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As leaders in residential and commercial pest control in Sydney, we have inspected thousands
of homes with a great number of them having active infestations. In most cases they could have
been prevented had the owners spent a weekend to reduce the risk of getting termites and
installed an effective barrier system. My job as a specialist is to pinpoint those areas of high risk
during the inspection process and educate you in prevention.

We can recommend appropriate barrier systems and forms of affordable residential and
commercial pest control services Sydney wide, for eastern, western & northern homes, to
reduce the risk of future infestation. We use the latest in environmental pest management
products that protect your family and pets. You may be surprised at the stunning results that
can be achieved using nothing but organic pest control products!

I am a specialist in installing barriers, such as subfloor barriers, perimeter
barriers and new pre construction home barriers that meet local council
specifications for pest control, as well as Australian Standards.
I am proud to claim that during my career, I have saved thousands of
homes and perhaps my clients’ life savings. I look forward to conducting a
termite inspection in your home and ensuring a termite free environment
for your property.

Termites are one of nature’s greatest recyclers of dead timber but when it comes to your
property, you want them to keep their jaws off it. By getting a termite inspection at least once a
year, you can discover any issues before extensive damage is caused. During the inspection I
will identify areas of possible infestation and the best way to reduce the risk of it occurring, as
well as pest control services that will address the issue.

Insect infestation is an unpleasant experience for both home and business owners and can
cause devastating damage to your property. Whether you require pest control in Pymble,
Wahroonga, Turramurra or surrounds, rely on the experts at Sydney Termites for the best
solution. We can inspect and assess your property in order to develop a solution that ensures
your space is pest free.
When it comes to subterranean termites, a thorough inspection must be carried out to see the
scope of the infestation and perhaps the source. Having said that, like any other insect
infestations, you need to reduce the risk of getting termites by reducing their chances of
accessing food and water.

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