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Boethius 100%

Boethius 1 Boethius Whether Father, Son and Holy Ghost are Predicated of the Trinity in Reference to Substance Translated by Erik C.


Septic shock Protocol based care NEJM 2014 95%

We conducted a trial to determine whether these findings were generalizable and whether all aspects of the protocol were necessary.


20685752 94%

This is irrespective of whether conversion involves a single individual or an entire community, whether it is forced or voluntary, or whether


Maths 92%

Recent developments in Euclidean mechanics [20] have raised the question of whether S¯ is algebraically Lagrange.


Rythme circadien et ischemie-reperfusion 89%

Despite a discrepancy between the somewhat limited difference in myocardial injury at the time of surgery and the clear difference in event rates within the subsequent months, the authors decided to go further and address, in an additional proof-of-concept randomised study, whether or not the time of the day of surgery might explain this clinical difference.


liste infosB 88%

8- transponder number (chip, microchip) - Specify whether to publish in the alert.


အရွင္ဉာဏသိဒၶိ တရားလက္ေဆာင္ 87%

/ Vicikiccha Uncertainty Doubt Being sceptical and uncertain as to whether the Buddha is really enlightenes,whether the Dhamma is


Beh-Ec-New-Paradigm 87%

After reviewing some of behavioral economics’ accomplishments and the responses to these accomplishments, the article asks whether its findings can be incorporated into the neoclassical paradigm and suggests additional steps behavioral economics may consider undertaking in order to expand its reach.


article-expose 86%

10.1037/0882-7974.22.3.596 Age Differences in Dual-Task Performance After Practice Katrin Go¨the Klaus Oberauer University of Potsdam University of Bristol Reinhold Kliegl University of Potsdam This study investigated whether older adults could acquire the ability to perform 2 cognitive operations in parallel in a paradigm in which young adults had been shown to be able to do so (K.


prism 84%

The choice for you isn’t whether or not to have your brand involved in social media – your brand is already being discussed - your choice is whether to stand by idly or to become actively engaged in those conversations.


8.4.3.Strategies therapeutiques rhinite allergique 83%

Depending on whether the rhinitis is intermittent or persistent and how severe the disease is, the ARIA guidelines propose therapeutic management using these medications without necessarily ranking them.


10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation 83%

10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation 10 Powerpoint Tips for Preparing a Professional Presentation Presentations – whether they are made with Powerpoint or other applications, are a great way to support a speech, visualize complicated concepts or focus attention on a subject.


Open Transport Vehicle Shipping Services US 82%

Whether it’s the car you drive every day, a classic car from the 50s, a luxury car to cruise around in, a speed boat for the lake, an ATV for the mountains, a motorcycle to race to town with, a personal water craft (PWC) for recreational activities or an RV to camp out in, we have got your vehicle shipping needs covered.


biblio 15 travail 1 82%

c NUTRIM School for Nutrition Toxicology and Metabolism, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands     Key Words Saturated fatty acids · Dietary recommendations · Dietary fat and coronary heart disease Abstract This paper summarizes a debate on whether to update recommendations for the consumption of saturated fatty acids (SFA);


Automobile Transportation Services 82%

Whether it’s the car you drive every day, a classic car from the 50s, a luxury car to cruise around in, a speed boat for the lake, an ATV for the mountains, a motorcycle to race to town with, a personal water craft (PWC) for recreational activities or an RV to camp out in, we have got your vehicle shipping needs covered.


freelander LN 1994 0036 81%

• Establish whether the engine has been severely overheated and its oil contaminated.


uhlenbrock retrosignalisation 63320 80%

On a model railway feedback modules give you information about whether a track is occupied or not.


1104.4462 80%

In this paper, we analyze a broad range of contact scenarios in terms of whether contact with ETI would benefit or harm humanity.


learn-travel-france 79%

Whether you are a frequent visitor or travelling to France for the first time, whether you have little or only a very rusty knowledge of the language (A2 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), or more confidence (B2 CEFR), these guides will help you make the most of your trip.


BardoletFox&Lovallo(in press) 78%

Two further experimental studies of experienced managers examine whether this bias persists when participants are asked to allocate capital to various divisions of a hypothetical firm.


how-islamic-are-islamic-countries (2) 77%

This has brought with it a disagreement on how to investigate the impact of religiosity, whether religion affects the economic, political, and social outlook of countries or whether these factors affect religiosity?



Whether you are just starting out in exploring manufacturing in Asia, or whether you already source in the region - we all know the best way to learn is by practice and doing.


Evaluation 77%

The nature of our investigation did not allow us to determine whether the sensitisation seen was responsible for symptoms, a task which is urgently required.


recueildedocume00armgoog 77%

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country.


Does the Surgical Apgar Score Measure Intraoperative 76%

Gawande, MD, MPH1,3 1 Department of Health Policy and Management, Harvard School of Public Health, 677 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA 2 Department of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital, 55 Fruit Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02114, USA NIH-PA Author Manuscript 3 Center for Surgery and Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 75 Francis Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02115, USA Abstract Objective—To evaluate whether Surgical Apgar Scores measure the relationship between intraoperative care and surgical outcomes.