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Your Full Trip, in One Click
Travel may be necessary for work but why should employees spend valuable time
researching and booking trips? Travel is also often the second largest area of controllable
spend. Deploying an online booking tool and ensuring it is widely adopted by your workforce
means increased control, savings and better duty of care.



In a recent traveler survey*, 66% responded that they
booked outside of the tool even though 74% indicated
they would prefer “one place for all their needs”. Why?
Corporate tools don’t offer the user experience or
inventory travelers demand and deserve. Neo is different:
it offers both and is instantly adopted.

Our customers say it best:
“80% adoption rate; average ticket costs down 15%; total
travel spend down 30%.“
“Within six months, we saw an adoption rate of 60%,
resulting in a 10% reduction in travel costs and a 50% overall
reduction in transactional expenses right from year one.”

Simplifiy the life of travelers with a smarter, faster way
of booking trips.
• Complete itineraries based on traveler search criteria,
company policy and preferences, bookable in 1 click.
• Single segment booking (hotel, flight, train or car
rental) in the same user-friendly interface
• Full cost of trip before booking, including estimated
on-trip expenses (meals, taxis etc)
• Pre-populated expense claims



From the timeline, users can access flight, rail,
hotel and ground transport alternatives. Trips
can be fine-tuned while keeping a policycompliant door-to-door timeline.

The time to research and book
an entire trip is now measured in


Savings: Neo displays cheapest overall
combination of policy compliant and preferred
options. Neo also increases online usage.
Duty of Care: Know where all travelers are
planning to be and when.
Travel Avoidance: Avoid 1 in 20 trips just by
seeing the total cost of each trip.
Adoption: Increased adoption, compliance &
associated benefits because travelers love it.
Preferred Supplier usage: As Neo automatically
attaches a preferred hotel to all trips with an
overnight stay, there is a significant uptake in
attachment rate and travel program compliance.


Neo builds a complete expense claim at the
same time as the trip
Base decisions on the total trip cost, for greater
budget control
Easily identify trips that are too expensive
compared to business value
Approval on mobile - no more bottlenecks
Complete trip booking in seconds
Available on any device
Complete flexibility and choice
Expenses approval before departure
User experience to rival consumer apps

Contact us to explore how KDS Neo delivers
Business Value through User Experience.
Test drive Neo today: simply sign up with just your
email address at https://play.kds.com/signup


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