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JOB OFFER : Sourcing Executive
La Petite Epicerie Saigon Company

Fruit sourcing mission
Location: Mekong Delta

Mission: Translating interviews and strengthening

Starting date: November 2016

the sourcing and purchasing department of LPE Saigon Ltd.

La Petite Epicerie Saigon is a young dynamic company located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We are processing tropical fruits together with local spices to produce premium jams, fruit juices, and dried fruits.
We are looking to collaborate with a motivated person in order to support our
company in improving and strengthening
our sourcing operations. We are currently buying 9 types of fruits (Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Mulberry, Passion fruit,
Strawberry, Orange, Banana, and Guava)
and 6 types of spices (ginger, cinnamon,
vanilla, cardamom, mint and lemongrass).
We work with different kind of supplier : farmers, collectors or wholesalers.

Mission description
The mission will consist in supporting a French intern (Student in agronomy) during his internship by
translating interviews with suppliers, collecting data on the field and connecting fruit suppliers to the
company to improve sourcing and purchasing operations. Once the intern will have left, the sourcing
executive will continue his mission in the Delta and keep strenghtening relationship with suppliers.
The mission will focus on mango, pineapple, papaya, orange, mulberry and guava in the Mekong Delta
area, and passion fruit and strawberry in Dalat area.

For more info

• Translate interviews for the French intern

• Identify producers, group of producers,

• Survey production area to collect basic in-

• Start discussion for supply collaboration

to ensure smooth communication with local
stakeholders (Only for 4 months, duration of
the French student’s internship).
formation on a selection of fruits (farming location, farming practices, production volume,
price and price seasonality, market organization, etc.)

cooperative, collectors and traders on site with
their characteristics (location, volume, availability, price, transport possibilities).
between supplier and our company (delivery
planning, quality control, price agreement,
transport condition)

French intern and sourcing executive will have to come back HCMC for a monthly presentation of results. Daily communication will have to be done with team at head office.
This mission required a lot of independence and motivation to work in rural area. Strong communication skills as well as strong organizational capacity is required.

Mission conditions

Required skills
• Good ability to speak and read English
• Background in agriculture/agronomy
• Driving license


• Motorbike and gasoline will be provided for
daily work (One motorbike for both French
intern and sourcing executive)

3 500 000 VND (Trial period: 3 month) and 4 000 000 VND (after trial period)

The job applicant must live in Can Tho or Vinh Long area. The French intern will live in Can Tho or Vinh
Long city during the intership (November 2016 to February 2017).

Send your CV to
Coignon Gérôme, Sourcing manager
+84 1 22 42 52 494

For more info

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