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Inophis is a French guitarist. He has begun to play guitar in 1995, he
was 15 years old. He is influenced by different musical styles, classical,
rock, funk, metal, pop ect... He has played in some bands like Destroy
Jam (grunge), Van Guard (hard-metal), Equinox (metal symphonic),
Merzhin (celtic-festif rock ), In Memorium (black metal), Kevrenn Brest
St Mark (experimental celtic ), Inophis (instrumental experimental
guitar)...With some of this bands he has played in France, Romania,
Japan, China, and has taken part in national radios and magazines,
local TV, festivals like bobital with more than 15000 people, International
Music exposition in Beijing and in Shanghai for Farida guitar in 2008 and
2009,...Except from his interest for the music movies composition, In
2007 July, he has finished his first 10 songs instrumental solo demo
witch receive some good criticals in the press (links on myspace's
page). In 2009 he has signed a contrat with Guitar China, his album
coming soon.


-1995/1996 : Destroy Jam (grunge)
-1997/1998 : Van Guard (rock, hard)
-1998/2003 : Equinox (symphonic metal)
-2000/2000 : Merzhin (collaboration) (celtic rock, ska, festif rock...)
-2001/2003 : In Memorium (Black metal mélodic)
-2002/2003 : Kevrenn Brest St Marc ( collaboration) (celtic,traditionnal jazz,
expérimental,Blues, Rock)
-2005/........ : Inophis (instrumental project, rock, metal, classical,other...)


-Destroy Jam : music festival, club.
-Van Guard : music festival, club, record.
-Equinox : Live in CLOUS (Brest), interview (national mag: « Rock
Hard »), radios, Live at « Tombés de la nuit » (Lampaul Guimillau, 7000
people), club, record.
-Merzhin : National Live in France, national radio (France inter...), Show
case (Virgin Mégastor), interview (national press: « Rock Sound »...), Festivals
(Bobital 15000 people, ...) ...
-In Memorium : Club, festivals (at « Family de Landerneau » for
adyposert label).
-Kevrenn Brest St Marc : Shows in Britany, Spain (Vigo), Roumania
(Constantsa), Japan (Yokosuka).
-Inophis : Shows at «Club New York » in Qingdao China in 2006, guitar
professor in China in 2006,
29 May to1 June 2008 and 2009 Shows at the International Music Exposition of
Beijing For « Farida guitar ».
September 2008 he played at the guitar festival « sur la corde » in Carhaix.
October 2008 and 2009 he played at the International Music Exposition of
Shanghai for « Farida guitar »
December 2008, Interview with a french TV TGB and on the radio.
In Summer 2009 He composed a music movie for the « ABALAM » movie
(2010/08/13 in France).

In 2009 Oct he played in Shanghai for the Guitar China's Birthday.


-1997/2007 : guitar professor
-2001 : record for Philippe Guevel (compositor for France 3 Bretagne,
french TV...)
-2000 : Collaboration for the creation of a Music History shows in France
at Lambadert (Plouvorn)
-Music movies composition (personnel)

In Shanghai music festival

In Beijing music festival

Contrat with Guitar China

In Qingdao New York Cafe China

In Bobital festival

In the national French Music press

In Japan

In Roumania

In National French Music Press

At « Tombees de la Nuit »

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