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(Original article –in Spanish:

The “Youth for A Global Citizenry” awareness campaign is being run by the Spanish League of
Education with the financial help of the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for
Development in ten different cities across Spain. Through pamphlets and videos, the campaign is
focused on raising awareness among young people about the importance of being a global
In Salamanca, the event heard welcoming remarks from Enrique Sánchez Ruiz, the director of
the center, Dr. Victorino Mayoral Cortés, President of the League, and Dr. Florentino Muñoz
García, head of the CIVES Foundation, all of whom used the event as a homage to the late Luís
Gómez Llorente.
Vitorino Mayoral, for his part, wanted to develop further the question of the development and
acceptance of human rights as a goal yet to be met around many points on the planet. Without
forgetting that “we are all citizens of the world and we can all win, maintain or lose our rights.”
In Torrent, the same welcoming remarks were given by Dr. Rafael Galdón Durá, the Director of
the Center there, Dr. Juan Ramón Lagunilla, Secretary General of the League, and Dr. Pedro
Liébana Collado, Presidente Liga Valenciana de la Educación.
Previous Events:
Murcia - Fuenlabrada - Jaén - Valladolid - Palencia - Benavente - Cádiz - Las Palmas
After having initiated this series of events in Murcia, the “Youth for a Global Citizenry”
campaign has followed a tightly scheduled route throughout all of Spain, in Fuenlabrada
(Madrid), Jaen, Valladolid, Palencia, Benavente, Cádiz, Las Palmas and Sevilla.
"This is a campaign that has been conducted within the educational community, and many
educational professionals have participated. We wanted to get closer to the city centers and work
toward solving the educational challenges they face daily," said the president of the Spanish
League of Education, Victorino Mayoral.


In every city, after viewing the documentary, the event gives way to a round table discussion
with student representatives, teachers, and various associations that discuss the social changes
described in the campaign.
In Murcia, Ana Coll, professor of IES Alqueries, who participated in the filming of the
documentary, explained how he expected it to be a positive experience for students to confront
their thoughts on global citizenship and hard work done recording the video. In July, Ordóñez,
head of the CIVES Foundation, Fuenlabrada explained: "the defense of human rights is the cause
able to avoid social exclusion in all its forms.”
In Jaén, Carmen Rueda, League President, and Miguel Roldán, Project Director of the League of
Education explained the challenge facing Spanish society: to build an environment of citizenship
development around the youth, so that their transition to adulthood consolidates values such as
effort, responsibility, solidarity, respect and commitment to their lives.
From Valladolid, Mayoral stated that above all, and with everyone's efforts, we can contribute to
the eradication of social injustice. In Lagunilla, Juan Ramón, Secretary General of the League of
Education, explained to 80 people in Villamuriel, Palencia the importance of initiatives to raise
awareness and educate young people. As well at this event, the Red Cross president reviewed the
brutal decline in Spain of funds devoted to cooperation.
Similar events were held in Benavente, Cadiz, Las Palmas, Salamanca and Torrent where,
convinced that the creation of a global civic consciousness is starting point for combating
poverty and social inequality, the NGO has developed this campaign directed toward young
people and their educational communities to encourage work regarding development education
in the classroom and beyond.
The result is a teaching kit containing a documentary made in fifteen schools in different Spanish
cities in which young people have their say about development education. The DVD is
accompanied by a second CD designed for teachers with a guide for classroom activities.
It is an initiative funded by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development.

Fundación CIVES:
Liga española de la educación:

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