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TP2 sql 100%

SQL 1) SELECT first_name, salary, title,dept_name FROM employees INNER JOIN salaries INNER JOIN titles INNER JOIN dept_emp ON employees.emp_no = salaries.emp_no AND salaries.emp_no = titles.emp_no AND titles.emp_no = dept_emp.emp_no INNER JOIN departments ON dept_emp.dept_no = departments.dept_no WHERE dept_emp.to_date = '9999-01-01' AND titles.to_date ='9999-01-01' AND salaries.to_date='9999-01-01' ORDER BY salaries.salary;


playbook FFUS 99%

playbook FFUS Where all three receivers are on the line of scrimmage, two to the left side of the center and one to the right.


PS PPE Symfony 97%

PS PPE Symfony /* appel de l'utilisation de la nouvelle Base de donnée */ use BGGLP_ProjetSymfony Create procedure GestionDonneeesMedicaments as BEGIN IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'Medicament') print('la base de données médicament existe pas il faut executer le script SQL qui crée la base de données MEDICAMENT puis le script insertion') else BEGIN BEGIN IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'Avoir') DROP TABLE Avoir END BEGIN IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'Medicaments') DROP TABLE Medicaments END BEGIN IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'Familles') DROP TABLE Familles END BEGIN /* Ajout d'un test sur la Base de donnée utilisée pour savoir s'il y a dedans une table nommée ClasseTherapeutique si c'est le cas suprression de celle-ci */ IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'ClasseTherapeutique') DROP TABLE ClasseTherapeutique END BEGIN IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.tables where name = 'Compositions') DROP TABLE Compositions END Create table Familles ( id int identity(1,1), FAM_LIBELLE varchar(100), constraint PK_Famille_ID primary key (id)


ExerciceSQL Banque Corrige.PDF 96%

Liste des agences ayant des comptes-clients select distinct Nom from AGENCE, COMPTE where AGENCE.Num_Agence = COMPTE.Num_Agence 2.


Sweet Child O 95%

Roses She's got a smile that it seems to me Reminds me of childhood - memories Where everything was as fresh as the bright blue sky Now and then when I see her face She_ takes me away to that special place And if I stared toooo long I'd probably break down and cry Sweet child o' mine Sweet love of mine She's got eyes of the bluest skies As if they- thought of rain_ I'd hate to look in- to those eyes And see an ounce- of pain Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place Where as a chiild I'd hiiide And pray for the thunder - and the rain To quietlypass me byyy [3x] refrain solo [4x] Where do we go?


CMOcom-SocialMediaLandscape2011 95%

WEB SITE A social-networking site where users can add friends, send messages, and build their own profiles A microblogging site that enables users to send “tweets,” or messages of 140 characters or less An image-and video- hosting Web site where community members can share and comment on media A social-networking site for business professionals A video-sharing Web site where users can share and upload new videos A social-news site where users can discover and share content A social-news community where members discover and


Tuto 94%

I-Where is your game ?


International Summer and Winter Schools 93%



playbook FFUS 93%

playbook FFUS INTRODUCTION TO FORMATIONS All offensive plays start from a formation that dictates where all five players line up prior to the start of the play.


projet-communication-commission-sur-lunion-de-lenergie 89%

Our vision is of an Energy Union where Member States see that they depend on each other to deliver secure energy to their citizens, based on true solidarity and trust, and of an Energy Union that speaks with one voice in global affairs;


Exercices-corriges-SQL-S1-14-FR 89%

a) Donner les noms de villes qui contiennent une rue nommée « Indépendance » Select distinct nom-ville From Ville V, Rue R Where = And nom-rue = ‘Indépendance’ ;


TD3 SGBD 89%

Afficher les films dont la longueur dépasse 180 min SELECT * FROM FILM WHERE Longueur >


Angels-Tread 88%

Angels Tread Where Angels Fear to Tread by E.


where there is not dentist 87%

where there is not dentist Where There Is No Dentist by Murray Dickson updated and expanded with information about HIV and AIDS by Richard Bebermeyer, Martin Hobdell and Gene Stevenson Introduction by David Werner, author of Where There Is No Doctor Berkeley, California, USA Hesperian encourages others to copy, reproduce, or adapt to meet local needs any or all parts of this book, including the illustrations, provided that the parts reproduced are distributed free or at cost – not for profit.


Exercices-corriges-SQL-S1-14-EN 87%

a) Display the city names that don’t have any street with the name « Independence » Select City-name From City Where City-nb NOT IN (Select City-nb From Street Where Street-name = ‘Independence’);


BD GSB CR Procedure Stocke 87%

BD GSB CR Procedure Stocke -- Visiteur create procedure VisiteurAfficher_Tous as select VIS_MATRICULE, VIS_NOM, VIS_PRENOM, VIS_DATEEMBAUCHE from VISITEUR order by VIS_NOM go create procedure VisiteurAfficher_Date @GetDate datetime as select VIS_MATRICULE, VIS_NOM, VIS_PRENOM, VIS_DATEEMBAUCHE from VISITEUR where VIS_DATEEMBAUCHE = @GetDate order by VIS_NOM go create procedure NbVisiteur_Date @GetDate datetime as select count(*) from VISITEUR where VIS_DATEEMBAUCHE = @GetDate go create procedure NbVisiteur_Tous as select count(*) from VISITEUR go create procedure FicheVisiteur @GetId char(4) as select VIS_MATRICULE, VIS_NOM, VIS_PRENOM, VIS_ADRESSE, VIS_CP, VIS_VILLE, VIS_DATEEMBAUCHE from VISITEUR where VIS_MATRICULE = @GetId go create procedure Ajouter_Visiteur @GetMatricule char(4), @GetNom varchar(38), @GetPrenom varchar(38), @GetAdresse varchar(38), @GetCP char(5), @GetVille varchar(38), @GetDateEmbauche date as insert into VISITEUR (VIS_MATRICULE, VIS_NOM, VIS_PRENOM, VIS_ADRESSE, VIS_CP, VIS_VILLE, VIS_DATEEMBAUCHE) VALUES (@GetMatricule, @GetNom, @GetPrenom, @GetAdresse, @GetCP, @GetVille, @GetDateEmbauche) go -- Praticiens create procedure NbPraticien_Tous @Type VARCHAR(50) as


pla 05Wuser 87%

Where local regulations permit, the PLA-05W-433 is ideal for applications where increased communication range is required or where RF interference creates transmission problems.


one-hour-wardrobe 87%

Where possible, take advantage of hems that are already on your T-shirt.


File 3 86%

After the age of five or six ,the learners go to the primary school where they stay for five years .


Where I belong 86%

Where I belong Where I Belong Maggie Gallagher, UK ( 2010 ) Danse en ligne Débutant 32 comptes 4 murs Musique :


Retail Interiors Dubai 85%

Interior design is like a lifestyle product where we have to understand your needs and aspirations then create an optimally unique environment for you.


Mentor profile - Booklet 84%

Her gap year had been perfectly completed by a 3-month summer internship in Goldman Sachs, where she learned more about equity research in a pharma &