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Message to the world

That no one ignores
We have the happy privilege
once again to announce some
divine revelations. Some may
take them seriously and
others make fun of us.
Regardless, the key, the
creator gives us a great
second term, the goanywhere, both in Haiti as
overseas countries announce
what happens in the invisible
world (the kingdom of the
devil) and what will happen
soon in the visible world. Tip:
Read Acts 5 vs 38.39.
1 - Lucifer is chained since 22
November 2009.
2 - Great minds that
dominated the world are also
caught that's why we are
seeing the decline of the
global socio-economic
system. The religious and
political system in which the
spiritual world has been built
is in the process of collapsing
in progressively, causing
everything with him. Causal
3 - People will die soon
countless worldwide.
4 - The angels of God have
taken a position on the
surface of the earth to silence

the: liars, rebellious,
homosexuals, unbelievers,
false teachers, false prophets,
false shepherds, false miracle
workers, speakers false "conranceurs "gods who for their
bellies and their pockets and
admire people by reason of
interest (Jude 16).
5 - The Archangel Michael
and his angels, who oversaw
Israel in the past (Daniel 12:
1), has left Israel accompanied
King David from 6 April 2013
to have settled in Haiti (Matt.
21: 43). They expect that the
watchword of the almighty
God for taking action in favor
of true Christians and against
the rest of mankind both in
Haiti and throughout the
earth. "Sak pa byen ranje kò
w; Lage avèti pa touye
kokobe, men Fok kokobe yo
pa Rebel."
6 - If you want to know about
the prophecies have already
been fulfilled during the four
(4) years, come celebrate with
us the end of the reign of
Satan and welcome the
imminent arrival of the reign
of Shiloh, which is preparing
to establish definitively His
kingdom on the earth's
creation. He must reign until
he put all his enemies under
his feet. Prophecy (1 Cor 15:
25) (Matt. 12: 29) Amen,
come Lord Jesus! Remember
that the kingdom of God is
not coming with signs to the
eyes (Luke 17: 20). Jesus
Christ is in the process of
return. It is a new day to get
up that will last forever.

Forward so bravely from
November 10 to December 1,
2013 from 4 PM hrs at the
Evangelical Church of God of

Keep to remember when the

Rev. Past. David DOUCHARD
12, rue sanon between
Christophe chanel and low
cane to sugar, crossing (WI)
Phone: (509) 3411-3362 /

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