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The harsh truth about Islam

Over 40 years ago the Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia commissioned an Arab translator,
who was an expert in English Philology, to carry out the translation of the Quran into English. No one
knows the exact number of copies that came out, but some time later many angry voices were heard
against the Islamic law, because the true translation of the Quran had finally revealed the actual content
of this radical religion. In addition, the suras contained in the Quran must strictly be observed by any
Muslim. No one knows the huge number of translations which have been carried out of this "holy" book,
since some date back from the eighth century or from early last century. Until then Westerners had
naively believed that the Quran was a religious book with no danger of radicalism, as what they had read
at that moment were "light" translations put into different languages that didn't scare anyone. The pretext
for these false translations was that many texts / suras of the Quran are written in an Arabic that is
difficult to translate and understand, besides they had spread the rumor that the Islam was a peaceful
and pacific religion, and that only some fundamentalists committed terrorist attacks. In fact, one of the
most powerful weapons of Islam is not being aware of the murderer message contained in 47 of its 114
suras, and, of course, one of our best weapons against this monstrous religion is to make people aware
of its content. Since the Quran is written in Arabic, only Muslims understand it, although some don't
speak Arabic, they have been taught to read it (in madrasas), so they "understand" the content of the
book and must therefore follow its precepts
So, now we have reached some conclusions about the Islam, and the first is that every Muslim knows
that the Quran contains religious precepts to be fulfilled to the letter, because one risks being punished
by a religious cleric (imam) through a fatwa, which is, more nor less, a religious commandment requiring
every Muslim to kill another human being on behalf of Allah. This is known by any Muslim, so when we

meet that Muslim neighbor who is taking his/her children to the same school of our children, we must
bear in mind that he/she was taught that any infidel, or un-believer in Islam, must die by the will of Allah.
Any day when they become a majority, they will kill us mercilessly, and will do it for fear of contradicting
the Quran and the religious imam, for deep religious devotion, or for both. Now a growing minority is
increasing due to a forced exodus resulting from a series of planned wars, which have been planned by
the usual suspects: the United States, Russia, China, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, among others; and mainly
financed by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain Dubai. The fundamentalist and religious
army of the Islamic State is funded by those Arabs I mentioned earlier; It recruits young volunteers living
in Western countries, who are children of Muslim immigrants who arrived in Europe searching for a job
or a State aid. Their poor job preparation, their little interest to be part of our secular society and learn
our culture, their hatred for us for being infidels or unbelievers in Islam, has made them excellent
candidates to become martyrs who will give their lives in a war or in a suicide attack in any city where a
lot of people (or infidels, according to them) gather together. In our a naive "kindness and compassion"
we accept them in the belief that they will integrate in our society and be part of a human improvement
project, which wants a world without violence, environmental destruction and other altruistic projects;
however, we see their self-isolation, non integration, and their violent claims for the construction of more
mosques, where the misogynist and destructive message of Islam can be spread further. In fact, imams
forbid Muslims to integrate into Western society; that is, to socialize with their closest neighbors, so they
not become "contaminated" by the culture that has led us to human rights and democracy; their relation
with unbelievers and infidels must be the smallest possible, although this is not what we see in other
non-Muslim immigrants who have come to our countries: many, women or men, get married, have
children and become part of our culture and our lives, and do not create any religious apartheid.
When we see these people fleeing a disastrous war, we feel sorry for them. It is as if we, the citizens,
were guilty of their situation; and they see in us the solution to their problems just for this same reason.
Some die in their attempt after a long journey, which sometimes begins in central Africa, another focal
point of radical and murderous Islamic fundamentalism. Maybe we are to be blamed for buying gasoline
or diesel oil obtained from these Muslim countries; a money that makes them rich and which funds
Islamic terrorist groups, but it is not used to remedy the serious problems of their Muslim brothers in
Syria, Palestine, Central Africa, etc., who have to risk their lives to reach Western countries (countries of
infidels), where they will find mosques paid by those oil rich Muslims .In these mosques they will be
reminded of many of the suras in the Quran, suras that talk about killing infidels (The Quran's Guide
Jihad) in the bloodiest possible way when the time is come.


Islam requires its followers to use lies and violence. Of course, clerics (imams) do defend Islam lying and
/ or using crime to violently convince people their religion is not violent and is sincere. Here are two
paragraphs that I found in a non-"light" translation of what I just said. They can be found at the URL:
(Three facts about Islam that probably you did not know .: copy and paste the titles in Google search
engine, (no Chrome), or use the link if this works when the PDF is online.
We used photographic screenshots because the page does not allow the "copy and paste" function,
although it certifies the origin and veracity of the texts.


Translation of the photo-text above
Muslims can lie to non-Muslims if it helps Islam. This principle, called Taqyya, is for non-Muslims another surprising
Islamic concept. While other religions feel proud about their honesty, the Quran instructs Muslims to lie to nonMuslims with regard to their beliefs and political ambitions so as to protect and spread the Islam.
"Allah and his messengers are exempt from responsibilities towards idolaters" (Sura 9:3)
"And the non-believers were deceived and Allah deceived them, and Allah is the greatest deceiver" (3:54)
The Islam as a religion of peace. Many Muslim organizations say that the Islam is a religion of peace. But, what does it
really mean? It seem easy for a Muslin to cite a pacific sura included in the oldest parts of the Quran, while, following
the kitman principle (Third: the Kitman principle, which means telling only part of the truth. Muslims are allowed to
freely deny any part of the Islamic faith if it influences the infidels, the Kuffar, that it is peaceful and compassionate
religion, and by that help to promote the Islamic cause to subdue the world.) fail to mention that in fact this passage
has been officially annulled by other subsequent suras that are more violent. The Quran says that the world will be in
peace when the Islam and the Shari'a rule in all the countries, but never before. This is why a Muslin can honestly say
that the Islam is a religion of peace.

As you can see from the texts cited above, the Quran can be interpreted or referred to by Muslims or
imams as they like, but when it comes to using it, it is, in itself, very specific, there are no doubts or
ambiguities when executing infidels and or using lies to defend the Islam, so people still think that only
radicals are dangerous. In fact, radicals are dangerous wherever they are the majority; Muslims here in
Western will be more

radical when they increase in number because they are obliged by Islamic

precepts, which demand to eliminate the infidel, but in the meantime Muslims must pretend they are
peaceful, which is a form of lying, in order to not alarm and warn the "enemies of Allah" . Dr Younus
Shaikh, (who has recently been sentenced to death by a court and a fatwa), is author of L'Islam et les
femmes, among other books, he is also a doctor of medicine, and a free Pakistani thinker, who after
many years studying the Islam (the religion from which he apostatized) talks about the truths of the
Islam and its creator, Mohammed. He began to study the Islam and the history about this religion when
he felt the need to solve a series of contradictions that formed in his head between religion and scientific
rigor. Many historiographical data describe Mohammed as a criminal, a highwayman and an inveterate
fornicator. Muslims themselves recognize this latest accusation because, according to them, he enjoyed
divine privileges that allowed him to dishonor any woman, virgin or not. He had many detractors who
were ultimately defeated or converted to Islam, when he began to orchestrate attacks against his
detractors and enemies in order to get great loots by plundering and pillaging.
Of the 114 suras or verses of the Quran, 47 clearly say that any Muslim must kill any infidel or
unbeliever. These verses are not included in the "light" translations that still go around and continue to
be spread. Not long ago, after the attack on the facilities of the weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo, imams
rushed to support the victims and added that the Quran is a manifesto of peace and brotherhood, and
only radicals were guilty of the attack so they would never see the Paradise; It really hurts to listen to

such lies from them and see they do not blush. They want to convince people that Islam is not a danger
to the West.
Here below is a photo of a demonstration in London with very clear messages of their "peaceful attitude" when
someone talks against (to insult for them) their religion.

Link to more interesting photographs of their "peaceful messages" in Western cities: Google Images.

Many years ago I saw a black and white photo of a Muslim family, the photograph had been touched up
so that its members could not be recognized; in the bottom of the photo was a text saying: Today your
neighbors, tomorrow your executioners. I thought the message was exaggerated and out of context,
but today I believe that Muslims are waiting to be more in number to obey those precepts or suras (47 in
particular), which command them to kill infidels. The Quran is both a religious and legal book of precepts,
which are enforceable under the threat of a fatwa decreed by the cleric of the moment. Islam benefits
from democracy and human rights in Western countries, but it does not include them in its holy book.
These last days we are seeing the shipment of basic commodities for Muslim refugees who are arriving
in Europe, and it in addition to the naive signs of solidarity and welcome from the people; however, we
have not heard of any help or offer of political and/or humanitarian asylum from these Arab oil
billionaires, that is, their brothers in Islam. In the end, the question is: Why their God does not eliminate
the infidels or unbelievers in an instant thanks to His power and omnipotence? A powerful God who has
created the universe and the earth, the sun, moon, stars and the man (before the woman, of course) in
just six days, it would not be such a hard job for Him. Why turn believers into murderers? It has no

sense. I'm not here to make a defense of the Torah or the Bible, but they have more credibility,
especially that part of the Bible that talks about the virtues of Jesus Christ, who stands by the poor, the
persecuted and the sinners who repent. By the way, where were the dinosaurs during this time?
More links that get activated when the PDF is downloaded online; although, if it does not work, you can copy and paste
the URL into the Google search engine (usually, the first result of the Google web page): --- ---- imágenes de Google ---- --- ----

Women and parents who strictly follow the Quran

An alleged unfaithful wife stoned to death by her husband and his friends


Stoning of an infidel in central Africa for not wearing the veil and being dressed boldly despite the heat


Young girl beheaded for religious reason.

No words are needed to describe the picture taken in a western country.

The clock is ticking in favor of Muslims. Don't you wanna stop it?
If so, spread this message; making people aware that knowing the murderous message of the Quran is
one of the best weapon against those criminals.

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