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Titre: Islamic invasion to Europe; Islam, a religion for murderers
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The invasion of Europe through the Mediterranean. What to do? By Guillaume Faye

We are being submerged. The invasive flood of illegals in no longer just a tide, but a tidal wave. Never
before has illegal immigration attained such rhythm and magnitude. Yet what seems to worry the
authorities and the media are not the explosive consequences for Europe, its people, its economy, its
security, its identity, of this phenomenon never-before-seen in history, recalling Jean Raspail's
prophecy in Le Camp des Saints (1973); no, what preoccupies them is not stopping the gigantic
migration but bemoaning the fate of those drowned and rushing to the aid of those who shipwrecked.
Perfectly honorable, but ridiculously insufficient, without any serious protective measures taken, and
at the risk that this tragedy will lead to an explosion.

Breakage of gates
The figures are terrifying and surpass
anything one could have imagined. In
2014, 170,000 persons landed in Italy
(compared to 23,719 in 2002). Since
January 1, 2015 25,000 illegals have
landed in Italy, not to mention Greece
and Spain. The figures are up 42%
compared to 2014. In eighteen
landed, 91% of them embarked from
Libya, having arrived there from all of
Africa. In 2015 Italy is expecting
200,000 refugees! No one will be
turned away and these African
masses, a majority of whom are
Muslims, will then spread throughout

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all of Northern and Western Europe. Many will file (bogus) requests as political refugees.
Those refused will never be expelled. They will stay and they will all receive aid and
subsidies. All of this is known in all of Africa and it attracts crowds of illegal immigrants
who take advantage of the imbecilic soft-heartedness of Europeans - rather, of the
leaders, not the people who are never asked their opinion.
250%: This is the rate of increase of illegal immigration border crossings in the European Union from
2014 to 2015. Forced returns and expulsions are infinitely small in proportion. Sweeping over Europe,
in 2014, 280,000 illegal arrivals were counted, 80% of them by sea, three times more than in 2013. All
from Africa, the Maghreb, the Middle East. Frontex affirms that in Libya alone one million persons are
"ready to sail to Italy." What was once droplets from a porous faucet are now broken pipes spewing
forth geysers.
A disguised Islamic Invasion
The jihadist forces, in solidarity with
Daesh, have taken control of part of
Libya, obviously seeking to organize a
massive immigration toward Europe. In
their minds, it is an invasion that enters
into the planned process already begun
for a massive Islamization of our
continent. Moreover, this trafficking brings
in large sums of money for them, besides
the revenues from the pillage of Libyan
oil. The migrants pay between 1,000 and
2,000 euros per person to the traffickers,
who are amassing a fortune.
The Maghrebin - traffickers and passers,
slave traders of the 21st century - deliberately and cynically overload the boats so that they sink.
Playing upon the soft hearts of the Europeans, they thus lure them to come to the aid of victims; and
encourage the landings on the shores of Europe. A vicious circle.
The blackmail of Daesh is formulated in this way: to abandon 700,000 people on the boats. The
Islamic State is behind these organized flotillas and this exodus is regarded by its manipulators as a
dissimulated invasion. To destabilize naive Europe. Ninety percent of the illegal immigrants entering
en masse are Muslims. On April 16, twelve African Christians were thrown overboard by Muslims.
Italy is the veritable port of entry of the invasion. The phenomenon has been going on for some time,
in small doses, but ever since Qadhafi and the Libyan State disappeared, yielding to the chaos of
Islamic militias, through the stupid fault of the Franco-British military operation (Sarkozy on the advice
of the idiot BHL, and Cameron), the door of the invasion is wide open.
Note: He points out that in 2014 the refugees cost the Italian State 800 million euros, of which 45
million was paid by the EU. In 2015 it will be three times that amount. Operations Triton and Mare
Nostrum, while supposedly protecting the shores of Europe, in fact encourage more refugees than the
chaos in Libya because they give assistance to the boat people who are led to believe the trip is safe.
Many illegals refuse to give their finger prints and give false identities, preferring to remain illegal, as


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they know no one can expel them. Their goal: Germany, Benelux, Austria, France. They regard
Europeans as patsies who don't defend themselves.

Sucking pump : Frontex et les centres d’accueil
On April 21, 70,821 immigrants were housed and fed in 1670 Italian reception centers. In 2014, this
had a cost of 800 million euros for the Italian State, out of which 45 million were paid by the EU. In
2015, the figure will be, at least, multiplied by 3. Rescue operations by "Mare Nostrum" of the Italian
Navy, which totalized 180,000 immigrants between October 2013 and November 2014, had a cost of
9 million euros per month, a figure constantly increasing. In all, the two operations, Mare Nostrum and
Triton, for the naval "protection" of the coasts of southern Europe - in fact rescue operations of
immigrants - had a cost of cost 12.2 million euros per month.
These Triton and Mare Nostrum (Frontex) programs use a very expensive fleet of European boats
and an aircrafts - Iceland included- not to discourage the departure of boats from the Libyan coast, or
others, or to defend the coasts of Europe, but to assist in sea the numerous crowded boats that flock
to southern Europe. It can be said that these relief operations are a major suction pump for
departures and arrivals to Europe, and it in a higher level than the chaos in Libya and other African
countries. Frontex and, in general, the European policy of "protection" of borders contributes to an
increase in the flow of illegal immigration as the impression is that sea crossing are safer.
Not only many immigrants declare themselves as refugees, true or false, many of them refuse to
give their fingerprints at the Italian reception centers, and provide false identities. They prefer being
clandestine - unexpellable - when they leave the reception centers they know it. They also know that
they will be helped and cared for. Next, their goal is to arrive to the Scandinavian countries, as well as
Germany, Benelux, Austria and France. They will join their communities already settled on their
destination. As always, of course, wherever these hostile immigrants are sent to, they pose security
problems and cause damage. Although, who cares about that. ... Many of these illegal take
Europeans for stupid, as they give them shelter and do not protest or defend themselves from their
felonies. .
A reckless oligarchy.
Now a majority of native Europeans, especially those from the working classes, is not sensitive to the
"plight of migrants"; they already had enough of this illegal invasion process - 90% Muslim - they
perceive that it will end in disaster. The political and media oligarchy, allied to humanitarian
associations, show business, churches, etc. does nothing to stem this flow, on the contrary. They
think they're immune. Italy has, in a very stupid moment, abolished some law articles against illegal
immigration. The worse it gets, the worse they make it.
The political-media class maintains, through their opinions, a dramatic atmosphere of pity, sympathy
and sorrow to make cry those in the cottages for illegal migrants and "martyrs". 1700 drowned in the
Mediterranean alone from January to April 2015. And 5100 since October 2013. Media reports
multiply the shock. This is causing mixed reactions of pity and guilt. Figures will diminish over time.


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The Catholic Church is at the forefront of
this mea culpa process concerning Pope's
statements in Lampedusa, which, on one
side, referred to the persecution of
Christians in the East, by Islam, and, on
the other, by the support given to the
arrival of illegal Muslim immigrants to
Europe. Monsignor Giancarlo Perrego,
president of the Fondation Migrantes à la
Conférence Épiscopale Italienne was angry
on behalf of charity: "Europe, made up of
28 countries,
only takes in 650,000
refugees when Lebanon, a country of three
million inhabitants, has one million in its
territory ". For him, it is a shame that
Europe does not fully open its borders to all
immigrants and refugees. Like the rest of suicidal and irresponsible individuals he's in favor of
immigration; he accuses Europe to be a fortress, when in fact it is an unprotected sieve through
which anyone can pass.
A triple program, fortress, deportation and deterrence
The situation is out of control because they want it that way. We do not dare to act as in Australia,
which, with courage and no qualms about defying what is politically correct worldwide, have
introduced its program No Way ("you cannot pass") which expels illegal immigrants, false refugees,
and boat people. The Australians have realized that, in a vast majority of cases, they're not
persecuted refugees and asylum seekers, but candidates for economic migration and assistantship.
This massive immigration to Europe is caused by structural phenomena: Islamic fanaticism, endemic
wars, population explosion and poverty in Africa. All this can only increase dramatically and result in
chaos for Europe in less than ten years. "Upstream" solutions, advanced by the political oligarchy, are
totally utopian: to develop Africa, reestablish the State in Libya, as well as "democracy" in very huge
areas in which this concept is meaningless. "Downstream" solutions regarding the rescue of boatpeople are also ineffective.
The only solution would be a policy of fortress, deportation and deterrence. It should be based on the
following main lines in case of an emergency:

1) Suspension of the Schengen Agreement and the serious restoration of inter-European borders.
Any illegal immigrant entering a country cannot go to another country. For example, those crossing
Italy must be blocked at the French border. It is said, by many intellectuals that, we may not erect
barriers and effective border controls. That's wrong, and it already works worldwide. .
2) Any illegal immigrant who manages to pass through will not benefit from any help or housing and
will be immediately expelled. Just as in Australia and Japan.
3) Departure bases for boat-people in Libya, as well as dock ships that carry them will be neutralized
by a military operation.

Please, download this pdf to gain access to the links it contains
4) Ships carrying boat-people will be boarded, to either be towed to their starting point, or their
passengers be transferred to European ships and then returned to their port of origin. .
These measures may sound impossible and inhumane. It's wrong. The simple publication and their
application for a few days would be enough to dry up immediately all illegal immigration flow. There
would not be any more boat-people. Deterrence is the best prevention. They would have no interest in
going to Europe.
Moreover, we wonder why all these unfortunates never ask for help from the Saudis, or their cynical
and wealthy co-religionists, the Emirates? Because they know they would never be welcomed. A
naive, angelic and morally disarmed Europe, with many complexes due to a pathological
humanitarianism, has become the laughing stock for all those who only dream to conquer and invade
Europe. Except for a very small amount of minorities, even persecuted refugees and sincere asylum
seekers must not settle in Europe. Or maybe this is the gateway to turn Europe into a global free
hosting center.

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