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UNI-GROUP (Tadamuniya Modern Commerce Group) is one of the leading
trading companies in the field of Electromechanical Supplies & Service in the state of
Qatar with one of the best staff in its field in all aspects.

We believe that the key to our business success is by giving our best quality service
to every customers we are dealing with in every aspect of our business activities.
We are the local distributor of the following products:


Lighting Poles


Cable trays, Ladders, G.I. Trunking and Cable support


Earthing & Lightning Material


Cable glands and cable transit systems




Copper Terminal Lugs

UPVC Pipes and Fittings

SAUDI MADE - Lighting Poles

Our experienced suppliers from Saudi have the capability to design economically
poles for different terrain and wind zone. It can be as per ASTM, DIN, BS or any
other standards that will suit the individual customer’s specifications as well.
Moreover, they have the capacity for designing and manufacturing high masts
structural towers for telecommunications and lighting purposes. This High Mast
Lighting has been found ideal for complex road intersections, city centers, car
parks, freight liner depots, docks, motorways, airports etc. Compared with
conventional schemes, modern high mast schemes result in: Higher efficiency,
more even light distribution, higher standard of illumination without glare, better
appearance by day and by night. The siting of masts present less hazards to
vehicles, easier and safer maintenance, reduced cost of electrical services.


Manufacturer of Cable Management System



ICMS is a pioneer in the field of Quality Cable Management Systems in the State
of Qatar. It is committed to supply world-class cable management systems ranging
from Cable Trays, Cable Ladder to Cable Trunking and Support Systems.
ICMS products are manufactured to meet the International Standards of Quality –
whether European or American. This is because it boasts of the best professional
and technical support coupled with the use of advanced computer aided design
technology in the production process. The latest CNC machines ensure the highest
quality of finished products and speedy delivery of urgent jobs.
Its products are approved by various utilities and major consulting offices; further
reconfirming the fact that the INDUSTRIAL CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS
satisfies your definition of quality in every aspect of its business activity.


FURSE- (a Thomas & Betts Company)-UK

Earthing, Grounding, Lightning and Surge Protection

FURSE offers a “Total Solution” to all your lightning protection and earthing

From design advice to innovative, solution- oriented products, FURSE has the
expertise, experience and excellence to provide a Total Solution to your individual
lightning protection, transient over voltage and earthing problems.



Cable Glands, Industrial and Increased Safety

CMP Products designs & manufactures cable glands & cable connectors for
industrial, marine and hazardous area installations.

Cable Glands are available to suit a range of applications, covering a variety of
international wiring codes, and with a wide selection of approvals available on

Cable Glands are produced in a number of different materials and with CMP
Products you can discuss the whole range of cable gland sizes used during the
execution of a typical project development, covering power, control, instrumentation
& lighting cables.

You could say that terminating cables is our business.



UPVC Pipes and Fittings

For Water Supply


Irrigation Systems


Soil, Waste Discharge


Drainage & Sewerage


Cable Ducts and

Saudi Plastic Products Co. Ltd. (SAPPCO) Dammam Factory has a fully
integrated plant for Production of uPVC, CPVC, and PE plastic pipe products and
operates sophisticated state of art plant and machinery for manufacturing and
marketing of standard and custom built items for meeting accelerated needs of fast
expanding industries in KSA and other GCC Countries.
It operates in a quality system in accordance with latest upgraded Quality
Management System EN ISO 9001:2000 and has been certified by TUV CERT of
SAPPCO uPVC, CPVC and Polyethylene pipes are tested and listed by Water
Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) for use with drinking water and Independent
Assessment Authority in UK managed by WRC-NSF Limited.
SAPPCO pipes conform to the requirements of the World Health Organization
(WHO) “Guidelines for drinking water quality” Vo.1 Recommendation (WHO 1984)
Routine testing of all pipe produced is carried out as laid down in the current Saudi
Arabian (SAS), German (DIN), ASTM and International (ISO) standards, in our fully
equipped laboratory which ensures that SAPPCO pipelines are the equal of any
produced in the world today.


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