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A simple cosmological model

We will use a plastic bottle full of carbonated drink, as a three dimensional
representation of commonly accepted modern cosmology. The bottleneck
symbolises the cosmic inflation era.
After emptying the carbonated drink content, we replace it with a mix of
water and dish soap to act as a surfactant agent. We then pierce a hole in the lid
and turn the bottle upside down.
The soap water escapes the hole in the lid, leaving behind a structure made
of air bubbles. We may interpret this experiment as a black hole who almost
totally absorbed the water and surfactant mix.
Water represents ordinary matter, and the surfactant agent represents a
matter that is unidentifiable yet. A black hole produces a light matter that is also
unidentifiable and will blow bubbles. The surface of those bubbles is made of a
surfactant, and they contain a rest of ordinary matter. By transparency, it is
possible to observe the turbulence made by the formation of galaxies.
We may remark that the origin is moving away from the watcher. This is not
a relative motion. The Universe has an inner wall that matches the walls of the


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