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Scene: The city during a thunderstorm.
Scene: A computer on a desk in Jérémy's room.
Something shows up on the screen
(It looks like a silhouette of the island in the 3d world of Xanadu).
Black shadow drips over the screen like blood, it pools and forms a shadow blob
that blots out the view.
Scene: The school. A bus pulls up to a large gate in front of the school.
Odd and his dog step out of the bus.
Scene: Odd's room
Jérémy: You're new around here.
Odd: Yes I just arrived my name is Odd.
Jérémy: My name is Jérémy and he's Ulrick.
Ulrick nods.
Jérémy: You know something Odd ? You're dog looks really dumb.
Odd: Don't say that he's very sensitive and he can get real mean.
Jérémy: (worried) Oh yeah really ?
Odd: Nah, :D.
Ulrick has his face in his hand in disbelief that Jérémy could actually
be scared by Odd's dog
Scene: Walking outside on school grounds.
Odd: It's really cool here. And are there cool chicks too?
Pan over to where Yumi and Ulrich are fighting.
Scene: Jérémy and Odd on a bench where they watch the fight.
Jérémy: That's Yumi she trains every day with Ulrick . .
Yumi throws Ulrick on the ground (martial arts style).
Odd sees this and winces.
Jérémy: . . so you better not give her a hard time.
Yumi looks at Ulrick and blushes.
Scene: On the roof top of some school building.
Yumi: Come on hurry up Jérémy we're going to be late.
Jérémy: Okay, I'm coming, but . . but . . wait there is something here. Ahh.
Jérémys laptop shows the silhouette from earlier. Jérémy drops the laptop

on the ground as Black shadows come out of the laptop.
Odd: Oh my God what's that again?
Yumi: (gasp) Jérémy !
Jérémy falls over railing off of the building. Yumi runs to the railing
and uses her powers to sort of pick up Jeremie with her mind.
Jérémy floats in the air as Yumi looks at Odd. Odd is trembling.
Yumi: Odd can you keep a secret?
Scene: The Factory.
The group enters the factory. Odd looks around in amazement.
Inside the factory is this column-like machine/computer that has the
scanners on top of it. Below the scanners is the computer room and
Jeremie is getting ready to do his thing. There is a couch just out
side computer room.
As Ulrick goes up the steps and into the scanner he says:
Ulrick: I go.
They send Ulrick to the virtual world.
Odd: Yumi what's going on?
Yumi: He's in Xanadu. It's an artificial digital world. We don't know why it exists,
but one thing we do know is that there is something wrong with it.
Yumi: Ulrick, Ulrick, watch out !
A big shadow blob thing creeps up on Ulrick. It tries to attack.
Ulrick runs and that shadow blob follows. And a few more shadow blob
Odd: So if it's dangerous why are you going there ?
Yumi: Cause our world is in danger.
The shadow blob hits a Tower (Note the Tower is a lot bigger than in the
regular show). In the real world at the factory everything shakes.
Yumi: See what I mean ?
Jérémy: Ulrick ! Your saber is charged.
Ulrick draws this cool blue blade that looks like it's made of zero's and ones
(binary/machine language).
Ulrick destroys the shadow blob. Another shadow blob saw the attack
and ran (sort of) away.

Ulrick chases the blob, running on these coil-like things that extend from the base
of the Tower.
Ulrick sees a lot of shadow blobs heading for several other Towers.
Jérémy: Ulrick come back right now it's getting to dangerous.
Yumi: No wait to come back latter. Odd were going.
Odd: My ?
Scene: Yumi and Odd are in the scanners. Odd looks around inside the scanner.
They transfer. Although you don't really see what they look like after the transfer
you can see two specks at the top of one of the Towers. Zooming out you see
Xanadu is like an island.
The title/logo is displayed.
Then you see Odd in the scanner gasping. (That animation is a lot like the one
from the regular show.
Credits role over a picture of the factory. To the right a few picture of the kids.

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