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PackPlast Project
French Alternative Energies and
Atomic Energy Commission (CEA).
It is the project leader for France.
Within CEA, the LITEN (Laboratory
for Innovation in New Energy
Technologies and Nanomaterials) is
one of Europe’s leading research centers on new energy
technologies. It develops solutions including materials and
innovative processes for stationary storage and transport.
Cadflow. SME, subsidiary of
Germany’s SIMCON GmbH, offers
software dedicated to the simulation
of industrial polymer processing. In
addition to software sales, the
company also conducts research
department services and training.
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de
Lausanne (EPFL). This academic
institution is the project leader for
Switzerland and is specialized in the
field of science and technology. The
mission of the “Polymer and
Composite Technology” Laboratory (CTL) of the EPFL is to
establish the scientific basis for the next generation of
materials and processes in the field of plastics and composites.

Almatech is a privately-held and
independent SME specialized in the
design and development of highprecision mechanisms, ultra-stable
hardware for the space market.
Located on the Innovation Park of the Swiss Federal Institute
of Technology (EPFL), Almatech is an ideal platform
connecting academic research with industrial development.
Almatech development services range from the early concept
studies to feasibility studies using prototyping and
optimization / validation by FE analysis and flight model

Alain Guelpa Concept. SME
specialized in the design and
production of small series products.

Plastipolis. Plastic competitiveness
cluster whose mission is to support
and develop innovation at regional,
national and international scale,
relying on its network and
Plastipolis focuses efforts on four strategic technological
domains (performant and innovative processes, advanced
materials, smart plastics products, sustainability and ecodesign) in 6 targeted markets (transport, construction & civil
engineering, medical & health, packaging, consumer goods,






The main objectives of this 18-month project, started in April 2014, are :
• The design of a new type of packaging for batteries
• Improvement of the security in abusive conditions thanks to the use of composite materials
• Better sealing leading to an enhancement of the lifetime of the battery
• Simplicity and security of the assembly obtained through an optimised design
• Higher energy density through the packaging light weighting
• Controlled cost and environmental impact
• The transfer of technology and methodology to other plastics industry applications

The expected benefits :

• Cross-border cooperation leading to the
development of a common unique technology
to France and Switzerland, allowing a significant
positioning of the two countries in the energy
transition and the environment (contribution
to the development of new transportations more
environmentally friendly)
• Development of new functional plastic packaging,
more environmentally friendly, which can be
used in other plastics industry applications (eg:
transport of sensitive materials)

The innovations of the project :

• Development of a multilayer architecture to
separate the functions and choice of innovative
• Processing of composite materials by Resin
Transfer Molding technology (RTM), combined
with innovative assembly processes to optimize
the sealing and the mechanical strength of the
• Taking into account of environmental aspects
through the life cycle analysis,
• Implementation of this technology in other

CAD image of the concept of
multi-material packaging

Initial test of composite packaging
by CEA

Cross section of the multi-material

Structural calculation (maximum

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