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Strikes and Actions by the Class Unions Prepare the General Strike of February 4

Hundreds of actions, activities and strikes in all sectors all over Greece prepare the success
of the National General Strike of February 4.

On Friday, January 14, Construction Workers’ held a demonstration-Funeral of Social
Security stating that the new bill of the SYRIZA Government is going to “bury” all workers’ rights
of social security.
On Saturday, January 16 the Labor Centre of North Dodekanese organized a massive
conference presenting the consequences of the new bill on Social Security, so as to inform the
working class about the developments.
On Sunday, January 17, the Labor Centre of Larissa held a General Assembly with main
issue the organization of the struggle the next period and the preparation of the General Strike
On Monday, January 18 Public Services Unions that rally with PAME, held a three hour work
stoppage and protest at the Ministry of Labor in Athens.
The same day, the Union of Workers in Hotels-Tourism-Catering of Athens held a press
conference, where it revealed that though the big Hotels in Athens have great profits the last
years, those profits came through the extreme exploitation of the workers. Through the
abolishment of rights, health and safety regulation, wage cuts and the use of young workers
with even less rights and smaller wages. After the press conference the Union submitted its
positions to the Ministry of Labor, stating its opposition to the new bill of the Government.
On Tuesday, January 19, Pensioners Federation and the Unions in Athens and Thessaloniki
held a massive demonstration
Also, the class trade unions of workers in Ships are going on a 2 day strike on January
20-21 against the destruction of Social Security
The Unions’ activities will escalate with the demonstrations of PAME on Saturday,
January 23.
Photos at:
Athens, January 19, 2016

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