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100% - 2016 Delobel mendosus Thailande

77, 2016 44 bomiaca (antennae and four anterior legs testaceous, elytra black except extreme apex, with whitish ground vestiture and copper-coloured markings). 25/03/2017

83% - ChannaMelanostigma

Two large cycloid scales on each side of lower jaw, transverse scales ½3-½4/1/½7-½8, caudal fin with 14-15 black zigzag bars, black spots throughout the flank, 12-14 alternate black and whitish transverse bars on the body, cheek scales 5-6, circumpeduncular scales 27-28, scales below the lateral line ½7-½8, total vertebrae 50-51; 19/11/2011

79% - SCI REG ROB BDE en

It varies from a cream colour to a whitish colour. 28/11/2015

76% - First report of olive Anthracnose Achbani et al 2013 131

Colletotrichum acutatum produced orange to pink coloured colonies with whitish aerial mycelium on potato dextrose agar (PDA). 25/11/2013

73% - Catalogue provençal

Sparks of whitish light in some gloomy areas and some bursts of blue sky persist in the greyness. 31/08/2017

51% - penguin

The expelled material hits the ground maximally 40±12 cm away from the bird and then leaves behind a whitish or pinkish streak that can end a few centimetres from the nests periphery and may be up to 1 cm wide. 30/09/2011

43% - final pp37 42 Gekko 6 1 eyes R3 (1)

Diagnosis and first hypotheses The three animals studied all showed a more or less cloudy, whitish fibrous-like superficial lesion on the eye (Fig. 26/06/2014