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1 Clinical Anatomy 00:00–00 (2013) ORIGINAL COMMUNICATION How Yawning Switches the Default-Mode Network to the Attentional Network by Activating the Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow OLIVIER WALUSINSKI* 20 rue de Chartres, Brou, France Yawning is a behavior to which little research has been devoted.


baillement climatise le cerveau 96% A thermal window for yawning in humans:



BAILLEMENT CHEZ L'AVC Brain Structure and Function © The Author(s) 2013 10.1007/s00429-013-0684-6 Original Article Insular and caudate lesions release abnormal yawning in stroke patients Heinz Krestel1, 2 , Christian Weisstanner3, Christian W.


AngellierTimes March 2013 51%

And I’m guessing neither did you, looking by your yawning… Well anyway, we have got some work to do here too, don’t we?


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At the instant of her birth, Slaanesh opened wide her yawning maw, rending reality itself as she gave vent to a scream of unimaginable power.