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100% - PatternBasedWriting Student Writing Success

The Six Traits of Writing The “Six Traits of Writing” model describes what good writers do. 08/09/2011

93% - Prague Writers Festival 2014F3

Prague Writers Festival 2014F3 Prague Writers Festival 2014 12th season of Ambassadors Concert Series Awards ceremony TOURFILM 2014 and Moroccan gala evening in Karlovy Vary Awards ceremony TOURFILM 2014 and Moroccan gala evening in Karlovy Vary 16/09/2014

93% - WPT HenryLeitzinger

1640788-86C4A8   • Advanced High - ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 - Writing Advanced High        Writers at the Advanced High sublevel are able to write about a variety of topics with significant precision  and detail. 25/04/2017

91% - Comm press bilan 2016

- Masterclass with Kim Nguyen writer-director of “Two lovers and a Bear” - Masterclass with Sacha Wolff, writers of « Mercenaire» selected at la Quinzaine - Masterclass with Jeremy Saulnier screenwriter of “ELLE” from Paul Verhoeven in Competition A round Table présentation: 09/06/2016

91% - Avoiding Plagiarism

Responsible, honest writers indicate their debts to others by clearly citing material that they have borrowed. 30/10/2011


Since everyone cannot be the winner, losers and unfortunately discontented writers in some cases are the price to pay to top a good work and make it famous. 03/10/2016

88% - CM 2 récapitulatif

American Writers and artists of the 1920s • F. 24/04/2012


Carol Norris, 2015 2 Table of Contents Advice for modern academic writing ..............................................................................................3 General advice for non-native writers………………………………………………………... 10/11/2015

85% - CalvinoLightnessLecturePartOne

When Italo Calvino wrote his Six Memos for the New Millenium, lectures he was to deliver at Harvard University in the late 1980s, this intrepid, poetic novelist and critic had the vision and audacity to throw down the gauntlet to the writers of the twenty-first century who might matter. 13/08/2018

85% - calendrier culturel octobre 2014 version web v2

Filmsactu GRATUIT | FREE Dans le cadre du Ottawa International writers festival « Spotlight on French literature ». 27/09/2014

82% - KYD project introduction

Text-based RPG is close in principle to tabletop RPG (Dungeons and Dragons) except there are no dice nor IRL meetings (although there are some virtual events), writers use their imagination, the role of Game Master (the person in charge of making the main story go forward) is granted to a community's admin, but role-player are are their own master if they are freelance (ie: 05/11/2021

81% - Vide Homel FR ENG

Il a connu un accueil critique extrêmement favorable pour son précédent roman Portrait d’un homme sur les décombres, dont la version originale anglaise, The Teardown, a remporté en 2019 le prix Paragraphe Hugh MacLennan décerné par la Quebec Writers’ Federation. 29/09/2020

81% - On Creative Writing

Thanks to the technology of the 21st century, a golden era for writers approaches, which is a clear departure from the situation of a short seven years ago. 24/05/2011

80% - bac 2015 washington lv1 anglais general

It represents a brilliant chance for crime readers, amateur science buffs and aspiring writers to take a peek behind the scenes and discover how a crime can be solved with the help and guidance of real-life scientists and police investigators. 11/06/2015

79% - RomanNoir

ANDERSON (dirs.), American Hard-Boiled Crime Writers, San Francisco, The Gale Group, (Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol. 18/03/2011

78% - 37Margnu37

Popular American Women Writers of the 1920s, Boston, Northeastern University Press, 2003, 288 pages. 18/03/2011


But artists in general and creative writers in particular are duty-bound to go against the accepted norm for this is the price to pay to create the new. 08/03/2013

74% - Indian Figures of Speech Gerow

Different writers have distingu,ished different characteristic exaggerations. 30/05/2018

73% - sketchup ur space april11 X1

A Treasure Trove of SketchUp Tutorials An update on SketchupARTISTS, a website contains lots of SketchUp tutorial and tips and tricks An Introduction to the Writers Magazine Details 31/10/2012

73% - My Duty

all great historic movements are due mainly to the speakers rather than writers, although ideologies were born there. 09/02/2014

73% - Dogs ostheoarthritis

Dogs ostheoarthritis DOGS Osteoarthritis You must receive many letters itemising the effect that Aloe Vera has had on the writers. 04/07/2014

73% - Cooking verbs

Cooking verbs Some cooking verbs for writers: 03/01/2016

73% - DOSHIN KI 3

INTERNATIONAL R'GUIBA-DO STICK DEFENSE ASSOCIATION (Style as Stick Africain, Phillipino, but spécial) Art Of Stick Dear readers I'm not unfortunately neither writers nor historian. 30/08/2017

73% - EF SET Certificate (1)

Can read articles and reports concerned with contemporary problems in which the writers adopt particular attitudes or viewpoints. 18/04/2019