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Call to the Cameroonian people
Each generation must become aware of its mission and, in a relative transparency, achieve it or
betray it.
I exhort Cameroonian youth to be mobilized and to imply themselves in the construction of our
country. Let us have a start of audacity, fulfill our mission and give again in Cameroun all its size.

Cameroonians, my dear brothers and sisters, my dear compatriots,
In this difficult period and of great uncertainty when the future seems to darken,
and where many start to be gained by despair, after a careful consideration, I had
decided to engage with force in the political life of my country, because I want to put all
my experience and all my energy at the service of my people.
Consequently, I intend to share with you, the conviction which is mine, that to
belong to a great nation, Cameroon, at a great community, Central Africa, with a great
civilization, that of Africa cradle of humanity.
The generations of politicians who preceded us tried to do what they could. In an
economic context and social singular good, they made choices. We can dispute them, we
can always discuss them but, obviously, the many structural reforms whose country
strongly has need were still not made.
The report is overpowering, our country shows an immense delay of development.
It is not a question for me to deliver myself to an easy and sterile criticism; these
generations knew to preserve peace, this good of a priceless value of our heritage.
We must go from front, to activate the process of construction of a modern
Cameroun and turned towards the future, a Cameroun that wins!
There is my major concern and it is what resolutely animates my walk.
In this spirit, a new political formation, Cameroon New Generation (CNG), which I
have the badge honor to lead and animate, has as an ambition to fit durably in your
existences, with the noble task to start again the debate, to incarnate alternation and to
bring concrete solutions for a better blooming of our populations.

My dear compatriots, I propose to you quite simply, to build, together, a right
community, equitable and interdependent.

A community in which the invaluable experiment of elder and the dash of a New
Generation will combine carried by the dynamism of the young people, a New
Generation able to set up a good governance and, especially, able to bring innovating
solutions to face the challenges of universalization.
Let us be conscious and proud to belong to the Economic Community of the
States of Central Africa (CEECA), it is a chance for us to belong to this large market in
becoming. Indeed, it goes without saying the CEECA is a need and an obligation for all
the countries of the sub-region to be able to trade, exchange and work together.
We must, however, accelerate the process of integration and build together a
true community of projects and, then, a large political Central Africa.
Fifty four years after independences, the African countries of the franc zone
(PAZF) do not manage to reach monetary sovereignty.
It would be vital for us to lay down a true monetary policy an essential prelude for the
financing of our economies.
For me, it is obvious that CFA franc fell in disuse; we must in the years to come
imperatively equip ourselves with a new common currency, able to support a real
industrialization of our countries.
It is, in this dynamics, that we will be able to achieve the work of our founding
fathers , Ruben Um NYOBE, Felix MOUMIE, Ernest OUANDIE, OSENDE AFANA, Marcel
BEBEY EYIDI, Barthelemy BOGANDA, Patrice LUMUMBA and as well as others, work
started but unfinished by the course of the history soon 60 years ago.
Insofar as we must take account of a world in perpetual change, we have the duty to
fight, without slackening and in an active way, against the evils which mine our
community but also to intensify the fight against corruption.
My dear compatriots, together, we can write a new and beautiful page of the
History of our country.
We must carry out a combat baited against unemployment and take with arm
and body the question of employment, to make reintegration of the young people our

We must install structuring equipment modern: airports, roads, ports, transport,
to reduce the numerical fracture in order to guarantee a better access to new
information technologies and communication (NTIC).

Strong from these achievements, we will succeed in supporting a favorable
climate for the investments, we will be able to create the conditions of a true
industrialization of our country, while leaving the saving in counter while impelling a real
tourist industry.
Our Agriculture is essential with the support of our economy, we must modernize
it, diversify it!
Our populations are strongly penalized by frequent umballasting; we must use, in
a rational way, our enormous electricity and water resources.
We must increase our oil and mining production, to optimize these genuine
levers of our growth, to invest in renewable energies, while preserving our environment,
for a better and durable development.

My dear compatriots, we will be able to raise all these challenges only if we have
a population in good health, which is far from being the case.
Our continent passes through a medical crisis without precedent which put at the
great day the deficiencies and the brittleness of our health systems. It would be
imperative to especially make more efficient our day units before medical control fight
against the transmissible diseases; but we must also reinforce our efforts of co-operation
with the great reference centers of the Western countries.
I want, in these dramatic circumstances, to pay a vibrating and sympathizing
tribute to all the victims of the terrible epidemic of Ebola fever which touches our
brothers and sisters of Guinea, Liberia and the Sierra Leone; with all these families which
are in the pain, I give my indefectible support to them; that they find in my walk, the
expression of my deep compassion. Our hearts are with them and our strength forever.
Our hospitals, dispensaries and health centers, are under-equipped and cruelly
miss qualified personnel; we must modernize our of health system, build a real social
protection, set up a health insurance in order to allow a better access to the care and the
drugs for the whole of our populations.

Our education system, which, formerly, made the pride of all Sub-Saharan Africa,
is broken down; we must adapt our offer of formation and especially lay a very particular
stress on scientific research.
Our legal apparatus will have to be more independent and more powerful.

We must accentuate the professionalization of our armed forces and make them
more effective more operational, in order to better guarantee our safety and those of
our borders vis-a-vis new terrorist threats.
We must set up an avant-garde diplomacy.
We must untiring fight against poverty and make our rural areas of true places of
Here is some broad outline of our project of community, which we wish to enrich with
I want to address myself more precisely to very whole Cameroonian youth: be conscious
of your potential, you are intelligent, creative, skillful and productive, but much among
you find themselves in the street, whereas they are graduate; this situation is
I want to also address to our valorous heads of companies, who fight without
hoping to support the labor market. My dear friends, I ask you to double, triple your
efforts, I ask you to help us to give again the taste of work to all those which are able to
exert a trade, I ask you to accompany us to create possibilities of jobs training centers
and training courses, to support the trainings in alternation, to open your companies to
the young people; I ask you quite simply, to recruit the young people, to give them their
Together, we must create new fashions of organization, to innovate to remain a
gravitational country. We must explore together, all the tracks without exception, find
new solutions to strongly reduce unemployment and to give work to all.
My dear brothers and sisters, you, this valiant, dynamic and beautiful
Cameroonian youth, we have a project and an ambition, I ask you to be the craftsmen of
this project. I ask you to have the faith!
I thus launch a solemn call to all the sharp forces of the country, with all
Cameroonians, where ever that they are.
Join Cameroun Nouvelle Generation (CNG), Join the Cameroon that wins!

Let us keep in mind this thought which was the life beat of Nelson Mandela: "I am the
Master of my destiny, I am the captain of my heart".
Let us follow the road traced by our elder, take the example of this great man who made
the pride and the size of Africa.

Our destiny is between our hands, we are the hope and we incarnate the future of our
Let us give, in the heart of our daily lives, our ancestral values, the Love of
neighbor, Humanism, the Respect, Obligingness, and Sharing, the spirit of Community,
Generosity, Confidence, and Unselfishness. Like Madiba (Nelson Mandela), let us be
inhabited by the Ubuntu spirit.
As a conclusion, I make you share this pan Africanist vision, which is the direction
of all my political combat and my engagement; Kwame krumah said this:
"Divided, we are weak. Linked, Africa could become, and for good, one of the greatest
forces of this world. I am deeply and sincerely persuaded that with our ancestral wisdom
and our dignity, our innate respect for the human life, the intense humanity which is our
heritage, Africa linked under a federal government, will not emerge like one next prompt
block to spread out its richness and its force, but as a Great Force whose Size is
indestructible because it is built not on terror, the desire and suspicion, nor gained with
depend on the others, but based on the hope, confidence, the friendship, and directed for
the good of all Humanity "

My dear compatriots, we can, and we must build, together, a modern Cameroon and
turned towards the future. Emergence is possible.

Cameroun New Generation (CNG), it is the Cameroun that wins!

Dr Louis-Martin SAME MBELLA

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