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gva-2016-024 100%

On 16 May 2013, the Applicant wrote to Dr.


Courriel de Jim Peebles 99%

Some questions about what you wrote in a French CMB-related book Date :


Chloé Chapeau CV créatif EN.compressed 92%

invitations, decor research, gifts Attended PR events (design and culinary), prospection on site HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA Adobe Indesign M ajor Sciences Adobe Illustrator 2011-2013 Fashion:Assisted the stylist with iconographics research, theme boards, attended the Sept 12 shooting (wrote photo captions), shopping Communication:


resume 91%

COMMUNITY LIFE EXPERIENCES DOROTHY’S GALLERY February – June 2010 Director’s assistant Wrote press release Designed posters and flyers for exhibitions Participated to the selection of the artworks Assured the interface between the artists and the gallery Greeted and accompanied visitors presenting the artists Promoted sales Organized openings and events Participated to the recruiting process July – August 2009 Advertising Clerk PUBLICIS ACTIV Implemented the communication strategy Managed the graphic chain Wrote creative briefs Participated to brainstormings Responded to customers requests, monitored the budget, negotiated budgets Assured the benchmarking and the competitors monitoring March 2009 – May 2009 Visual communication NUITS MUSICALES EN ARMAGNAC Designed the whole visual communication (flyers, posters, kakemonos etc.) for a classical music festival in the south-west of France.


Press Kit - Whole 'Nother Level - Short Film Corner 90%

Fascinated by their daily chatting about sports, work and “girlfriend drama,” I wrote the screenplay for Whole ‘Nother Level after I had the “ah-ha” moment described at the beginning of my statement.


The-Selfish-Giant 88%

Next, the Giant wrote on the wall.


Verbes irréguliers 88%

Base verbale − Prétérit − Participe Passé − Traduction be − was/were − been − être bear − bore − born − supporter become − became − become − devenir begin − began − begun − commencer bet − bet − bet − parier bite − bit − bitten − mordre blow − blew − blown − souffler break − broke − broken − casser bring − brought − brought − apporter build − built − built − construire burn − burnt − burnt − brûler buy − bought − bought − acheter catch − caught − caught − attraper choose − chose − chosen − choisir come − came − come − venir cost − cost − cost − coûter cut − cut − cut − couper do − did − done − faire draw − drew − drawn − dessiner dream − dreamt − dreamt − rêver drink − drank − drunk − boire drive − drove − driven − conduire eat − ate − eaten − manger fall − fell − fallen − tomber feel − felt − felt − ressentir fight − fought − fought − se battre find − found − found − trouver fly − flew − flown − voler forget − forgot − forgotten − oublier forgive − forgave − forgiven − pardoner get − got − got − obtenir, recevoir give − gave − given − donner go − went − gone − aller have −had − had − avoir hear − heard − heard − entendre keep − kept − kept − garder leave − left − left − quitter know − knew − known − savoir lose − lost − lost − perdre make − made − made − fabriquer meet − met − met − rencontrer read − read − read − lire ring − rang − rung − sonner say − said − said − dire see − saw − seen − voir sit − sat − sat − être assis sleep − slept − slept − dormir swim − swam − swum − nager take − took − taken − prendre think − thought − thought − penser write − wrote − written − écrire EXERCISE:


Ad Durar FR 2 88%

And he wrote to Qays bin Sa’d who was in Egypt commanding him to send the people to fight them.


CV 2017 - Guillaume PETIT ENG 85%

• Did dynamic simulations to measure the vehicle’s performances, to validate the client’s requirements, to define the use profile, using Adams software from MSC Software Corporation • Configured the tire model, the suspension model, the centre of gravity and more • Involved in the test campaigns • Wrote technical writings for the clients • Realized advanced analysis of the simulation results about the vehicle characteristics using Adams and JMP software.


After April 24th 2015 Newsletter 06 18 85%

30/06/2018 ns/photos/a.325849550886722/107847676229 0660/?type=3&theater The direc tor of the Center wrote :



they wrote.


UV2 option ANGLAIS corrigé 85%

Two weeks, I guess long - of - guess - the museum offers a unique fashion to playfully approach the evolution of societies fashion - playfully - approach 15 - Placer chacun des 5 mots ci-dessous dans la phrase qui convient help – wrote – oldest – plane - weather - He never goes by boat, he prefers to travel by plane - This boy is lost.


UV2 option ANGLAIS corrigé 85%

Two weeks, I guess long - of - guess - the museum offers a unique fashion to playfully approach the evolution of societies fashion - playfully - approach 15 - Placer chacun des 5 mots ci-dessous dans la phrase qui convient help – wrote – oldest – plane - weather - He never goes by boat, he prefers to travel by plane - This boy is lost.



After his graduation from the Centre d’Arts Audiovisuels in Guadalajara and the École Supérieure de Cinéma et d’Audiovisuel de Catalogne of Barcelona, he wrote and directed Entre-nous his first short film, shot on film and produced by Escandalos Films in Barcelona.


past simple and past continuous (1) 83%

she wrote the poem last week‬‬ ‫َب)‪.‬‬ ‫‪wrote‬هو الماضي للفعل ‪َ ( write‬كت َ‬ ‫الموسم الجامعي‪2018-2017 :‬‬ ‫‪‬‬ ‫ لذا توجد عالمات‬، ‫بعض االوقات الطالب ال يدرك باي زمن الجملة إذا أتى الفعل غير منتظم‬ :‫خاصة بالزمن تدل على ان الجملة في الزمن الماض هي‬ Frequency of the tense;


CM 2 récapitulatif 83%

American literature, history, and national identity • Frederick Jackson Turner (1861-1932) He wrote an Essay:


message - crucifixion - en anglais 83%

It is obvious to all that Kedar and Ishmael are not the ancestors of Jesus, and yet , those who wrote the Gospel of Matthew falsely attributed this prophecy Isaiah Jesus repeating the word in Matthew 12:17 that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet Isaiah :



That is the year he wrote his will, bequeathing most of his properties to his first daughter Susanna.


la case de l'oncle Tom 81%

During her life, she wrote poems, travel books, biographical sketches, and children's books, as well as adult novels.


DK retail catalog 79%

Export catalog, DK edition, October 2014 3 Dédicace 2015 We put forty years of research and experience into our flagship (recorded) music instrument, all to take you as close as possible to a live music experience Five-way active amplification, three speaker units without crossover, super-direct liaisons, symmetrical power supply, patented speaker units, and the unique touch of a renowned artisan are some features of this unique instruments that delights hundreds of music-lovers Diapason awarded a much-coveted Diapason d’Or and wrote:


Rupa Goswami Bhakti rasamrta sindhu Bon Maharaja 79%

I felt extremely shy when my friend sent me a check without informing me beforehand, and I wrote him back that in this world money often disturbs the relations between father and sons, husband and wife, brother and brother, and friend and friend!


joseph campbell the power of myth 76%

Hearing of the series on which I had been working with Campbell, she wrote to share how this man's "cyclone of energy blew across all the intellectual possibilities"


mag cherif idrissi 76%

Coelho wrote song lyrics for many famous performers in Brazilian music, such as Elis Regina and Rita Lee.


lire le livre JJC - anglais 76%

And yet, as you can see, those who wrote the Gospel of Matthew have falsely attributed this prophecy of Isaiah 42.1 to 11 above Jesus by repeating word for word in Matthew 12:17 as follows:


chapter10 75%

161 162 Part 2 Writing Using Reading As one preliminary assignment, each student wrote a detailed description of an artifact or object of American popular culture he or she grew up with.