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Théâtre du Soleil
Cartoucherie 75012 Paris

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)
155 Talgarth Rd
London W14 9DA
Paris, 20th of March 2016
Subject : Letter of reference for Mr. Lester Makedonsky
Dear Madam, dear Sir,
I write to you to recommend Mr. Lester Makedonsky, a young French actor, who is highly
motivated to attend your “Semester Programme Classical Acting” course.
I have known Lester since he was a child. He grew up around film sets and with the backstage
of theatres as his playground. He has attended every one of my plays since he was born. At age
11, he acted in the Cannes Festival prize-winning movie Caché directed by Michael Haneke.
Today, Lester wishes to deepen and broaden his acting skills. Lester has a great capacity to
adapt, and I am certain he will be a dynamic, attentive and productive student throughout his
I believe your semester course, based on the work of Shakespeare and Jacobean or English
Comedy of Manners playwrights, will greatly help him to reach the better understanding of
classical acting he requires. He will surely benefit from all of the practical training offered by
your classes, from the technical acting classes, to voice, singing, textual analysis and
interpretation, dance, movement, and physical theatre.
I believe Lester will enjoy being part of diverse intellectual and cultural circles and that he will
gain a great deal from the experience of exploring theatre from an English perspective; for him
a new and different culture of great theatre tradition, still active and vibrant.
I sincerely hope Lester will continue to grow and gain experience in acting, and it would be
fortunate for him to enrich his understanding through attending your Semester course.
Thank you in advance for your consideration of his application. If I can be of further any
assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Warmest Regards
Ariane Mnouchkine
Director of the Théâtre du Soleil

tél 01 43 74 87 63 - télécopie 01 43 28 33 61
www.theatre-du-soleil.fr – soleil@theatre-du-soleil.fr
RC Paris B 784 340 093 – No TVA Intracommunautaire FR 14 784 340 093
Code APE 923A - SIRET 784 340 093 00029

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