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News letter

Key News
Published by Les Clefs d’Or Japan

November, 2012 VOL. 9

15th Anniversary of Les Clefs d’Or Japan
The night of the anniversary of
Les clefs d’Or Japan.
On November 18th 1997, Les clefs d’Or
Japan began to stand on its own feet.
It has been 15 years, and we are growing
with additional members and supporters.
Anniversary Party was held in
newly-opened Palace Hotel Tokyo,
along with the members of the Japan
Concierge Association.
The theme of Japan beauty and the
green tea colored atmosphere in the
hotel emphasizes the sunlight from the
window over the moat that surrounds
the Imperial Palace. The aroma which
you notice when you step in the hotel is
exclusively selected.

We were very excited to welcome our
guests at the entrance of the Ball Room
to start the evening.

It has always been our great pleasure to
work and grow together as a family of
Concierges to better serve our guests.

Many thanks to all of our supporters,
Associative Companies and members
E of
the Japan Concierge Association for their
continued support for the Les Editor
Clefs d’Or
Japan throughout the years and the years to

(Mr. KOBAYASHI, president of Palace Hotel Co., Ltd.)

The reception commenced with a
performance of Ms. Ora Reed, famous Jazz
Everyone was overwhelmed with the
performance and taken in. Following her
stage, we had the opportunity to learn the
history and secret of the re-opening of
Palace Hotel Tokyo from the President of
Palace Hotel Co., Ltd., Mr. Kobayashi.

(by Shinobu MOMOI)

Introducing New Faces
Dear Colleagues and Friends, it is our great
pleasure to introduce you our new
members, Mr. Yasutoshi ABE, the Chief
concierge of Conrad Tokyo and Mr.
Osamu HAMASAKI, the Chief concierge
of Hotel Okura Tokyo.

(Mr. Ohta, president of Ohta Publications Co., Ltd.)

Also we would like to pass on our great
appreciation to Mr. Ohta of Ohta
Publications Co., Ltd. for his wonderful
toast. We have enjoyed the moments to
have such a precious communication and
At the peak of the evening, a very
important statement was made by Ms.
Tajima, the President of Les clefs d’Or
Japan. The official announcement was
made to inform everyone that the Les clefs
d’Or Japan is planning to hold the Les
Clefs d’Or Asian Congress in 2015 right
here in Japan

General Manager of Conrad Tokyo

president and General Manager of Hotel Okura Tokyo

『Key News』

Shinobu MOMOI


Adrian FAUTT

Publisher: Masumi TAJIMA
(November, 2012 VOL. 9)

(Ms. Tajima, president of Les Clefs d’Or Japan)

This evening would be marked in the
history of the Les clefs d’Or Japan as a
starting line for this very important event
in our future.

They were officially introduced as new
U.I.C.H. “Les Clefs d’Or” adherent
members on November 14. Ms. Taijma,
our president had a great honor to welcome
them to our family! Yasutoshi and Osamu,
congratulations and a warm welcome!

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