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Reliable Auto Shipping Company In The

The Executive Auto Shippers Vehicle Transport Philosophy:
At Executive Auto Shippers LLC we aspire to the highest standard of dependable
auto shipping. Our reliability, integrity and proven track record of customer service
make EAS the most reliable auto transport service in the industry. We strive to
maintain the highest standard of customer satisfaction by safely and efficiently
delivering vehicles to our customers in order to help them get on their way. The
team at Executive Auto Shippers provides the best auto relocation service available
– we are the most dependable enclosed auto shippers and pride ourselves on the
quality of our automobile transport.

Meet the EAS Team
Matthew Van Gelder, Owner / Manager of Executive Auto Shippers
Matthew is one of the owners of Executive Auto Shippers. He has been in the auto
transport business since 1997. Matthew has worked in every area of the auto
shipping business which has given him the knowledge he needs to run a s uccessful
auto shipping business. His years of experience have provided him the time
necessary to establish a dedicated staff, a reliable network of carriers and develop a

good understanding of what excellent customer service and client communication
looks like. Matthew believes that Executive Auto Shippers’ excellent communication
with their clients is what makes EAS stand out above the other auto shipping
companies. He is committed to catering to the client’s specific needs and requests to
ensure a successful auto transfer.

Jenny Van Gelder, Owner / Accounting / Management
Jenny joined the Executive Auto Shippers team after receiving her degree in
Accounting from Iowa State University. She began working in accounts payable and
after a decade she has continued down the accounting pathway receiving her
Masters in Accounting and financial Management from Keller Graduate School of
Management along the way. At EAS, she manages the company along with Matthew
and is in charge of the financial aspects of the company.

Auto Transport Services We Offer
We transport a whole host of vehicles across the country and overseas. Whether it’s
the car you drive every day, a classic car from the 50s, a luxury car to cruise around
in, a speed boat for the lake, an ATV for the mountains, a motorcycle to race to town
with, a personal water craft (PWC) for recreational activities or an RV to camp out
in, we have got your vehicle shipping needs covered.
We want to make sure that you have every vehicle you need, whether it stays on
land or in the sea, with you when you need it. Regardless of whether you are moving
across the country or across the ocean for a short or indefinite period of time,
Executive Auto Shippers has the transportation services to fit your needs – from
open car transport to enclosed automobile transport, we are the car shipper, ATV
transport and luxury vehicle transfer company for you.

Automobile Transportation Methods
All of our auto transport services are door to door. We are transparent in the
treatment of your vehicle; you can rest assured that yo ur vehicle will be secure and
safe from pickup and loading through transport and to delivery. We provide the
following transportation services

Open Nationwide Shipping for everyday vehicles, boats and RVs
Enclosed Nationwide Shipping – Including everyday and exotic vehicles,
luxury cars, motorcycles, ATVs & PWCs
Overseas Shipping – Contact us to learn what types of vehicles we can ship to
your destination overseas

Our Auto Transport Goals

Recognize and maintain our client’s needs as our top priority
Continue to refine and improve our vehicle transport services including a
reduction in the time it takes to transport your vehicle to its destination
Maintain our high safety standards for our carriers to ensure the protection of
your vehicle
Strive to sustain our exceptional customer service reputation through firstrate communication and prompt attention to our client’s needs
Develop and implement new standards of excellence in the vehicle transport

Hawaii Overseas Auto Transport
Shipping your vehicle overseas requires special planning and coordination to ensure
your vehicle arrives safely and on time. Rest assured that our knowledge of the state
and federal regulations will ensure smooth sailing for your vehicle. With 5-star
service reviews and over 40 years of combined experience, EAS takes the stress and
worry out of overseas vehicle shipments. Executive Auto Shippers’ proven
preparation method will safeguard against costly delays and additional dock fees,
saving you time and money.
Whether you need to ship a daily driver, luxury car, or motorcycle, Executive Auto
Shippers has you covered. After a rigorous screening process, we work with only the
most reliable carriers to relocate your vehicle anywhere in the United States or even
across the globe. Contact the friendly staff at Executive Auto Shippers today for a
free quote.

Alaska Car Transport Services

Ship your vehicle overseas to or from Alaska safely and reliably with Executive Auto
Shippers. A family-owned business based in the Midwest, Executive Auto Shippers

has earned hundreds of 5-star service ratings over our 40 years of combined
experience. Allow us to coordinate your move between Alaska and anywhere in the
lower 48 states. Your vehicle will be transported under deck on a ship between
Alaska and a West Coast port. One of our preapproved open or enclosed carriers will
then transport between the port and your location within the continental U.S.
Our carriers undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure the highest standards
of quality and that your luxury car or daily driver will be transported with the
utmost care and respect. We are happy to assist you with all your vehicle transport
needs or questions. Take the stress out of moving and vehicle relocation services—
contact Executive Auto Shippers and request your free quote today.

Executive Auto Shippers
When you choose Executive Auto
Shippers to transport your luxury car,
classic car, daily driver or ATV, you
can feel confident that the best
possible price you were given will
remain just that – the best possible
price. At Executive Auto Shippers we
believe in the One Price Guarantee.
Unlike with other auto shipping services, you don’t need to worry about hidden fees
or unexpected charges when you work with us.

Auto Transport Services

The auto transport services provided by Executive Auto Shippers include national,
overseas, open and enclosed auto shipping for classic cars, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs,
daily drivers, luxury cars and more. When you work with Executive Auto Shippers

you can feel confident that your vehicle will arrive safely, on time and in the
condition it was in before being shipped. Contact us today to get started on your
auto shipping quote with Executive Auto Shippers.

Whether you’ve got a high-line exotic car, a motorcycle, or need your car shipped
overseas, Executive Auto Shippers has got a shipping solution for you. We
understand that each transfer is unique—our team custom designs each auto
relocation to fit the needs of you and your vehicle. Check out our Shi pping Services
below and see which option fits your needs.

Enclosed / Exotic Transfer

Transport your exotic, high-line or antique vehicles in an enclosed carrier. Our
Enclosed / Exotic Transfer method keeps them safe and clean on their way to your

Open Transport
Our standard method of vehicle transfer, our Open Transport shipping method is as
safe and secure as ever. It’s even the same method that car manufacturers trust for
their distribution and we’ve adapted it to fit your personal needs.

Motorcycle / ATV Shipping
Got a big toy that needs transporting? Our Motorcycle/ATV transport will get your
toy where it needs to be in either open or enclosed carriers.

Overseas Transfer
Overseas Transfers can seem like a daunting task, but with our experienced EAS
staff you don’t have to worry about a thing. Let us coordinate your vehicle’s entire
overseas journey for you.

For more information please visit

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