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29 (15/12/1986)

English teaching experience
◆ Japanese English School
Work occasionally in English Language Schools in Osaka
Teach both children and adults (classes from 1 to 6 students)

March to May 2016

◆ CELTA: Stanton school of English, London, UK
Summer 2015
Taught pre-intermediate and intermediate classes of 6 to 24 students from various nationalities in English as a Second Language
Tailored lessons according to research and analysis of student needs and learning styles
Employed original and authentic texts; created activities targeting receptive and productive skills and language systems
Used and adapted materials from New Framework, Cutting Edge and New English File
◆ Private lessons
09/08-02/12 and 03/15-12/15
Tutored kids and adults to improve their English skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking)
Prepared them for exams such as French High School final exam and TOEIC/TOEFL

Relevant work experience
◆ Health, safety and environment management, France and UK
Worked at various places (government administration, hospital, construction site, factory, aquarium)
Created and designed lessons, trainings, activities and media fitting the audience (workers, disabled, professionals, children,
Organized events alone or with external contributors (including international events)
Created and lead teams to work on different projects
Worked 9 months in London as a HSE coordinator for a French company
◆ Football team coaching
Coached a group of teenagers and organized trips.


2015 University of Cambridge ESOL, Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA), PASS B, Stanton school
of English, London, UK
2011 Master's degree in Management of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment with Honours, UPJV Amiens, France
2004 French Baccalaureat (Scientific section – French equivalent of the British A-level), Lycée Sainte Famille Amiens, France

Other work experience
◆ Working Holiday in Australia
Worked mainly in farms and became team manager
Worked casually as a waiter, kitchen hand, remover and car washer


◆ University librarian
Organized storage and equipment of books and assisted students


◆ Labourer/Waiter

casually during my studies

Fluent in French and English / Basic German and currently learning Japanese
Proficient with Microsoft Office and other programs

Hobbies and Interests
Sports: football, futsal, rugby, ice-hockey…
Travel: visited many countries mainly in Europe and Asia
Other: cinema, reading, cooking and cultural exchange
References available on request

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