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Chalet Maia
Booking reference: 20131603008

Owners: Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Plumeridge
1 Brooke Road
Oakham Rutland
LE15 8QR
United Kingdom
HP: +44 7531 004313
Date: Thu, 20/09/2012
Reservation Information
Guest Leader: Charlotte Gueran and Loic Meiffre
Address: 40 rue du vallon de la vierge Residence les jardins du vallon – bat C 13100 Aix-enProvence
Contact: +336 99 72 70 36 Email:
Check-in Date: Saturday, 16/03/2013 after 3pm (No early arrival, please)
Checkout Date: Saturday, 23/03/2013 by 10am (No late departure, please)
Number of guests: 13 adults
Chalet Maia Address:
1616 route de La Plagne
74110 Morzine
Siret number: 524 278 785 0018
Rental price for 7
nights as self-catering
for 12 guests
Additional guest/s
1st payment NONREFUNDABLE and
applied toward rent
2nd payment (Balance)
Security deposit in
Local tourist tax

Amount €
2 650

Due Date

Thu, 27 Sep 2012

2 120

Sat, 2 Feb 2013


Sat, 2 Feb 2013

Total amount
2 720
• All bank charges are at the guest expense.
• A booking is not considered confirmed unless a deposit is paid.

Payment Method accepted:
We accept bank transfer to:
Bank name: Banque Populaire Des Alpes
Bank Address: La Crusaz 74110 Morzine France
IBAN: FR76 1680 7000 2631 7595 5019 634
Account number: 317 595 501 96
Account name: M ou Mme Nicholas Plumeridge
Address: 1 Brooke Road Braunston Oakham Rutlan LE15 8QR United Kingdom
Rental Agreement
Address: Chalet Maia
1616 route de la Plagne, 74110 Morzine France
Check in time is after 3 P.M. and Check out time is 10 A.M. No early check-in or late checkout,
SECURITY DEPOSIT - A security deposit of 1000€ or Sterling equivalent is required. This must
be received 6 weeks before the start of your holiday and made to Nicholas Plumeridge. This
does not applied towards rent; however, it is fully refundable within 14 days of departure,
provided the following provisions are met.
• No damage is done to property and its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.
• No charges are incurred due to illegal activity or services rendered by the management
company during the stay.
• All debris, rubbish and discards are placed in rubbish bin outside, and soiled dishes
are placed in the dishwasher and cleaned.
• All keys returned. A charge of 100 € / key will be collected before departure for
• No linens, towels and soft furnishings are lost or damaged.
MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY – The maximum number of guests is limited to twelve (12) people.
Additional guest is charge at 100€ per week.
INCLUSIVE FEES – Rates include a one-time set up of bed linens, towels and logs for the fire.
NO DAILY HOUSEKEEPING SERVICE – While linens and bath towels are included in the chalet,
daily maid service is not included in the rental rate. However, it is available at an additional
rate. We do not permit bath towels or bed linens to be taken from the property.
TOURIST TAX – local tourist tax is not included in the rental rate and will be collected upon
arrival unless stated otherwise.
Adults and children over 16 years old

Rate per person per night in €

30% discount for family with 3 children .70
below 16 years old
40% discount for family with 4 children .60
below 16 years old
50% discount for family with 5 children .50
below 16 years old
75% discount for family with 6 children .25
below 16 years old
Note: Children below 16 years old are exempted.

4-5 weeks -50% of the balance will be refunded + security deposit.
2-3 weeks - 25% of the balance will be refunded + security deposit.
Less than 2 weeks – only the security deposit will be refunded.

PARKING – parking is limited to three (3) vehicles. Vehicles are to be parked in designated
areas only. Parking on the road in not permitted. Any illegally parked vehicles are subject to
towing; applicable fines/towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.
• Monday & Friday (GREEN or household waste) at 5 am – for your convenience, kindly
place the bin by the road the night before the schedule day. The collector will not pick
up your rubbish if any recyclable item is found in this bin.
• Self-service waste disposal – rubbish collections point are located alongside the roads
for glass, paper and household waste
• Wednesday - Recyclable waste (YELLOW container) at 5 am. Please do not place any
household waste in this container otherwise it will be rejected.
SAUNA – Children under the age of 12 must have an adult supervision at all times. Using the
sauna involves certain health risk. Please check with your physician first before using the
sauna. Use at your own risk.
APPLIANCE – use appliance for its intended purpose only.
DVD MOVIES, DVD GAMES, BOOKS AND GAME BOARDS – are provided for your pleasure
whilst in the chalet, please leave them behind for our next guests. Kindly, place them back in
their original boxes or storage after used. Please be advice that some films are not suitable for
young audience.
FIREPLACE AND CANDLES – Observe basic fire safety rules. Keep flammable objects away
from the fireplace and candles. Extinguish fire and candles when not in use and before going
to bed. Keep candles away from children’s reach. Keep fireplace glass panel closed to prevent
flyaway sparks.
SEPTIC TANKS AND DRAINS- The septic system is very effective; however, it will clog up if
improper material is flushed. Please do not flushed anything other than toilet paper. Feminine

products, wet wipes and diapers can cause drainage problem, please dispose them in the bin.
A minimum levy of 300 € will be imposed if the management is called for clearing. Excessive
hair falls whilst showering may block the shower drains, kindly dispose loose hairs in the bin
to prevent any inconvenience.
HOT WATER TANKS –The chalet is equipped with 2 huge water tanks more than enough for 12
guests however it may run out due to simultaneous use of showers or baths, sauna and
washing machine. Please wait for 30 minutes to an hour to replenish the supply of hot water
otherwise you may flick the switch with the tank symbol located in the garage/game room
from auto (o) to (I) to speed up the process.
TRAVEL INSURANCE – We recommend that you take a travel insurance for your trip.
ACCIDENTS AND LOST OF PERSONAL BELONGINGS – we assume no responsibility for illness
or injury nor lost or damage to your personal belongings while in the premise. Keep your
personal belongings secure. Check that you have all your belongings with you on your
for storms, airport or air strike incident. Mountain roads can be curvy and steep. Gravel drive
is well maintained; however, we highly recommend an AWD and/or chains during the winter
INTERNET ACCESS – Complimentary Wi-Fi access. Name: Live box bboe, password:
ADDED SERVICES – Mountain Xtra property management is the company we have appointed
to look after Chalet Maia and all our guests. The company offers a range of services for full list
of services please check: We do not take any responsibility for any
transaction that were made by you and the mountain xtra property management. All queries
and/or payment must be address to them directly.
CONTACT PERSON – Dominic Barnbrook is your point of contact in the resort. Contact details:
UK +44 (0) 207 1831484, FR +33 (0) 647 39 35 90. For your safety, do not permit or deal with
anyone else in the chalet. Should there be any changes, an advance notification will be send.
WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS – Any exception to the above mentioned policies must be approved in
writing in advance.
By signing below, I agree to all terms and conditions of this agreement.
Guest name: _____________________________
Date and signature: _______________________
Please scan and return by email within 7 days of booking confirmation.


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