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Race regulations of the " Loire 725 " 2022
Dates and times
The start will be given on Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 6:00 am in Roanne
(Loire, Auvergne-Rhône
Rhône Alpes) in front of the fire station, Fire and Rescue
Center; GPS point 46°02'26.6 "N 4°05'11.8 "E.
The finish line will be in Paimboeuf (Loire Atlantique, Pays de la Loire) in
front of the lighthouse of the ChausséeN
euve. The race will be stopped on
Saturday 25 at 22H, GPS point 47°17'25.5 "N 2°01'57.3 "W
A simple rule: the participants paddle at the rrhythm
hythm of the sun with the
simple or double paddle without other means of propulsion ((engines, oar,
sail....), from 6 am to 10 pm
pm. Teams are required to rest from 10 pm to 6
am. It will be authorized a maximum overtaking of 30 minutes in the
evening on this time slot, but this overtaking will be compensated by
postponing the departure time on the following
wing day. Example: I stop at
12 pm and I cannot leave before 6:12 am the next day.

Compulsory stops
For safety reasons, time cut off times will be applied.
Becd'Allier Km 191: compulsory stop before Monday 21 5 PM
Orléans (Pont royal) km 365: compulsory stop before Wednesday 23 10 am
Bouchemaine (Club
b Nautique) : compulsory stop before Friday noon
The tracker will be used as proof.
3 compulsory
lsory stops will be made for material and medical checks. During
these stops a refreshment will be provided by the race organization.
The first one at km 218 in La Charitésur Loire, the second one at km 424 in
Blois and the third one at km 605 in Bouchemai
ne (Club Nautique)

Boats / numbers / trackers
Accepted boat classes : kayak K1 and K2, canoe C1 and C2, canoe OC1
OC2 V1 V2, stand up paddle monoplace and bi place. All boats must be
unsinkable or with buoyancy reserves.
The number of bibs will be limited to 200 boats, including a maximum of 50
in relays
This race can be done in relays. The relays will be at the participants'
discretion but the number of relays will be limited. One relayer for each
single boat and 2 maximum for each double boat. A special relay
classification will be set up.
Each boat will be equipped with a GPS tracker provided by " Loire 725 " in
order to follow its evolution. The maximum duration of the race is 7 days,
i.e. Saturday 25 at 10 pm. A deposit will be requested for the tracker and
the number (to be defined) and will be returned only at the arrival against
the latter. In the case of an abandonment, the team will have to go to the
finish line to proceed the exchange.
Each support crew must provide their telephone number.

Supplies / logistics / equipment
Each participant manages his logistics and supplies as he sees fit; the rule
is to leave from where the participant disembarked to take a break for
supplies, to spend the night .... The tracker is the proof.
Each boat must have a support crew on land. A following team can take
care of several boats. In this case, they must remain grouped together so
that the support crew can ensure the follow-up and the security of the
group. The relay team may act as a support crew.
Any abandonment must be communicated to the race direction
immediately. In this case, the boat and the competitor(s) will be taken in
charge by the support crew.
The wearing of a personal floatation device according to FFCK standards
for the river will be compulsory for all boats, including SUP. For the standup paddle, the leash will be forbidden until Bouchemaine and compulsory
from Bouchemaine to Paimboeuf.
Each boat will have to be equipped with a waterproof cell phone, an
external battery, and for each sailor a survival blanket, whistle and a

Ranking / registration conditions
The classification will be done by boat category, in women’s, men’s, and
mixeddivision; the same for the relays.
However, if a boat does not reach the finish line within the time limit, its
ranking will be based on the number of kilometers covered, the tracker will
be used as proof.
The registrations will be open to FFCK and FFS licensees whose license is
up to date with the mention "Competition". For non-licensees and
foreigners, it will be necessary to provide proof of insurance suitable for
this type of competition, taking into account possible repatriation.
An "open" license will always be possible with a medical certificate
mentioning competition in canoe, kayak or stand up paddle.
Please note that a sports curriculum vitae will be requested at the time of
registration; the organization will have the right to refuse the candidate if
it considers the level or experience of the latter insufficient.

Rates per boat:
Single-seat 250 € (T-shirts, 2 meals and 3 refreshments for 2 people)
Two seats 450 € (T-shirts, 2 meals and 3 supplies for 3 people)
Single seat in relay 400 € (T-shirts, 2 meals and 3 supplies for 2 persons)
Two seats in relay 600 € (T-shirts, 2 meals and 3 supplies for 4 people)
This price includes the rental of a GPS tracker. A deposit of 150 € will be

It is strictly forbidden to bivouac on the Loire river islands because the
birds will be in nesting period.
Any breach of the above regulations may be subject to disqualification by
the race management, without compensation.
A very complete guidebook made by Jean-François SOUCHARD will be very
useful, even essential.https://imagesdeloire.fr/produit/la-loire-vue-du-fleuveguide-de-randonnee-nautique/

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