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Supporting you in Surrey Heath

Surrey Heath

Labour Voice
Feb 2013

from real

Their words
Local resident
Philippson in

Local resident
Jacques Olmo
in Frimley

Local resident
Richard Wilson
in Windlesham

Local residents
working for you

Delivering for local people
Here are Labour Councillors Rodney
Bates and Margaret Moher enjoying a
discussion about the play area that
they helped to secure for Camberley

issues that remain unresolved such as
highway safety along Red Road. Many
residents will also be affected by benefit
changes which will impact on the most
vulnerable and disabled in society.

Rodney writes, '2013 is a big year for
Surrey Heath with a number of community
challenges. We will be deciding on some
major planning applications such as
Deepcut. There are also very important

'Labour councillors and activists will
continue to be at the heart of the
community working alongside residents
and those in charge. We believe that
actions are more important than words

which means rolling up our sleeves,
getting involved and then standing up for
local communities. '
In 2013, there will be elections where
there will be a real choice for residents
between community minded Labour
activists and out of touch Conservatives.
Please contact us if you would like to
make a difference and support our

Supporting you in Surrey Heath
Local residents speak
Villages need protection
from traffic

A good education for all

'The ex-DERA site on
Chobham Common is planned
to be removed from the Green
Belt so that 1,700 houses can
be built there. The additional

traffic could have a devastating
effect on nearby villages,
particularly Windlesham and
Chobham. We need better
public transport and safe
routes for cyclists. I believe we
should preserve our open
countryside, and the wildlife
living there, for future
generations. I am therefore
working with local residents to
make sure that their views are
put across.'
Richard Wilson, a pilot from

Our kids deserve an
Olympic legacy
'After the fantastic success of
the Olympics, we should be
getting more of our young
people off the streets and into
sport clubs. However, the
Government have decided to
slash money from the Sports
Partnerships as well as school
building programmes.
Conservatives at the County
Council forced through
drastic changes to youth
services which resulted many
young people losing some of
their services. Our youth
deserve a better deal than the
Conservatives are giving
Mick Sheehan, a Lightwater


Local resident Linda Philippson outside Collingwood where her children were taught.

In her own words...

families is so essential. In these
times of austerity, I feel it is more
Linda has been a Surrey Heath
important than ever that the local
resident for over 22 years living in community pulls together to
Windlesham and Camberley.
ensure that the more vulnerable in
our society do not bear the brunt
'I feel passionately that every child of the cuts in services.
should be entitled to an excellent
It makes me sad to see the Ian
education wherever they happen to Goodchild Centre standing empty
most of the time, the old Allders
Although Surrey Heath is in the
main an affluent area, I am very
aware that there are people living
The effect of Tory cuts
in the community who are less welloff and I feel strongly that those
- 50,290 people lost their homes in
people should not be forgotten.
- Housing benefit for anyone under 25
Not everyone has a car, a
will end.
computer, a mobile phone or a
- 23% increase in homeless people
warm home and that is why public
sleeping rough.
transport, outreach library services,
- Disabled and vulnerable people suffer
help for the elderly and struggling

building sad and neglected and the
pub on the A30 that has been
boarded up for years, not to
mention the empty shop units in
Park Street. I would like to see
Camberley prosper, with good
schools and facilities, to be a place
in which its residents are proud to
live and raise the next generation.'

through Council Tax changes.
- And in contrast, Conservative Cllrs in
Surrey want to spend £5 million of
taxpayers money on a "visitor centre"
for the Magna Carta! Is this really a

Supporting you in Surrey Heath

The Future Shape
of Deepcut
What you're saying
"We should have more affordable
childcare and maintain Sure-Start
Wendy from Camberley

"I am concerned about the falling number
of university applications."
Alan from Deepcut


Jacques Olmo was a former councillor in France near Marseilles. He is now a community
activist who lives near the proposed Deepcut development.

The future shape of Deepcut
'I have really enjoyed getting involved in
local affairs and am determined to support
all those currently living in Deepcut. It is
important that they have a village that they
can feel proud of. It is vital in my view that
the final planning option maintains the
rural feel of the village, minimises the
impact on surrounding valuable wildlife
sites and, most importantly, comes up with
acceptable solutions to the transport issues
arising from the impact of increasing traffic.
Higher traffic levels will not only affect
Deepcut but will also increase congestion
on Sturt Road and Mytchett Road. This is
worrying to residents throughout the area
and I urge everyone to make their views
known to the Council so they can take this
into account.'

Our important issues for 2013

Building houses for our kids

"I am very worried about the impact of
the new bedroom tax. I have lived in my
family home with many happy memories.
Why should I have to pay 25% or take
strangers into my house?"
Jerry from Camberley

"I am concerned that the Government is
wilfully increasing the divisions in
Leigh from Frimley

We support more affordable homes in
the area.

Protecting our libraries

"Changes to welfare impact on the
disabled - why should they pay for Tory

Educating our children

Murray from Camberley

We are opposed to the County plan on
volunteer-led libraries.
We believe that schools should run for
people not profit.

Supporting our elderly and

We would prioritise resources towards
social care and mental health.

Keeping us safe

We oppose privatisation of Police

And here is an out of touch Conservative...
"Poverty is an overused word. Some
people say they are in poverty if they
can't afford Sky television."
Cllr Ian Gillies, Conservative leader in York on

Want to speak to Labour? All the contact details are on the next page.

Surrey Heath

Labour Voice

Promoted by Wendy Rowlands on behalf of Surrey Heath Constituency Labour Party both at 1 Woodway,
Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3LY .


Families suffer for Tory "awayday"
Everyone knows that times are tough and that
families across the whole of Surrey are worried
about their jobs and the welfare of their children.
Every penny counts for these households.
However, one group who don't appear to realise this
impact are 26 Conservative county councillors in
Surrey. Last year, they put up your Council Tax and
then thought it was a good idea to go for 2 days
away at Farnham Castle along with some County
officers. The total cost to taxpayers was an

unnecessary waste of over £4000. Imagine what
your local school could have done with this £4000!

We know that paying Council tax can be a burden to
households and that is why it is important that every
pound is spent wisely. No-one minds their money
going towards schools, roads and social care for their
parents as we can see the difference it makes with
our own eyes.
However, plush awaydays is not the only waste of

I want to hear from you

I'd like to talk to a Labour officer in my area.
Please contact me.

Yes, I'll be voting Labour. Count me in!


Yes, I'd like a poster for future elections.


I would like to apply to vote by post.


Yes, keep me up to date. Sign me up as a
supporter of my local Labour candidates.

01276 679957


Please complete and return this form to: 4 Dorset Court, Berkshire Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 4HF
The Labour Party may contact you from time to time using the details you have supplied. if you DO NOT wish to have this information stored
by the Labour Party please write to 4 Dorset Court, Berkshire Road, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 4HF

Live Proof

Community activists are now joining Labour in order
to make a positive difference to their local
communities. If you would like to join us and make a
difference then please get in touch.

Ways to get in touch


Promoted by Wendy Rowlands on behalf of Surrey Heath Constituency Labour Party both at 1 Woodway, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3LY .

money from the Conservatives. They also failed to
properly consult on their library plans and then lost
their case in the High Court which was forced by a
non-political community group. This meant a large
amount of public money was wasted in legal fees and
then having to go through the whole process again.

4 Dorset Court
Berkshire Road
GU15 4HF

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