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Official Brochure EuroBRICS Young Leaders' Summit (1) 96%

Ministers and civil society representatives will be invited as keynote speakers to express their support to younger generations’ concerns for our future along the lines of peace, democracy, innovation, diversity, modernity, mobility and sustainability — the seven pillars of the reinvention of global governance, as defined in the first summit.


sweden 95%


Febrile infant update 94%

PCT was also found to be a more accurate biomarker for predicting SBI than WBC, ANC, and absolute band count in a study of febrile children younger than 36 months of age [24 ].


2012 94%


article-expose 93%

A meta-analysis by Verhaeghen, Steitz, Sliwinski, and Cerella (2003) revealed an additive effect of dual-task coordination in both younger and older people.


Youth Revolting Against Obama Obamacare Daily Beast 92%

More tellingly, the participation rate among younger voters dropped precipitously between those elections, with Obama pulling 2.4 million fewer votes from 18-29 year olds in 2012.