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Job Announcement
OAfrica France
OAfrica (OA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Its aim is to support
orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana through programs in care reform, education,
and development. Our goal is to ensure that children grow up in safe and permanent
family settings with appropriate care and protection.
For more information about OA please visit our website at
We are currently recruiting a Fundraising Officer. The Ideal candidate will have at least
two years’ experience with fundraising in France (communications and marketing
experience is an added advantage). The candidate must be self- motivated, creative and
resourceful, with strong networking skills.
Reports to:

OA Development Director
The International Advisory Board (IAB)
Country Board

Job description

Fundraising and Marketing (70%)
o Expanding all income streams
o Developing new income streams
o Creation of a patronage agreement with foundations and companies
o Securing Corporate funding, and Corporate partnership development
o Donor reporting
o Event planning
o Updating the Development Director on current fundraising in OAfrica
o Marketing strategy to increase the number of members, translation of
texts to send newsletter & social media posts

Internal and External Communication / Relations (20%)
o Increase / improve the flow of information and communication within the
organization (budget excels, money to Ghana)
o Send monthly newsletter to all contacts
o Daily/monthly/quarterly correspondence with the public, members and
donors via email, telephone, letters, newsletters, large mailings
o Maintain regular relations with VIPs
o Maintain relationships with friends of OAfrica.
o Press book update
o Manage social media

Administrative duties (10%)


Accounts receivable: Monthly Money to Ghana File, pre-accounting
Keeping in contact with the Board of Directors
Annual report information to be sent to Ghana
Use of technological means of internal communication (Fundraising
database, Facebook, Skype).
o Answer all phone calls and emails sent to OAfrica France
o Updating the Fundraisers database

Required Qualifications:

Fluent in French and English
Experience in fundraising (2-5 years)
Experience in communication tasks and communication skills
Excellent networking skills and professional network
Good organization and time management
Pro activity and creativity - propose new ideas
Knowledge of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook

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