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Universalism & Globalism by Mr. Mezouar Mohammed Said

In philosophy, universalism is a doctrine or school claiming universal facts can be
discovered and is therefore understood as being in opposition to relativism. In certain
The concept of globalism now is most commonly used to refer to different ideologies
of globalization. The clearest rendition of this use is Manfred Steger's. He distinguishes
different globalisms such as justice globalism, jihad globalism, and market globalism. 2

As usually in my view:
The difference between the two terms is:
1. Degrees horizontal effect
2. Impact levels deep
3. Doctrines and ideologies of use
These three factors are what make the difference clear between these two concepts, because
the cosmic universality is linked rather than something else.

Horizontal effect

Impact levels deep
Doctrines and ideologies

When I went back to the history books across different times, I did not find evidence the use
of this two terms: but I found that the United States of America, in its policy is the first to
apply these terms, after which the thought of American thinkers and philosophers of Chicago
in particular.


Philosophical Dictionary: Ubermensch-Utilitarianism

James, P., 2006. Globalism, nationalism tribalism: Bringing theory back in. London: Sage. ISBN 0 7619 5513
hb ISBN 0 7619 5414 3 pb

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