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Eco Volunteer International
Latin America

Lisa Rispal

Photograph : Linda Tanner

About the project


Who am I ?
The approach: global view
Foreword : the situation in the world


Animal species in danger
Environment and populations
The 'EVI Latin America' project


The situation
Mission of the project
The course


Associations related to the project






The Internet site
The social networks
Medias and conferences
Evaluate the impact of the project


Estimate the influence for the associations
Estimate the influence obtain via Internet


Partnership, sponsorship and grant


Special partnership – The school, André Malraux
Collaboration possibilities
Take advantage of your commitment
Advantages and benefits as a partner


Association 'Eco Volunteer International' - Personal contact
Why commit in the project EVI Latin America?

About the project
Who am I ?

The approach : global view
The project 'Eco Volunteer International'

Lisa Rispal
Nationality and place of residence
Main activity
. Creation of the project and the association
'Eco Volunteer International'
. Creation of a greater association for the
protection of the biodiversity in the world
My story
I am passionate for wildlife, for nature and for
the discovery of the world and the cultures.
After having studied photography with the wish
to be a wildlife photographer, I have traveled
around Europe and overseas. Those journeys
guided me to new perspectives. I realized then,
that my real wish was to actively protect what
passionate me : the preservation of the
biodiversity in the world.

Eco Volunteer International is a French
association of law 1901 of which the purpose is
to intervene for the protection of the animal and
environmental life in the world as well as to
strengthen the link between human beings and
It acts thanks to projects of ecovoluntary
services, communication and raising awareness.
'Eco-volunteer' is any act of volunteering that
aims to protect the environment and to conserve
animal species and natural habitats.
The project 'EVI Latin America'
The approach of 'Eco Volunteer International'
begins with the project 'EVI Latin America' and
a course of 6 to 8 months from Argentina to
Ecuador beginning the 28th of January 2015.
The EVI Latin America project sees itself led
by an ecovoluntary united journey which
consists in bringing a help to associations and
in making sensitive about the biodiversity in
Latin America.
. Lisa Rispal
Founder and principal active member of the
project 'Eco Volunteer International'.
. Johanna Rispal
In charge of communication in Europe during
the project Eco Volunteer International
. Special partner
The school 'André Malraux' and two of its
classes of children from 7 to 9 years old.


Foreword : the situation in the world
Animals species in danger

Environment and populations

In the last edition of the red list ¹ (2013.1 Version)
presented by IUCN², from the 70.294 species
assessed, 20.934 are classified as threatened with
worldwide extinction.

The protection of the environment is essential
to the balance of the Earth : its waters, its
forests, its atmosphere. Still, the destruction of
the nature has grown considerably and is almost


. Tropical forests:

13% 25% 31% 33% 34% 41%

Percentage of threatened species in the world


Sharks and ray

Coral reef



In term of biological diversity, tropical forests
are extremely important to the ecosystem:
between 50% and 80% of living species,
animals and plants, are found in tropical rain
forests. Yet, millions of hectare are destroyed
by deforestation each year, 13 millions
according to the FAO³. This brings to the
disappearance of vast resources, fertile lands,
habitats, to the transmission of infectious
diseases and to the release of 25% of global
emissions of greenhouse gases.
. Populations :

Over-hunting causes the disappearance of entire

species in deplorable conditions and often
Habitat destruction changes the environment
in which animals and plants disappear, unable
to evolve.
The trade and domestication of wild animals
actively reduce the natural spread of species and
is heavily involved in the loss of the
A "crisis" in the biodiversity has always been
considered beneficial to it but the pace of
species extinction is now 100 to 1000 times
higher than the natural rate.
The ecosystem lives in cycle:one species is
necessary to another. An imbalance causes
what is called co-extinction, affecting animal
life, human life and environment.

Nearly 1.6 billion people, or over 25% of the
world population, derive their livelihoods from
forests and 60 million of indigenous people
depend almost entirely on forests. Around the
world and into areas where people live in
harmony with the nature, degradation of the
environment affects considerably the quality of
human life.
. Air, earth and water :
A global warming is increasing very rapidly in
comparison to climate changes generally
observed over the years, and the pollution
invades natural spaces. Numbers of plants and
animal species that can not adapt to it are
already condemned. On the whole planet, 60%
of natural environments have been degraded
over the past 50 years.
¹ Reference tool on the state of biodiversity
² International Union for Conservation of Nature and
Natural Resources
³ Food and Agriculture Organization of United States


The 'EVI Latin America' project

In addition, according to the FAO and the
community "Zero-deforestation" ¹ :

The project 'EVI Latin America ' consist in
making an eco-volunteer travel around South
America. This event occurs in the context of the
action 'Eco Volunteer International', which will
intervene in the help of animals, environment,
population and nature link.

. The Amazon suffer the loss of
42.510.000.000m² of forest cover per year

The situation
Latin America has a wide biodiversity thanks,
mostly, to the presence of the Amazon forest.
But the environment on the whole territory
needs to be protected.

. Ecuador has the world record with an annual
deforestation rate of 1.7%
. Between 1492 and 1970, 1% of the Amazon
rain forest has been destroyed ; during the past
35 years, 14% has been reduced, which is a
200 times higher deforestation rate
. Five hundred years ago, between 5 and 7
million Indians lived in the Amazon. Now, no
more than a million of them can be counted
Mission of the project

Unfortunately it is threatened more and more
each day, mainly due to the greed of
individuals, governments or companies that
wishes to establish "profitable" sites and that act
in opposition to the respect of biodiversity,
wildlife and local populations.

. Participate to the protection of wildlife and
environment in Latin America
. Strengthen the link between humans and
. Support local populations
. Make people aware of the importance of the
conservation of the biodiversity

Eco-volunteer travel and support
.Volunteering in five associations
. Meeting the local people
. Call for participation by donation and volunteering with the associations encountered
. Links to the association's websites and current projects
Reports and articles (with agreements)
. Photographs and videos in the heart of organizations and surrounding areas
. Interview from volunteers and assets
. Creation of educative and informative articles in order to preserve the biodiversity
Creation of a "community"
. Relation with a school²
. Setting up a space for interactive exchange via Internet
. Raising awareness on the importance of the improvement of our behavior to protect
the biodiversity in Latin America
¹Action solidarity in favor of the preservation of indigenous lands and forests, driven by the association ARUTAM
²Refer to "Partnership, Sponsorship and grant" on page 11


The course
The steps

Step 3. Peru

January 28th 2015 will mark the beginning of a
course of 6 to 8 months in Latin America. It
will start in Argentina, and end in Ecuador. It is
subject to improvement depending on the
experience there.

It is in Peru that I shall explore an additional
aspect of the project : the valuation of the
Amazonian native populations. I will follow the
engineer team of the organization Latitude Sur
whom work for the protection of the native
culture and a solidarity tourism.

The course is presented in four main steps :
Step 4. Ecuador
Step 1. Chile/Argentina
The first step of the journey is a travel through
Argentina and Chile from north to south for
about two and a half months. This will highlight
the variety of the nature existing in those two
countries, that should be preserved. I will make
a volunteer program in the natural park Torres
del Paine, in Chile.

I will make two volunteer missions in Ecuador
within refuges for animals mistreated and
removed from their natural spaces.
Furthermore, I will go to the discovery of the
Galapagos islands, constituted by a luxuriant
fauna and flora, in a real need for protection.

Step 2. Bolivia

Optional. Step 5. Costa Rica

The next step of the course takes place in
Bolivia, where I will do my first two volunteer
missions in associations that work for the
protection of mistreated wild animals, removed
from their natural habitats. I will especially
create a report at the heart of the Amazon rain

If I have time and sufficient ways to widen this
course, I would go for a few weeks in Costa
Rica to show its impressive biodiversity as well
as the many opportunities of volunteering.


Associations related to the project


AMA Torres Del Paine


Senda Verde

AMA Torres del Paine National Park is located
between the Andes and the steppe of Patagonia,
Chile. With a surface area of approximately
200.000 hectares, the park was created in 1959
and declared biosphere reserve on the April 28th
of 1978 by UNESCO. It hosts more than a
hundred species of birds, twenty five species of
mammals, including various endangered and
visible only in certain sectors, such as the deer,
the South Andean and the puma.

Senda Verde is a non-governmental
organization created by Vicky Ossio and
Marcelo Levy in 2003. Located in the Yungas
region of Bolivia, it is dedicated to
environmental education and to the support of
sick, mistreated or abandoned animals. I will do
two weeks* of volunteerism there.

AMA Torres del Paine is an association created
in 2004 for the protection of the environment
within the Torres del Paine national park. Its
objective is to ensure the development of a
sustainable tourism and the preservation of the
biodiversity. I will follow there a volunteer
program of two weeks.

The community Inti Wara Yassi was founded in
1992 by Juan Carlos Antezana. The latter works
with more than 50 species, recovered from
illegal trafficking. It has three shelters in
Bolivia : the park " Machia" in Cochabamba,
created in 1996 ; "Ambue Ari" near Santa Cruz,
purchased in 2002 ; " Jacj Cuisi" north of La
Paz, recently put in place. I will do three weeks
* of volunteerism there.


Inti Wara Yassi



Los Monos Selva y Vida

The Los Monos Selva y Vida (The monkeys, the
forest and the Life) was created in 2007 by a
Swiss couple, Veronique GRAND and Yvan
BOUVIER. This center of care and hospitality
of wildlife is located on a hectare of primary
forest, near the town of Puyo, Ecuador.
The center keep animals in order to offer them
the best conditions of life when their trauma is
too big to ensure a rehabilitation. The refuge is
particularly open to visitors in order to
sensitize the public to the respect of nature and
wildlife. I will do ten days* of volunteerism

Latitud Sur

Latitud Sur is a Peruvian, Ecuadorian and
Mexican non-governmental organization, by its
legal locations in each of these countries. It is in
partnership with the French association
ARUTAM, which has been a member of the
network "Alliance for the Planet" from 2006 to
2010. The organization acts for the protection of
the environment, for sustainable development,
as well as for the health, education, and the
preservation of indigenous culture and
solidarity tourism. I will follow their team of
engineers during a week.


Merazonia is a rescue and rehabilitation center
for animals to the fringes of Mera, in Ecuador.
It is involved in monkeys, kinkajous, feline,
other mammals and parrots injured or seized in
various trades. The center also places a great
importance on the educational aspect by
welcoming students and researchers from the
international. I will do four weeks * of
volunteerism there.

*Estimated time






Make people aware of the alarming situation for
the biodiversity in Latin America and of the
importance of our role ; make the interest

Help associations to improve the success in
their work, to be more amply known and to lead
to positive results.



Exchange an enriching experience, allow each
to discover the diversity of Latin America and
its wildlife, environment and culture.

Decrease the threats on animal species and on
the environment, improve the connection
between humans and nature.




The social networks

Large public

The project Eco Volunteer International is
active on social networks from the most
relevant of the moment:

The Internet Site
The website, currently under construction, will be
the main interface of the project. Through it will
be exposed :


General + detailed overview of the project


Course and real-time tracking

Reports ; photographs, videos and articles


Associations and links to their web sites
Informative chronicles and follow of

Possibilities of participation ; interactive
Medias and conferences
Partners and their implications

A monthly newsletter will be offered to all
visitors of the website and on social networks.
With this bonus, a privileged relationship will
grow with the people that follow the project.
It will contain news, a chronicle about the
theme of the month, the "photograph of the
month" and unpublished information.

The project is carried out in the framework of
solidarity travel across the world. It is about a
subject which target a large public including the
very popular community of "world travelers".
This type of action involves the interest of
various media: local and regional presses,
blogs, television
That is why I wish to share the action through
this support, in order to extend the influence of
the project and the association 'Eco Volunteer
International'. I will offer conferences with
schools, salons and companies.

Evaluate the impact of the project
Estimate the influence for the associations
One of the fundamental roles of the project is to
give a real support to associations. After the
course, the question will arise therefore: "What
influence has had the project EVI Latin
America for the associations? "
To respond, will be evaluated :
The evolution of the rate of influence on the
website of an association
Evaluate if there is a visible evolution of its
visits, since its presentation through the project.
Estimate the number of new volunteers
involved with associations
Probing the origin of the involvement of
volunteers and estimate the evolution of the
queries during and after the project
Estimate the rate of donations received by
the associations
Probing the motivations of donors and the
evolution of donations during and after the

Some examples of indicators used :
OVH is a website host that I is used for the
project website. With OVH, an access to the
statistics and all the data previously cited is
possible, which already can give an idea of the
influence of the approach.
Klout is one of the most relevant tools to
determine the influence of a site on the social
networks. This interface measures the
influence but also can compare within the
different networks.
Friendorfollow add an interesting element in
the very popular social network 'Twitter'.
This tool offers to rate and make the difference
between the real "fans" (no private connection
with the project or myself) and the "friends"
(private connection with the project or myself).

Estimate the influence obtained via Internet
Evaluate the influence of the project with its
website and social networks permits to have a
specific outline of the impact and to work in
order to improve it.
Must then be assess :
. The traffic: number of visitors, number of
visited pages etc.
. The referencing : search engines and
keywords, ranking on Google etc.
. The follow up : links via other Internet sites,
popular pages etc.

Facebook is the most influential social network
in the world. To estimate its hearing, we
measure the average number of "like" and
comments tabled on the articles and the
Facebook page. This rate of interaction
determines the "Edge Rank", which is the tool
that Facebook uses to assess if a page must be
more or less displayed on the 'Facebook walls'
of its fans. A high rate of interaction particularly
shows the existence of a strong connection
between the project and the people who follow





Expected duration

Cost / week


AMA Torres del Paine

2 weeks


160 euros

Inti Wara Yassi

3 weeks

90 euros / week

270 euros

Senda Verde

15 days

133 euros / week - first two weeks
then 120 euros / week

266 euros


4 weeks

110 euros / week - first two weeks 410 euros
then 95 euros / week

Los Monos Selva y Vida 10 days

87 euros / week

125 euros

Countries crossed

Duration apart of
Cost / day*
volunteering moments



60 days

35 euros

2100 euros


15 days

21 euros

315 euros


23 days

30 euros

690 euros


10 days

20 euros

200 euros

Galapagos Island

10 days


1000 euros

Fly in – Paris - Buenos Aires

685 euros

Fly out – Quito - Paris

790 euros



Camera SLR + accessories

1800 euros

Travel backpack

160 euros

Travel clothing and accessories

400 euros





Free < 3 months



44 euros / month – Insurance “Cap Aventure” from “Chapka Assurance” 396 euros
This choice allows me to offer 5% of the amount to « Action Carbone »
for one of its reforesting projects through a partnership between
« Viatao »(original and lasting travel guides) and « Chapka Assurance»


230 euros
Authorization for entries to national parks, activities, on-site care, guides 1000 euros
Estimated Total

* Estimate made after a thorough research on the internet and via the website

10.997 euros

Partnership, sponsorship and grant
Partner -

In addition, different types of commitments are
In the short term
with the project 'EVI Latin America'

The school
I am in relation with the school Andre Malraux,
located in France, in the department of Essonne.
The idea is to raise awareness among children
to open them to the world and to educate them
to the respect of the biodiversity and the
cultures. I will have the pleasure to work with
Isabelle Lafaye, Patricia Sagnier and their
respective classes of children from 7 to 9 years
old. Children will have the opportunity to
discover wildlife and populations of Latin
America through my experience, through
educational games and exchanges with the local
children. Indeed, a collaboration with a local
school in Latin America to undertake a
correspondence is an objective in process.

In the long term
with the perspective of the project 'Eco
Volunteer International' in Asia and in Africa
with the establishment of an association more
extend, for the protection of biodiversity in the
I encourage to follow the project 'Eco Volunteer
International' entirely. Latin America being the
first step, the continuation can only be a greater
magnitude thanks to the experience of a first
approach and to the faithfulness of persons
sensitized by the subject.
Take advantage of your commitment

Collaboration possibilities
To lend credibility to the project, to extend its
influence and to help its achievement
financially, I wish to collaborate with persons
and societies that agrees with its values.
Various types of participation are possible, each
having its importance for the project:
Distribution of flyers and posters within your
structure, presentation of the project and the
approach to your employees, students etc.
Equipment loan, loan of a local or of a space to
create a communication booth etc.
Participation in the budget, discounts on
products etc.

Take advantage of the interest that will evoke
an international project of solidarity and get
interesting returns as a partner.
I offer a detailed overview, according to the
level of involvement and the specific needs of
each individual, of what can be a partnership
with the project Eco Volunteer International :
Contribution of service – « Standard »
. Visibility of your brand/name in the section
"Partnership" of the website, using your
logo and a short description
. Detailed description of the equipment used
and links to your own website
. Presentation of the products used during
. Visibility of the material via one or several
video(s) on the Internet site


Financial contribution : This approach opens to

vast possibilities, that is why I remain open to
all proposals of participation. However, I
suggest the following exchanges:
Exchange « Bronze » - From 100 to 800 euros
. Visibility of your brand/name in the "Partners"
section of the website using your logo and
a short description
. Presence of your logo in the monthly
. Presence of your logo on the flyers and posters
Exchange « Silver » - From 800 to 2500 euros

Advantages and benefits as a partner
Strengthen the brand image
Associate a structure to my project means being
associated to the following terms: solidarity,
ambitious, positive, international, multicultural,
young, dynamic
Extend to the international
I will cross five countries of Latin America
during the project. It will be extended to the
south west of Asia, to Africa and seeks an
international public. Therefore, it is the
opportunity to get visibility of your brand
throughout the world, the concerned people, the
locals and the travelers.
Show a commitment to a solidarity cause

Exchange « Bronze » +
. Mention of our partnership on press releases
. Conference with your structure joined with
presentation of unpublished reports
. Free right to use photographs, videos or
articles made during the journey

Being a partner of the project means to show an
image of an involved company and testify a
commitment to a solidarity and honorable
Media Impact

. Insertion of a banner advertisement in three of
the monthly newsletters, on the six to eight to
come during the course

As a partner, you will be able to benefit of the
media influence that generated the project Eco
Volunteer International in France and to the

Exchange « Gold » - 2500 euros and more

An interaction with a strong influence

. Affixing the logo of your company on my

The website, the publications and the articles
posted via the social networks will be followed,
translated in English and Spanish. That will
promote the referencing and extent the impact
of the project, and therefore of yours.

. Presence of your company logo on each page
of the website

Visibility on the long term

Exchange « Bronze » + Exchange « Silver » +

. Mention of our partnership through a
video visible on the website and the social
. Offer of particular photographs on demand
. Insertion of an advertisement banner in each of
the monthly newsletters of the course

That you choose to create a partnership with the
project 'EVI Latin America', with Eco
Volunteer International entirely, or with the
creation of a next association, the website will be
online on the long term and will offer you a
continuous visibility, even after a precise action
will be completed.


Association « Eco Volunteer International »
Head office
38 rue du mail
91600 Savigny-sur-Orge

Lisa Rispal
E-mail personnel
Phone number

Why commit with 'EVI Latin America' ?
It is not obvious for everyone to know how to
invest, or even to know why to act.
Gather the information, introduce the
associations, share an experience, that allows
those who wish it to see things more clearly and
to intervene on their own scales.
It is not only about creating a global action of
awareness for the cause, but also to highlight
the facts and the several ways to act and to
invite to a socially cohesive behavior.
The approach will provide a rewarding and
constructive experience to children, who are the
future generation.
The situation concerning animal and
environmental life in the world is,
unfortunately, alarming. The Earth's
biodiversity is greatly affected and this has a
considerable impact on the quality of human
life as well.
Each action matters.


Timetable of the course

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