prince, Y Jerome 89%

Jérôme  Abstract— The effects of housing design on the health and wellbeing of populations are quite intangible.


Tunis Central Bank Arab Spring 11'11 86%

“Egyptians', Tunisians' Wellbeing Plummets Despite GDP Gains.” By Jon Clifton and Lymari Morales.


The Green Being - brands that tube Nature 85%

360° of wellbeing Consumers aspire to a 36O° of wellbeing with life, nature and revivalism being the key words with a strong environmental awareness leading the way.


Worldwide Organic Market observers Soaring Demand for USA Sesame Seeds 82%

They improve sound skin, are a valuable wellspring of protein for veggie lovers, are worthwhile for oral cleanliness, help in the counteractive action of diabetes, advance great cardiovascular wellbeing, forestall malignant growth, are useful for bone wellbeing and help assimilation.


menu-de-soins-2017-reduit 80%

tropicales de de ce lasoin « coup d’éclat » discover beneficial of flowers skin in this Enjoy the its delicate scents effects of tropical inspiré des Rituels de beauté balinais, et “express radiance” treatment inspired by Balinese cleansing, wellbeing and beauty.


GAMARDE PRESENTATION anglais 2012 - BD 79%

Subtly and discreetly, it has contributed to everyone’s beauty and inner wellbeing.


The-Future-100-–-Trends-and-change-to-watch-in-2016 73%

Wellbeing and future-proofing our bodies is also becoming nothing short of a global movement.



We imagine a region where women and men, youth and elderly, minorities and majorities, rulers and ruled are equal partners in shaping governance and ensuring the wellbeing of all citizens.


160854364052516839873635 68%

With views of the sea and of the gardens of the Promenade des Anglais, the aim of Dessange Méridien is to instil a sense of absolute wellbeing, for men and women.


IntropresentationCMV 2014 68%

International Geneva International Geneva Peace, Rights, Wellbeing y Home to major UN commissions and offices:  ECE, UNCTAD, OCHA, OHCHR y Headquarters of ‐Specialized agencies: ILO, ITU, UPU, WHO, WIPO, WMO  ‐Funds and programs: UNAIDS, UNHCR, UNISDR ‐Institutes: UNITAR, UNIDIR, UNRISD y Regional offices for UNDP, UNICEF, UNEP y WTO International Geneva at a glance y UN Office at Geneva (UNOG) ‐ second largest United  Nations office, with close to 1,600 staff representing 115  nationalities; more than 9,500 staff working for the  overall UN system in Geneva y 188 permanent missions, permanent observer missions  and offices accredited to UNOG → diplomats and their  families make up more than 35,000 people y More than 2,500 people working for non‐governmental  organizations International Geneva at a glance “Genève internationale” (including diplomats, civil servants, NGOs, etc.) over 40,000 Overall UN System Geneva 9,500 staff UN Office at Geneva 1,600 staff A hub for crucial international issues yThe humanitarian capital of the world:  human rights,  humanitarian assistance refugees human rights humanitarian assistance,  yAn essential centre for improving public health worldwide public health  yAddressing the challenges of climate change yDelivering humanitarian assistance in  emergency situations yDeveloping standards and promoting  cooperation in social and economic  development (trade,  trade labour) or technical fields  labour (intellectual property,  intellectual property telecommunications,  telecommunications postal services) postal services yKeeping disarmament on the international agenda yInternational talks on Iran and Syria


Burundi AR - 2014 68%

For further information about this publication and World Vision International Burundi Programme please contact - 02 World Vision Burundi Annual Report | 2014 1 Highlights 2014 During the period of 2014, World Vision Burundi made a strong contribution towards its 2014 goal of ensuring child wellbeing.


Hygio TSE 09302015 68%

You can rid of unpleasant odors and control effectively contaminations that may threaten the staff’s health and wellbeing.



Always going towards the pet’s wellbeing and the respect of the environment, BIOGANCE launches EKINAT.


EPS Consultants (4) 68%

FOUR BENEFITS OF COMPANIES SENDING EMPLOYEES TO IMPACTS EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING WHY FREE FOOD IS A GREAT CONFERENCES WORKPLACE PERK HOW YOUR OFFICE SPACE "While office trends come and go, one thing that does not change is the impact that the office environment has on employee health and wellbeing."...Reed more "When it comes to boosting employee morale, finding small ways to make the day a bit more pleasant, fun, and less stressful can go a long way."...


Guide Animantion FormAction version 150916 67%

Le CCFD-Terre Solidaire se mobilie sur la question des indicateurs de richesses Suite à l'interpellation d'un partenaire thaïlandais travaillant sur les indicateurs de richesse et les modèles de développement (la School for Wellbeing), le « Réseau Richesses » émerge en 2013 au sein du CCFD-Terre Solidaire Rhône-Alpes.


Mapping HR 67%

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Actes WE La démesure de la mesure VF 67%

La mise en place de ce réseau avait été initiée suite à l'interpellation de l'un de ses partenaires thaïlandais, la School for Wellbeing (L’École du Bien-être), think-tank sur les indicateurs de richesses.


Chief Technician LachineVC April 13th 2020 67%

Promote the human-animal bond by ensuring animal welfare and wellbeing with a modern and high quality Veterinary Médecine and proximity Veterinary Services customized to the client’s and patient’s needs while giving the employees a stimulating workplace conducive to personal and professional development.


Buddhism and GNH 66%

It is interesting that we have been reminded that happiness in most industrialized countries is equated with money, the GDP, the gross domestic product, which is routinely used as indicators of wellbeing of a nation.


Facebook 66%

An alternative explanation for these results is that any form of social interaction undermines wellbeing.