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We are looking for our delegation in Iraq for a

Logistics & Administration Manager

Location and working conditions: Shirquat - Iraq
Start date of post: Middle of October
duration: 6 months, more if funding available

Conditions :
Swiss salaried contract 2’950 CHF (~2’550 €) < > 4'300 CHF (~3’700 €) net /month according to
experience x 13, Holidays: 25 days per year. Local accommodation and transportation, Health insurance,
accident and medical repatriation insurance, return flight.

In 2016, Terre des hommes (Tdh) launched an integrated emergency WaSH, Child Protection and NFI
response, following several waves of IDPs resulting from military operations to free Shirgat districts, as well
as the South Mossul Corridor. Tdh is currently operating in Tikrit, Shirqat, Baiji and Tooz districts. Tdh is
also operating in Kirkuk governorate via Cash grant and Child protection assistance.
The incumbent will conduct his or her duties in accordance with the Charter of Terre des hommes and the
Tdh Child Safeguarding Policy.
Terre des hommes expects its personnel to behaviour in accordance with local culture and traditions. The
incumbent assures the moral protection of the name of Terre des hommes and upholds in all circumstances
the interests of the organization.
Tdh intervenes without any affiliation to politics, religion or financial profit. The incumbent will manage his or
her activities and engagements without any of political, racial or religious affiliation.
More information in our website : https://www.tdh.ch/fr/nos-interventions/irak

Main responsibilities :
Under the supervision of the Field Coordinator, the Logistics and Admin Manager carries out logistics,
administrative, accounting and financial management of the base, in compliance with donor and Tdh
S/he ensures the respect of logistics procedures and processes at base level
S/he supervises accounting operations and cash management, and carries out budget follow up in
conjunction with the Program Managers.
S/he ensures Tdh’s Human Resources policy is properly implemented at the base.

Fonction details :
Financial Management & Accounting

Budget and Financial management
Treasury management
Accounting management

Manage the logistics in the base

Manage supply
Manage the equipment, communication means and pool of vehicules
Manage the premises
Renovation and maintenance
Manage the Sherqat’s means of communication and make sure that the security plan is widely

Supervise the team in Sherqat

Manage the log officer and supply Chain officer
Identify needs of recruitment and participate to recruitment interviews
Establish work plan for the team;
Delegate the activities and check that they are properly executed;
Organize training sessions;
Carry out appraisal interviews;
Provide technical support to the team if necessary.

Human Resources management

Monitor the national staff recruitment process in field in-line with Tdh procedures and Iraqi Labour
Draft Finance, Administration and HR field based staff job descriptions ensuring adherence to the
needs of the mission and consistency across work locations.
Assist the managers in Human Resources esource planning: job descriptions, recruitment,
induction and training for all staff as appropriate.
Supervise and/ or prepare payslips for national employees/Prepare payroll for national staff .

Capacity building

Evaluate Logistics, Ffinance, Administration and Human Resources staff capacities and make
recommendations to provide trainings using internal or external resources.
Identify the training needs and gaps (individual and collective) for the national Finance,
Administration and Human Resources staff and implement a training plan.
Mentor all staff in the areas of Finance, Administration and Human Resources.


Produce and submit to the Field Coordinator and the Finance and Administration Coordinator a
monthly situation report and admin/log pack.
Coordinate, participate and elaborate financial, procurement and donors’ reports for submission.

Child Safeguarding Policy:

Commit to respect the Child Safeguarding Policy and signs the Code of Conduct
Report serious cases of abuse on children identified by the Child Protection team to the Country
Strict confidentiality must be respected.

Profile :
Knowledge :

Professional diploma or university degree in Logistics and/or finance and HR field
Proven experience in accountancy, financial and logistics management.
Experience and knowledge in donor compliance & grant management , especially ECHO , USAIDOFDA and UN agencies.
Strong budgeting and financial management skills
Advance IT knowledge (hardware and software, Microsoft Office, Internet).
Professional level in SAGA accounting
Significant knowledge and experience in human resources management
Experience in a similar position

Skills :

Required qualities: organized, sense of human relations, diplomacy, communication skills.
Desirable: proactive, autonomous, rigorous, analytical, willingness and motivation to work in an
international and intercultural context.


Fluent in English (written and spoken).
Knowledge of Arabic is an asset.
Knowledge of the Iraq/Syrian context would be a distinct advantage.

Please apply on our website:

We will only consider complete online applications corresponding to the required profile. Your application
must include a complete CV and a covering letter.
If you are not shortlisted, your file will be destroyed by us, according to the rules on data protection.
If you face difficulties in applying online, please contact our HR department: rh@tdh.ch
Terre des hommes provides equal working conditions for men and women. Furthermore, for candidates
with equivalent qualifications and for positions with responsibilities, applications from women are strongly
The recruitment and selection procedures of Terre des hommes reflect our commitment for child security
and protection.

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Aperçu du document Logistics & Administration Manager - SHIRQUAT .pdf - page 3/3

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