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Best Summer Pictures
The Company Yellow Productions (hereinafter referred to as « The Company »), a limited liability
company with a capital of 7622,45 €, registered in the company register (RCS) in Paris under the
number B 394 246 581, headquartered at 40 rue des Blancs Manteaux, 75004 Paris FRANCE, is
organizing a photo contest from October 14th through October 18th, 2015 on Bob Sinclar’s Fan
Facebook page, whose URL is (hereinafter referred to as the «
Site »), to send the best Summer pictures (hereinafter the « Contest »).
2.1 Conditions of participation
Participation in the Contest is free and no purchase is required. It is open to everyone (with the
exception of employees of the Company and their families) (hereinafter « the Participants »).
The Contest is open worldwide.
In the case where several persons appear on a photo, the person who sent such photo will be deemed
as the only Participant.
Any proven or attempted cheating of a Participant, such as the creation of false identities in order to
participate several times to the Contest, could be punished by the formal and definitive ban of
participation to the Contest.
2.2 Contest Rules
Each Participant will send a photo of his/her Summer to the following email addres : To do this, a minimum configuration is necessary, which is :
• a computer MAC/PC
• a high speed Internet connection
• at least a 266 processor
• 64 MB or higher of RAM
• Internet explorer 5.00 or higher, or Safari 4.00
The Participants must send the photo between October 14th 2015 through October 18nd 2015
inclusive (French time), dates of the Contest period.
The aim of the Contest is for the Participants to win one of the prizes.
Any participation after the end of the Contest will be deemed as null and void.
The Company could declare as null and void any suspect participation, such as the participations
through automated computer programs for sending many requests.
2.3 Guarantees
The Participant licenses, free of charge, to the Company, the rights of communication, reproduction,
representation and adaptation of such photo, for any exploitation, on the Site. Such license is granted
worldwide, for a period of five (5) years.
In any case, by participating in the Contest, the Participant warrants that the photo is in conformity
with the applicable legislation, and more particularly:


respects the public order and the good moral standards ;
respects the third parties intellectual property right ;
does not infringe the third parties reputation, private life and image ;
does not contain any denigrating or defamatory comments ;
has not a paedophile-oriented content ;
is not of offensive nature to the youngest ;
has not a pornographic content ;
is not harmful to the security and integrity of a State or a territory ;
does not incite discrimination base on sex, religion, nationality, infirmity, sexual orientation,
age or political opinions ;
- does not incite crime, hate, violence, suicide or racism ;
- does not incite committing a crime, an infraction or an act of terrorism :
such list being not exhaustive.
The winners of the Contest will be the 5 (five) Participants who will have their photos selected by Bob
Sinclar as the best photos received.
The 5 (five) winners will receive a postcard from Bob Sinclar.
The winners will be contacted by email.
The lack of reply within 7 (seven) days following the receipt of the email will be deemed as the
renunciation of the prizes by the winners.
The winners authorize the Company to use, for the communication regarding the Contest, the
surname, the first name and the prizes, free of charge and without any other advantage.
The winners should inform the Company in case of any modifications in their contact details,
including the email or postal address. The Company shall not be held responsible for any problem
regarding the delivery or for the non-delivery which would be due to inaccurate informations given by
a winner.
In any case, a prize cannot be contested, or exchanged for another prize or for some cash.
In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, art L.27, the Participants have
the right to access, modify, rectify and delete their personal data. The Participants can exercise this
right, or oppose the IT processing of this information by writing to the Contest address : YELLOW
Blancs Manteaux 75004 Paris FRANCE.
This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Inc.
Any information provided in connection with the Contest is to the Company and not to Facebook.
The participation in the Contest implies acceptance by the Participants of all of the clauses of these
present rules.
The Company reserves the right to modify, at any moment, the rules and to take any decisions that it
may deem necessary for the application and the interpretation of the rules, and may inform the
Participants by any means of its choosing.
The Company shall not be held responsible in case of an error in the delivery of the prize, of the loss
of the prize during its delivery, or of the impossibility to contact the winner.
The Company shall not be held responsible regarding the quality and the condition of the prize at the

The Company reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify, refute or cancel the Contest in case of
specific circumstances or in case of dysfunction of the Internet. The Company shall be hold harmless
of any responsibility in such case.
The Company shall not be held responsible in case of dysfunction of Internet, due to malicious act,
force majeure or any event outside of its control (such as technical problems), which would prevent a
successful Contest.
The Company shall not be held responsible in case of impossibility to contact the winners, or in case
of events of force majeure (strike, bad weather…) or events outside of its control (such as technical
problems) which would prevent a successful Contest and/or would prevent the winners, totally or
partially, from obtaining their prize.
Pursuant to the provisions of the article L. 121-36 of the Consumer Code, access to the Site and
participation in the Contest are entirely free, so that the costs of participation and connection to the
Site, incurred by the Participant, will be entirely reimbursed to him as defined below.
Only one request for reimbursement per month and per household (same name, same postal address,
same telephone bill or Internet service provider) will be accepted, under the condition that the
Participant uses the Site normally.
Given the current level of service and technical progress, certain Internet providers offer Internet users
free or all inclusive service, it is expressly stipulated that any access to the Site made on a free or all
inclusive basis, (such as by cable, broadband (ADSL) or a specialized Internet connection) is not
eligible for reimbursement, as in this case the subscription to the Internet provider’s services were
contracted by the user for his Internet use in general and the Participant’s connection to the Site and
participation in the Contest did not generate any additional expense.
In the case of a connection billed on the length of the communication, the costs of the connection to
the Site to participate in the Contest will be reimbursed by bank transfer upon request of the
Participant sent in the month of the disbursement of the cost, as evidenced by the postmarked date,
within two months after the reception of the Participant’s request.
To obtain the reimbursement of his connection costs, as well as the postage costs of his request for
reimbursement, the Participant must send the Company a written request, written on a blank sheet of
paper, with the following elements :
- Family name, first name and personal home address
- A photocopy of an identity document
- The dates, the hours and the lengths of his connection to the Site
- An itemized invoice from the telephone company and/or the Internet service provider to which he is
a subscriber of, showing the dates and the hours of his connections to the Site
- Bank account details (a RIB in France) (all reimbursements will be made by bank transfer)
Requests for reimbursement must be sent to: Reimbursement connection costs / YELLOW
Blancs Manteaux 75004 Paris FRANCE. The postage costs for the reimbursement request will be
reimbursed, on request, on the basis of the current regular postal rate.
The rules are exclusively governed by French law, and any differences arising from their application
or interpretation fall exclusively under the sole jurisdiction of the Paris Courts.

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Aperçu du document CONTEST RULES YELLOW PRODUCTIONS-Photos.pdf - page 3/3

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