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Titre: Anne-Claire Le Hénaff – Looking for a 6-month job opportunity in a tech start-up Passionate about innovation on advanced materials and technological applications
Auteur: Anne-Claire Le Hénaff

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Anne-Claire Le Hénaff
Looking for a 6-month job opportunity in a tech
Passionate about innovation on advanced
materials and technological applications

T +1 702-738-8993

Professional experience
Apr. 2016 - Aug. 2016 Internship - research work on high-performance silicon carbide ceramics,
5 months Saint-Gobain Research and Development Center, Northboro, MA, United States.
• identifies key parameters for abrasive performance by application testing and marketing
investigations on silicon carbide ceramics.
• develops a structure-properties relationship for the material

Jun. 2015 - Aug. 2015 Internship - mission head in the technical office of the production plant,
10 weeks Louis Vuitton (LVMH group), Barcelona, Spain.
• worked on continuous improvement of the manufacturing process of varied leather
• designed new tools to facilitate the integration of new products in production lines.

Sept 2014 - Jun. 2015 Physics Teaching Assistant, Lycée Sainte-Geneviève, Versailles.
10 months Trained 40 students for oral examinations for the top French Engineering universities.
Nov. 2014- May 2015 Student contest organizer, Jumping de l’X, association at Ecole Polytechnique
7 months organizing an official international 3-day jumping competition.
• organized as special 2-day contest for 20 international students in collaboration with
the technical director of the Jumping
• Organized parallel activities to the official competition.

January. 2015 - now Communication officer, Cabinet Start-Up, association at Ecole Polytechnique
9 months promoting entrepreneurship among students.
• organized with 15 students the first Polytechnique Entrepreneur Show for more than
600 participants.
• Was in charge of the external and internal communication on the association’s events.

Nov. 2013 - Mar. 2014 Cadet Officer in French Police Force, Besançon, France.
5 months Participated in several missions as a police officer: neighbourhood police, investigation
department, forensic science

2013 - Now Cycle ingénieur of Ecole Polytechnique - Major in Materials Science,
École Polytechnique, Paris, One of France’s leading universities for high-level
scientific studies.
Physics and chemistry of materials, Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Economy
Research projects:
• Optimization of the energy mix in Brazil for 2035 (2014-2015)
• Perovskite heterojunction solar cells performance (Fall 2015)
• Influence of texture on Ni-Ti mechanical superelastic behaviour (Dec.2015-Mar.2016)

2011-2013 Preparatory course for entrance examinations to French Grandes Ecoles
for scientific studies, Lycée Sainte Geneviève, Versailles, France.
Two-year highly-competitive programme (Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry).
Admitted to Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris in August 2013

2011 Baccalauréat, Lycée Saint-Jean de Passy, Paris, French secondary school diploma
- Major in sciences.
Diploma awarded with very high honours.

Office, Matab, Python, Java

French mother tongue
Spanish fluent

English fluent (Toefl : 109)

Extra curricular activities
Sports running (participated in a national-level student raid, ran Paris - Versailles 2015),
skiing (was a member of the Ski-Club at Ecole Polytechnique and took part in
international tournament), sailing, basketball
Music played the viola for 15 years in a conservatory, played in orchestras and chamber
Oenology took part in wine tasting national student contests as a member of Ecole Polytechnique’s wine tasting club, organized Ecole Polytechnique Oenophile Meeting
Volunteering helped building four houses for homeless Indian people and gathered funding for it
with a team of ten students during summer 2013

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