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emergency & survival gear




Makes Sure You Have
A Steady Supply Of
Safe Drinking Water

Covers Basic Food, Water, Light & First Aid Needs
During Short Emergencies
Tools and supplies to help you “bug-in” at home during
an extended emergency. Saves you money over buying items
separately. The hard polymer storage trunk contains a first aid
kit, water purification, pocket stove, 32 servings of long-term
storage food. Flashlights, candles, lanterns, batteries and solar
chargers help light your way, and a crank radio keeps you informed, even without batteries. a
#080-001-105AQ Brownells ESG Essentials Home
Kit,  ​8K299B99���������������������������������������� $ 299.99

Contains 3 Days' Food & Water
For One Person
enough food and water for one
person to comfortably survive for
72 hours after a disaster. Great tasting Mountain House freeze-dried
food has the nutrients to provide
an adult with enough energy to
keep moving - and there's variety,
too! Food has a 25-year shelf life,
yet is easily reconstituted with hot
water. 24-pack of purified Blue Can
drinking water has been through a
12-step filtration/reverse osmosis
process. Sealed aluminum cans
will keep the water fresh for up to 50 years. a

Everything you need
to collect, filter, and purify
water in an emergency.
Neatly packaged into an
organizer bag for easy storage and transportation. Includes 1-liter Camelbak
Eddy bottle. Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System filters up to
100,000 gallons of water, and chlorine dioxide tablets treat up
to 30 quarts. 4-pak of Oral IV helps replace electrolytes and
#080-001-117AQ Brownells ESG Essentials Water
Filtration Kit,  ​8K59Q99���������������������� $ 59.99

Critical Non-Firearm
Self-Defense Items
Kit contains self-defense
items to help you keep yourself
and your family safe and secure
in case of rioting, looting. or other
social upheaval in your location.
Saves you money over purchasing items separately, and comes
in a discreet zippered bag that's
easy to grab in a hurry. Includes Archangel Defense Pen, OC
spray, ASP Baton, and an Ontario folding knife. a
#080-001-115AQ Brownells ESG Essentials Civil
Unrest Kit,  ​8K109P99�������������������������� $ 109.99


#080-001-211AQ ESG 72 Hour Food & Water Kit,  ​
8K86E99���������������������������������������������������� $ 86.99





Supplies To Treat Most Backcountry Injuries

Goes Where You Go

Being prepared for an emergency is an essential part of every outdoor adventure. These first aid kits contain everything
you need to treat the most common hunting, fishing, sporting, outdoor or at home injuries. Each kit is designed using
high-quality hospital components and the most current first
aid information available. Compact, lightweight design won’t
weigh down your pack. Mountain and Sportsman series include
a copy of “Wilderness and Travel Medicine: A Comprehensive
Guide” by Eric A. Weiss. a
by a leading authority on outdoor medicine,
items are organized in clear compartments
for easy identification and arranged by injury type. Each compartment has instruction cards for treating various injuries. Kit
contains: 3 safety pins, 2 pkg. antihistamine, 3 disposable thermometers, 1 pkg.
ibuprofen, 2 pkg. acetaminophen, 1 pkg.
aspirin, triangular bandage, 4" EMT shears,
20cc irrigation syringe, CPR face shield, 5"
x 9" trauma pad, 6 antiseptic wipes, 3" elastic bandage with closure, assorted adhesive
bandages, sterile gauze dressing, 11 precut
pieces of moleskin, bur/blister dressing, 1"
x 30′ cloth tape, nitrile gloves, hand wipes,
cotton tip applicators, splinter forceps, 2 pkg.
benzoin topical adhesive, ¾ oz. vial iodine, 2"
x 15′ roll of duct tape, 10 wound closure strips.
SPECS: Nylon case, blue. 10" (25.4cm) long, 9½" (24.1cm) high, 4"
(10.2cm) wide. 2 lbs (0.9Kg) wt.
#100-012-652AQ Weekender Mountain Series,  ​
9G43B39��������������������������������������������������� $ 49.99
BIGHORN SPORTSMAN SERIES - Kit contains supplies to treat common hunting
and fishing injuries. The Bighorn features
a detachable field trauma kit in a resealable
waterproof bag. Kit contains: various sizes
of adhesive fabric bandages and gauze
dressings, 2 pair nitrile gloves, QuikClot, 2
trauma pads, 28 pieces pre-cut moleskin,
CPR face shield, 2" x 50" duct tape, 4" EMT
shears, triangular bandage, 3 safety pins,
splinter forceps, disposable thermometer,
sting and itch relief wipes, 2 antihistamine
tablets, 6 aspirin tablets, 1 pkg. antidiarrheal medication, 2 pkg.
ibuprofen, 8 antiseptic wipes, 2 cotton tip applicators, 1 petrolatum dressing pad, ¾ oz. iodine, 2 topical adhesive wipes, 20cc
irrigation syringe, ½" x 30′ tape, 3 oz. triple antibiotic ointment,
10 wound closure strips.
SPECS: Nylon case, orange. 8¾" (22.2cm) long, 6¾" (17.1cm) high, 2½"
(6.4cm) wide. 1½ lbs (0.5Kg) wt.
#100-012-654AQ Bighorn Sportsman Series,  ​
9G53D89 �������������������������������������������������� $ 59.99

Keeps Critical
Battery-Powered &
Personal Electronic
Devices Functioning
Power Kit helps
light your way and
recharge your electronic devices when
the power fails. Packaged in a handy organizer bag with hook-and-loop indentification patch for instant
reference, it includes solar chargers, rechargeable AAA batteries, CR-123 lithium batteries, and an adapter for charging USB
devices in an automobile's 12-volt outlet. a

A great shortcut to emergency preparation! Contains four
of our ESG Essentials Kits in one convenient, money-saving
package. Contains basic tools, gear, and supplies to face almost
any emergency. Consists of our Water Filtration, Power, Hygiene, and Civil Unrest kits, all in a rugged Condor Outdoor
backpack. a

#080-001-114AQ Brownells ESG Essentials
Power Kit,  ​8K149D99�������������������������� $ 149.99

#080-001-128AQ ESG Essentials All-In-One Kit,  ​
8K379N99������������������������������������������������ $ 379.99



Survival Basics You Must Have Save $80 Off Cost Of Purchasing Separately

to treat injuries sustained in large groups or
on hunting and fishing trips up to two weeks
long. Contents include: adhesive fabric bandages, conforming gauze bandages, elastic
self-adhering bandage, sterile gauze dressings, sterile non-adherent dressing, nitrile
gloves, 20cc irrigation syringe, precut and
shaped moleskin, 2" x 50" Duct tape, 4" x 36"
C-Splint™, cohesive elastic bandage, elastic
bandage with Velcro, triangular bandages, 3
disposable thermometers, 4 after-bite wipes,
4 antihistamine tablets, aspirin, 4 pkg. diamode, ibuprofen, antiseptic wipes, cotton
tip applicator, 2 topical adhesive wipes, 1"
x 10-yard tape, 4 triple antibiotic ointment
packets, 10 wound closure strips, biohazard labels, zipper-lock bags, ¾ oz. povidone iodine, 25-gram
packet of QuikClot® Sport™ advanced mesh sponge that stops


SINCE 1939

Compact kit helps prepare
you for medical emergencies anywhere. It’s designed
to quickly stop bleeding and
dress abrasions, cuts, and
puncture wounds while waiting for emergency personnel
to arrive. Easily stores in a pack,
shooting bag, glove compartment - anywhere. Contains
nitrile gloves, assorted bandages, gauze dressings, tape,
and a QuikClot chemically treated dressing that rapidly halts
moderate to severe bleeding. Includes instructions on treating
various wounds. QuikClot also available separately. Pack size:
7" long x 6" high x 4½" deep.
#100-009-128AQ Trauma Pak w/Quik Clot,  ​
9G17A89���������������������������������������������������� $ 19.99
#100-009-130AQ Quik Clot Sport Adv Clotting
Sponge,  ​9G10J49����������������������������������

bleeding fast, trauma pads, CPR face shield, 4" EMT shears, 3
safety pins, splinter picker/tick remover forceps, pencil, accident report form, petrolatum dressing, and SWAT (Stretch,
Wrap, And Tuck) tourniquet. Supplies are organized by injury
using the Easy Care™ system - zippered, labeled compartments
with clear windows make it easy to spot what you need while
protecting tools from the elements. Removable field trauma kit
comes in a resealable, waterproof bag. Care instruction cards.
SPECS: Nylon case, orange. 11" (27.9cm) long. 8" (20.3cm) wide. 3"
(7.6cm) high. 2 lbs. 6 oz. (.6kg) wt.
 100-015-928AQ Grizzly Sportsman Series,  ​
9G89L49���������������������������������������������������� $ 99.99
for common injuries and illnesses
encountered on the trail: sprains,
fractures, cuts, scrapes, headaches,
and allergic reactions. Designed for
four people on a daylong outing, the
2.0 is ideal for families, scouts, and
any outdoors enthusiast. Includes:
adhesive fabric bandages, adhesive
plastic bandages, bandages with
butterfly closure, sterile gauze dressings,
sterile non-adherent dressings, 1 pair nitrile gloves, hand wipe,
trauma pad, 11 pieces precut and shaped moleskin, elastic bandage with clips, cold pack, 2 safety pins, bandage scissors with
blunt tip, splinter picker/tick remover forceps, 2 disposable
thermometers, “Caring for Children in the Outdoors” manual,
acetaminophen, antihistamine tablets, ibuprofen, aspirin, After Bite® insect relief, 12 antiseptic wipes, cotton tip applicators,
½" x 10 yds tape, 4 pkg. triple antibiotic ointment. Items organized by injury with specific instruction cards to quickly and
confidently administer treatment.
SPECS: Nylon case, orange and black. 6" (15.2cm) long. 8½" (21.6cm)
wide. 1½" (3.8cm) high. 1 lb. (.45kg) wt.
 100-015-929AQ Adventure First Aid 2.0,  ​9G16C49

$ 18.99

DENTAL MEDIC - Pocket sized kit contains basic
essentials for managing oral pain as well as providing components for making temporary dental
repairs in the field. Contents include temporary
cavity filling mixture, dental wax, orasol gel, tea
bag, cotton pellets, cotton rolls, floss and toothpicks. Comes with detailed instructions explaining how to manage and treat various dental emergencies.
SPECS: Resealable plastic bag. 5" (12.7cm) wide, 5¼" (13.3cm) long, 1"
(2.5cm) thick. 3½ oz. wt.
#100-012-659AQ Dental Medic,  ​9G11G09 �������������������� $ 12.99

Office/Tech: 641-623-5401


When things get bad enough to bug out - fast - our prepacked Emergency Gun Bag contains the supplies you'll need
to keep you and your firearm working in an emergency. Saves
you money over purchasing all these items individually. Contains a gun cleaning kit and two 20-round magazines for an
AR-15, plus everything to survive an extended emergency, all
packed in a high-quality Condor Outdoor Products 3-Day Assault Pack. Just add survival food and ammo for a completelyprepared go-bag you can stage where you need it. Kit Includes:
•  Universal gun cleaning kit
•  Brownells AR Multitasker gun tool
•  Two 20-Rd AR-15 magazines
•  Survival knife, multi-tool & a machete
•  ASP Airweight baton
•  OC spray
•  Ear plugs & shooting glasses
•  Gerber Dime Multi-Tool
•  Flashlight plus 2 other lights
•  First aid supplies
• Shovel
•  Lightsticks, matches, firestarting
•  TurboFlame V Flame
•  UST Butane Fuel
•  Stansport camp blanket
•  Water purification
•  Midland pocket radio
•  VooDoo Tactical 50 ft. paracord
•  Much more! a
#080-001-113AQ Brownells ESG Essentials
Emergency Gun Bag,  ​8K699C99 �� $ 699.99


Professional-Grade Medical Kit For
Treating Traumatic Injuries In The Field
Compact EMT pouch contains the necessary tools to stabilize life-threatening, traumatic injuries. Supplements a conventional
first aid kit and prepares you to deal with a
scarcity of medical help during a widespread
emergency. With a quick grab, the pack opens to provide immediate access to its life-saving supplies, including a combat
tourniquet, 35g of Celox® hemostatic agent, NAR 6" emergency
trauma dressing, compressed gauze, trauma shears, 2 rolls of


Carries Your Weapon
Without Screaming
“Military” Or “Hunter”
Discreet weapon and multipurpose bag combines a minimalist yet sporty exterior with
a feature-rich interior. Main
“public” compartment includes
translucent slip-pockets for a
cell phone, pen slots, semi-rigid
document or laptop sleeve that
alternates as hydration bladder
stowage, opposing rows of MOLLE/PALS-type webbing, and a
mesh slot inside the front door. A second, more private section
offers another laptop-sized sleeve and space for a 22" barreled
short action or an 11" barreled M4; also has an organizer assembly with two padded magazine/phone/compact camera
pouches, pen holders, a zippered pocket, a tuck pocket, and
a key hook. Two zippered pockets are built into the removable
waistbelt. Comes with a rain cover.
SPECS: 30" (76.2cm) long. 13" (33cm) wide. 1,800 cubic inches (29L).
7½ lbs. (3.4kg) wt.
#100-016-123AQ Secret Weapon, Black/Urban Gray,  ​
5E269Q69������������������������������������������������ $ 314.99
#100-016-124AQ Secret Weapon, Coyote Brown/Dry
Earth,  ​5E269D69�����������������������������������  314.99
#100-016-125AQ Secret Weapon, Military Green/
Urban Gray,  ​5E269H99 ����������������������  314.99

Internal Framesheets Help Make
Packs Light But Strong
Synthetic backpacks feature HDPE
construction to help
distribute the weight
over your back. Padded shoulder straps
make carry easy and
compression straps
help secure the load.
Packs are hydration system compatible, and have PALS webbing for attaching extra pouches and gear. Strider offers 1,602
cubic inches storage and has a proprietary Compression Carry
System that adapts to camera bipods, trekking poles, even
a rifle. Has two zippered front pockets. 21" (53cm) high x 14"
(35cm) wide x 10" (25cm) deep. 2 lbs 4 oz (1kg) wt. Spoor offers
1,188 cubic inches storage and has one zippered front pocket.

Strider, Black,  ​8B102E29������������������� $ 124.99
Strider, Coyote,  ​8B102L29���������������  124.99
Spoor, Black,  ​8B78B59�����������������������
Spoor, Coyote,  ​8B78J59�������������������

adhesive tape and 2 pairs of Black Talon nitrile gloves. Also contains an Adventure Medical Suture/Syringe Kit that consists of
an additional pair of gloves, an 18-ga angiocatheter, 18-ga x 11/2"
needle, 21-ga x 11/2" needle, 25-ga x 5/8" needle, nylon suture 5-0,
1cc syringe with needle, Luer Lok 3ml syringe, three anethestic/antiseptic wipes, and four alcohol swabs. Ships directly
from manufacturer. Please allow 7 additional business days for
shipping. Some items in this kit are designed for trained personnel
only. Please seek proper training before using this kit.
#100-011-309AQ E-S Trauma Kit, Dark Earth,  ​
9E149I99 �������������������������������������������������� $ 149.99
#100-012-539AQ E-S Trauma Kit, Black,  ​9E149I99����  149.99
#100-012-540AQ E-S Trauma Kit, Red,  ​9E149C99������  149.99

Orders/Tech: 800-741-0015

Carries Full-Length Sniper Rifles;
Front and Top Loading
Mid-sized pack features a full-width scabbard
to enclose up to 60" long
rifles with large crosssections or bulky optics,
in butt-down or barrel up
position. Leave top sleeve
down to expose stock,
while bottom tucks in and
secures with a buckle when carrying shorter guns and other
gear, like a laptop or military radio. Top pocket assembly has
a handy internal organizer, with several small pouches, pen
holders, and a padded pocket that holds magazines, a phone,
compact radios, and similar items. Large main compartment
offers both top and frontal access and is lined with hydration
pockets, assorted storage sleeves, and MOLLE/PALS-type webbing. Additional MOLLE webbing outside lets you mount mag
and accessory pouches. Removable Intex-II tubular aluminum
frame system adds a level of support, making it lightweight and
compact, yet tough and heavy-load capable. Compression
straps cause the pack to ride quiet and tight. Padding configuration delivers superior breathability and covers critical contact points for both direct-to-back comfort and stability over
body armor. Side handles for easy lifting.
SPECS: 22" (55.88cm) high. 10" (25.4cm) wide. 8" (20.32cm) deep. 2,700
cubic inches. 8.2 lbs. (131.2oz) wt.
#100-016-100AQ Gunslinger II, Black,  ​5E254J49������ $ 329.99
#100-016-101AQ Gunslinger II, Coyote Brown,  ​
5E254I49 ��������������������������������������������������  329.99
#100-016-102AQ Gunslinger II, Dry Earth,  ​
5E254F49��������������������������������������������������  329.99


Keeps Gear Snug To Body
& Easily Accessible
From Right Or Left Side
Ambidextrous sling bag
features four zippered compartments and an adjustable
shoulder strap that allows for
quick, hands-free access to a
first-aid kit, binoculars, phone,
or ammunition. Also has a padded grab-and-go carry handle.
Includes various-sized internal storage pockets, a keyring,
elastic bands, and drainage holes. Large master section fits an
iPad and other tablets, is water-resistant, and offers a slip pouch
with hook-and-loop patch to secure a holster. Back panel offers breathable mesh and a second concealed-carry sleeve
with snap closure and hook-and-loop lining. Plastic D-rings
and MOLLE webbing across the front, sides, and strap let you
customize with attachments. Rear hook-and-loop belt loop
and removable shoulder/waist cross strap with quick-release
buckle provide additional support and reduce shifting.
SPECS: 11½" (29.2cm) long. 8" (20.32cm) wide. 5½" (13.97cm) deep. 1.6
lbs. (25.6oz.) wt.
#100-014-169AQ Rover Sling Pack,  ​2E24I99 �������������� $ 29.99

Serious About Firearms
Since 1939

Durable Packs Give
Plenty Of Storage
Backpacks give
plenty of storage
inside and lots of
webbing outside, letting you attach other
pouches and packs
to customize your
Convoy Pack
3-Day Assault Pack
load out any way you
want. They feature
heavy-duty carry straps,
drag handles and padded
waist belts to help distribute the load, and give you
several different methods
of carry. Multiple pouches
and compartments accept
a wide variety of gear and
supplies. Durable nylon
construction with high
quality zippers make sure
Compact Modular
Assault Pack
it’s all stowed securely, but Urban Go Pack
still easily accessible. Available in black or tan, with a few in
camo patterns. 3-Day Assault Pack has more than 3000 cubic
inches of storage, and can accept two 3-liter hydration bladders. Convoy Outdoor Pack is a scaled-down version of the
3-Day Assault pack, with more than 1300 cubic inches of storage, padded laptop sleeve and is hydration system compatible. Urban Go Pack has more than 2900 cubic inches with lots
of easy-to-reach pockets along with a padded laptop sleeve.
Compact Modular Assault Pack has more than 1300 cubic inches of storage and is hydration-compatible.
SPECS: Nylon.
#100-012-916AQ 3-Day Assault Pack, Black, 
​4G72H29����������������������������������������������������� $ 81.99
#100-012-917AQ 3-Day Assault Pack, Tan,  ​4G72K29�� �  81.99
#100-012-927AQ Convoy Pack, Black,  ​4G54Q29 ���������  60.99
#100-012-928AQ Convoy Pack, Tan,  ​4G54N29 �������������  60.99
#100-012-918AQ Urban Go Pack, Black,  ​4G66K29�������  74.99
#100-012-919AQ Urban Go Pack, Tan,  ​4G66Q29 ���������  74.99
#100-012-923AQ Compact Modular Assault Pack,
Black,  ​4G44G49 ���������������������������������������  49.99
#100-012-924AQ Compact Modular Assault Pack,
O.D. Digital Camouflage,  ​4G44Q49�� �  49.99
webbing and will fit onto your
belt or Condor Outdoor backpacks
to let you customize your load.
H2O Pouch holds a water bottle
or similar-sized cylindrical object,
and lets you attach it to a backpack
or shoulder strap. EMT Pouch features elastic straps and dividers
EMT Pouch
insideto organize bandages, tour- H2O Pouch
niquets, shears, and other medical spplies. Side
Kick Pouch is a low-profile utility pouch featuring twin paracord struts that let the pouch
fold open 90° to serve as a work station. Sleeves,
loops and compartments let you organize your
gear. All Modular Pouches are available in either
black or tan, and are sold separately.
SPECS: H2O Pouch - 10" (25.4cm) high, 4" (10.1cm) O.D. Side Kick Pouch
EMT Pouch - 7" (17.7cm) high, 5" (12.7cm) wide, 2 1/2"
(6.3cm) deep. Side Kick Pouch - 7" (17.7cm) high, 5 1/2" (13.9cm) wide, 1
/2" (3.8cm) deep.

H2O Pack, Black,  ​4G15I19������������������ $ 16.99
H2O Pouch, Tan,  ​4G15P19����������������  16.99
EMT Pouch, Black,  ​4G12A29������������
EMT Pouch, Tan,  ​4G12A29 ��������������
Side Kick Pouch, Black,  ​4G12J79���  14.99
Side Kick Pouch, Tan,  ​4G12K79������  14.99

order on the web





Critical Gear To Survive An Emergency
& Maintain Your Firearm(s)


emergency & survival gear



emergency & survival gear

Creek Stewart. 208 pages. 6" x 9".
Softbound. 307 B&W photos. Shows you
how to create a self-contained disaster
preparedness kit to help you survive
a journey from “ground zero” to a safe
location. Survival expert Stewart explains from start to finish how to gather
everything you need for 72 hours of independent survival in a single backpack.
Covers choosing the right pack for your
situation, water and hydration, food and
its preparation, clothing, shelter, bedding, fire, first aid, hygiene, tools, lighting, communications, self-defense,
and other supplies, plus BOB organization and maintenance,
mental and physical preparedness, and developing a bug out
plan. a
#491-000-049AQ Build The Perfect Bug Out Bag,  ​
1D10K09���������������������������������������������������� $ 11.99

bags/first aid


food/cooking supplies






Combines Fork, Spoon, & Knife
Into One Handy Utensil

Stores For Up To 25 Years

Great-Tasting Survival Food With 15-Year Shelf Life

Freeze-dried food keeps for up to 25 years when stored
properly and is easy to reconstitute with hot water. Mountain
House has long been known for their
great taste and appealing variety of
foods. They are available in the following handy packages to help keep
you and your crew fueled up, even in
emergency situations.

Freeze dried meals providing 2,000 calories per day have a
shelf life of up to 20 years. Healthy and nutritious - plus they
taste great. A critical part of any emergency preparedness plan.
It’s only too late to start storing food if you wait until the emergency strikes! Ships directly from manufacturer. Please allow
10 additional business days for shipping. Cannot be shipped out
of the United States.





Kit Contains Everything To
Prepare & Eat A Meal Outdoors
This 8-piece meal kit is ideal for
campfire meals or as an everyday lunch
kit. Set includes: plate, bowl, collapsible
cup with measuring lines, two waterproof containers with measuring lines,
combination strainer/cutting board, and
a spork. All pieces pack neatly into the
bowl with the plate as a lid, which is held
securely in place by a rubber harness. Kit
will float if accidently dropped into the
river or lake. Contents are also microwave
and dishwasher safe.
SPECS: Polycarbonate, orange and grey. Includes: plate, bowl, collapsible cup, two waterproof containers, strainer/cutting board combo, and
a spork. Rubber harness. 7 ¾" (19.7cm) wide, 7 ½" (19.1cm) long, 2 ½"
(604cm) high. 13.2 oz. (374g) wt.
#100-014-531AQ MealKit 2.0,  ​5A22J89�������������������������� $ 25.99


Combination Stove & Cooking Cup
This compact stove efficiently captures
and focuses heat from the burner onto the
1 liter aluminum pot. A neoprene cover
helps keep contents warm, and the external heat indicator changes colors to let you
know when water is hot. Removable plastic
bottom can be used as a bowl or measuring
cup. Heat-resistant plastic lid has drink hole/
pour spout. Adjustable, stainless steel burner,
with push button igniter, locks onto the pot
to prevent accidental spills. A folding tripod
secures fuel canister and enhances stability.
All contents fit securely inside cooking pot.
Fuel canisters sold separately.
#100-015-049AQ Flash Cooking System,  ​5A83H39�� $ 99.99
#100-015-054AQ 100gm Jet Boil Fuel Cannister,  ​
5A4L19 ������������������������������������������������������
#100-015-055AQ 230gm Jet Boil Fuel Cannister,  ​


Made from durable BPA-free
Tritan plastic, the Light My Fire
spoon-fork-knife combo is not
like those small, flimsy sporks in
fast food places. Measuring over 6 inches long, these sporks
feature a full-sized spoon on one end and a fully functional
fork - with a serrated cutting edge - on the other. The Light My
Fire sporks won’t melt in boiling water, are dishwasher safe,
and wont scratch non-stick cookware. Ideal for your backpack,
picnic basket, lunchbox, survival bag, and purse or briefcase.
Assorted color 4-pack.
SPECS: Tritan plastic, four pack comes in blue, red, green and orange
colors. 6 5/8" (17 cm) long. 0.35 oz. (10 g) wt.
#100-014-530AQ Sporks, 4 Pak,  ​5A8I59�������������������������� $ 9.99



Long-Term Storage Food
Tastes Great
Freeze-dried food keeps for
at least 10 years, if stored properly. Meals are easy to prepare
and taste great. Just add boiling
water to foil pouch, and let sit to
reconstitute. Available in a wide
variety of sizes and styles. Family
Size contains up to 5 servings of a main dish. Entrees contain
bewteen 1.5 to 3 servings of a main dish, depending on type.
Vegetables contain up to 2.5 servings. Desserts contain up to
4 servings depending on type. Pro Paks have been vacuum
sealed to take up less space than other Mountain House Foods.
Directions printed on each packet. a
#100-014-350AQ Family Size Beef Stew,  ​4F12P09 ������� $ 13.99
#100-014-351AQ Family Size Beef Stroganoff w/
Noodles,  ​4F11H39�����������������������������������  13.99
#100-014-352AQ Family Size Lasagna w/Meat Sauce, ​
4F11E39���������������������������������������������������������  13.99
#100-014-366AQ Scrambled Eggs w/Bacon, 
​4F4Q69���������������������������������������������������������  5.99
#100-014-264AQ Breakfast Skillet,  ​4F6J29���������������������  6.99
#100-014-355AQ Biscuits & Gravy,  ​4F5P19���������������������  5.99
#100-014-346AQ Turkey Tetrazzini,  ​4F6M49�����������������  6.99
#100-014-354AQ Low Sodium White Bean & Chicken
Chili,  ​4F8Q09�������������������������������������������  9.99
#100-014-353AQ Low Sodium New Orleans Style
Rice w/Shrimp & Ham,  ​4F6C49 �������  6.99
#100-014-348AQ Macaroni & Cheese,  ​4F6A19���������������  6.99
#100-014-356AQ Scrambled Eggs w/Ham & Peppers,  ​
4F4H69���������������������������������������������������������  5.99
#100-014-293AQ Beef Stroganoff w/Noodles,  ​
4F6H49���������������������������������������������������������  6.99
#100-014-296AQ Chili Mac w/Beef,  ​4F6M49 �����������������  6.99
#100-014-289AQ Rice & Chicken ,  ​4F6B49 ���������������������  6.99
#100-014-297AQ Noodles & Chicken,  ​4F5A89���������������  6.99
#100-014-292AQ Beef Stew,  ​4F6M89���������������������������������  7.99
#100-014-290AQ Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce,  ​4F6M49���  6.99
#100-014-338AQ Sweet & Sour Pork w/Rice,  ​
4F7G79���������������������������������������������������������  8.99
#100-014-347AQ Mexican Style Rice & Chicken,  ​
4F6C49���������������������������������������������������������  6.99
#100-014-295AQ Lasagna w/Meat Sauce,  ​4F6A49�������  6.99
#100-014-343AQ Pasta Primavera,  ​4F6P49���������������������  6.99
#100-014-262AQ Chicken Fajita Filling Only
(no tortillas),  ​4F6J49�������������������������������  6.99

72-Hour Kit contains three full
days of breakfast, lunch and dinner
for one person. Breakfast - Granola w/
blueberries & milk, scrambled eggs w/
bacon. Lunch & Dinner - Beeft stroganoff w/noodles, Chicken teriyaki w/rice,
Pasta primavera, Rice & chicken.
Classic Assortment comes in a resealable plastic bucket that contains 29 total
servings of assorted breakfast, lunch and
dinner foods. Contains: 2 pouches each
Beef stroganoff w/noodles, Chicken teriyaki w/rice, Beef stew, Lasagna w/meat
sauce, Noodles & chicken, Granola w/
milk & berries.


72-Hour Kit

Classic Assortment

Essential Assortment also comes in
a resealable plastic bucket, and 32 total
servings divided among three different
entrees. Contains: 4 pouches each Rice &
chicken, Chili Mac w/beef, Spaghetti w/
meat sauce.
Best Seller Kit contains 16 total servings divided among 4 entrees, one
breakfast and one dessert. Contains:
1 pouch each Beef stew, Chicken
teriyaki w/rice, Beef stroganoff w/
noodles, Lasgna w/meat suace.
Scrambled eggs w/ham & peppers,
Raspberry crumbles. a

Essential Assortment

Best Seller Kit

72-Hour Kit,  ​4F52F59 ������������������������ $ 59.99
Classic Assortment,  ​4F71E89����������
Essential Assortment,  ​4F68F89������
Best Seller Kit,  ​4F38H49��������������������  44.99

#100-014-291AQ Chicken A La King Noodles,  ​
#100-014-349AQ Chicken Breast & Mashed Potatoes,  ​
#100-014-294AQ Chicken Teriyaki w/Rice,  ​4F6J89 ���
 100-014-270AQ Pro-Pak Rice & Chicken (2-Serving), ​
#100-014-260AQ Pro Pak Beef Stroganoff,  ​4F6C49�����
#100-014-261AQ Pro Pak Lasagna w/Meat Sauce,  ​
4F6J49 ���������������������������������������������������������
#100-014-369AQ Garden Green Peas,  ​4F3I09�����������������
#100-014-298AQ Long Grain & Wild Rice Pilaf,  ​
#100-014-373AQ Corn,  ​4F3N09�������������������������������������������
#100-014-263AQ Fire Roasted Veggies,  ​4F3F49 �����������
#100-014-372AQ Green Beans,  ​4F3Q09���������������������������
#100-014-375AQ Apple Crisp,  ​4F6P49������������������������������
#100-014-376AQ Raspberry Crumble,  ​4F7G09�������������
#100-014-367AQ Granola w/Blueberries & Milk,  ​
#100-014-269AQ Neopolitan Ice Cream Bar,  ​
#100-014-374AQ Ice Cream Sandwich,  ​4F2K29 �����������


SINCE 1939


FOOD BUCKETS - Each meal bucket comes
with an assortment of freeze-dried foods
individually packaged in metalite (metalized poly) pouches and vacuum-sealed
with oxygen absorbers to ensure quality
freshness. Each pouch contains several
servings and can be resealed for later use.
90 Serving Bucket contains wholesome
filling oatmeal, fluffy scrambled eggs, beef
flavored vegetable soup, cheesy cheddar
broccoli soup, orange drink, chicken flavored vegetable soup,
Cajun red beans and rice, hearty potato soup, and mixed vegetables. Both the 180 Serving Bucket and the 360 Serving Bucket
contain the same foods as the 90 Serving Bucket with the addition of all-natural granola, fruity apple-blueberry granola,
creamy chocolate pudding, mixed fruit, Italian-style polenta,
creamy mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, Southwestern
chili, plain whey milk, and chocolaty whey milk.
#100-013-092AQ 90 Serving Food Supply,  ​
2G124N99������������������������������������������������ $ 129.99
#100-013-094AQ 180 Serving Food Supply,  ​
2G229H99������������������������������������������������  229.99
#100-013-095AQ 360 Serving Food Supply,  ​
2G399I99��������������������������������������������������  399.99
CANNED MEAT - These canned meats provide
the essential protein vital to your nutritional
health. Unlike other canned meats, these are
slow pressure cooked at 240 degrees and have
no added water or broth. Everything in the
can is pure meat and its juices. Survival Cave
canned meats are all natural and do not contain
MSG, additives, fillers, or chemicals. They are
low sodium, low in fat, and healthy. 100% USDA
inspected and 100% United States meats. Average shelf life is 1215 years. All varieties sold in 12-paks of either 14.5 or 28 oz. cans.
#100-013-098AQ Beef, 12 Pak of 14.5 oz. cans,  ​
#100-013-194AQ Beef, 12 Pak of 28 oz. cans,  ​
2G159G99 ������������������������������������������������
#100-013-099AQ Turkey, 12 Pak of 14.5 oz. cans,  ​
#100-013-195AQ Turkey, 12 Pak of 28 oz. cans,  ​
#100-013-193AQ Chicken, 12 Pak of 14.5 oz. cans,  ​
#100-013-196AQ Chicken, 12 Pak of 28 oz. cans,  ​

$ 119.99


We've got
some great
folks standing
by to take
your order


Office/Tech: 641-623-5401


Great For Daily Use Or Store Away For Emergencies
These great tasting, high quality foods are ideal for emergency preparation or outdoor adventures. Meals are quick and
easy to prepare, just add to boiling water. Each meal is packaged
in a nitrogen flushed mylar pouch to remove residual oxygen
and ensure a long shelf life. Grab & Go kits are packaged in durable polyethylene buckets with notched bottoms for easy and
secure stacking. a
72-HOUR EMERGENCY ENTREÉ KIT - Contains six entrée packs, providing one person with two servings per day for three
days. You get two servings each of creamy
chicken pasta, cheesy lasagna, Teriyaki
rice, pasta alfredo, chili macaroni, and savory stroganoff. Sealed mylar pouches will
last up to 7 years.
 100-016-299AQ 72 Hour Emergency Entree Kit,  ​
9F30P19������������������������������������������������������� $ 34.99
7-DAY ULTIMATE EMERGENCY MEAL KIT Contains enough food to give one person
breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 7 days,
2,000 calories and 100 grams of protein
per day. Meals include beef and noodles
in savory mushroom sauce, pasta alfredo
with chicken, Teriyaki chicken and rice,
creamy chicken with vegetables and pasta,
cheesy lasagna with meat, chili mac with
beef, apple cinnamon cereal, and crunchy granola. Includes 16
servings of orange delight drink mix. Packed in a handy graband-go plastic storage bucket. 7-year shelf life.
 100-016-300AQ 7 Day Ultimate Emergency Meal
Kit,  ​9F113H39 ���������������������������������������� $ 124.99

 100-016-301AQ 52 Serving Prepper Pack,  ​9F60I09 $ 69.99
56 SERVING ENTREE & BREAKFAST GRAB & GO FOOD KIT - Provides 2 servings per day for 1 adult for 4 weeks,
or 4 adults for 1 week. Includes 4 servings of: savory stroganoff, chili mac, pasta alfredo, creamy
pasta & vegetable rotini, chicken flavored noodle
soup, cheesy macaroni, hearty tortilla soup, granola strawberry. Includes 12 servings of apple
cinnamon cereal and brown sugar multi-grain.
Meals have a shelf life of 25 years with no rotation needed.
#100-014-038AQ Entree & Breakfast Grab & Go
Food Kit,  ​9F97E79�������������������������������� $ 114.99

#100-014-039AQ Entree Only Grab & Go Food Kit,  ​
9F103L39�������������������������������������������������� $ 124.99
KIT - Seasoned meats you can add to other storage foods for

food kits contain enough food to provide 3 servings per day for
1 adult for 40 days or 4 adults for 10 days. Each pack: crunchy
granola, brown sugar and maple multi-grain cereal, and apple
cinnamon cereal. Meal packs are stored in a reusable plastic
buckets and have a shelf life of up to 25 years.
 100-016-303AQ 120 Serving Breakfast Only Grab
And Go Bucket,  ​9F167E79���������������� $ 209.99
120 SERVING ENTRÉE GRAB & GO BUCKET - The 120 servings
in this survival food bucket include enough food to provide 3
servings per day for 1 adult for 40 days or 4 adults for 10 days.
Food bucket contains: Savory Stroganoff, cheesy Macaroni,
Pasta Alfredo, Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini, Teriyaki and
Rice, Cheesy Lasagna, Creamy Ala King and Rice, Chili Macaroni, Tomato Basil Soup, Hearty Tortilla Soup. Food is stored in
mylar packs and has a shelf life of up to 25 years
 100-016-304AQ 120 Serving Entree Only Grab and
Go Bucket,  ​9F217I79���������������������������� $ 269.99
120 SERVING MEAT PACKAGE - Food kit features 120 servings of
assorted gourmet seasoned freeze dried meat to go along with
40 bonus servings of long term emergency rice. Meats can be
combined with other food storage foods you already have to
create more complete meals. Each pack has a 15 year shelf life.
 100-016-305AQ 120 Serving Meat Package,  ​
9F218N89�������������������������������������������������� $ 259.99
WISE FAVORITES - Wise has taken their bestselling individual meals and packed them
into one box. Includes 2 servings each of:
chili mac with beef, teriyaki chicken and
rice, creamy pasta and vegetables with
chicken, noodles and beef, cheesy lasagna,
pasta alfredo with chicken, apple cinnamon cereal. Meals have a shelf life of 25 years with no rotation
#100-014-040AQ Wise Favorites,  ​9F34E19����������������������� $ 39.99

Orders/Tech: 800-741-0015

Large-volume filter purifies up to 4,750
gallons, enough for family of five for up to
three years. Removes up to 99.9% of all bacteria, protozoa and viruses without using batteries or chemicals. Gravity fed - merely hang up
and let filtered water flow into clean container.
Delivers up to 9 to 12 liters per hour. Includes
SPECS: Rubber, plastic.
#100-013-965AQ Lifestraw Family 1.0,  ​4F72E19 �������� $ 74.99

#100-016-208AQ Blue Can Water, 24 Pack,  ​2G28G10 $ 29.99




Sterilize Drinking Water
Quickly & Easily

Adds Flavor & Masks Taste
Of Treatment Chemicals

KIT - Designed to mix and match or add variety and nutrition
to other storage meals. Contains 16 servings each of: bananas,
strawberries, peaches, caramel sauce, yogurt, pudding. Includes 24 servings of apples. Fruit and snacks have a shelf life
of up to 20 years.
#100-014-042AQ Fruit & Snack Grab & Go Food Kit,  ​
9F112H29�������������������������������������������������� $ 149.99
individual packet of vegetables has been designed to mix and
match with the long-term gourmet butter, cream, cheese,
and mushroom sauces. Includes 24 servings each of: corn,
broccoli, green beans. Also contains 16 servings of peas, plus
8 servings each of: butter sauce, cream sauce, cheese sauce,
mushroom sauce. Vegetable and sauce packets have shelf life
of up to 25 years.
#100-014-043AQ Vegetable & Sauce Grab & Go Food
Kit,  ​9F104N49���������������������������������������� $ 139.99

Portable Filter Gives Clean Water For Years

Lemon-Lime Orange

Effervescent tablets dissolve in water
adding flavor, electrolytes, vitamins and
minerals. Simply drop one into 24 fl. oz. and
wait for table to dissolve. Sugar-free formula
will not gum up backpack resevoirs. Helps
mask flavors left by iodine, bleach, and other
chemical purifiers. 12 tablets per pak. a

#100-012-712AQ Elixir Tablets, Lemon/Lime,  ​
#100-012-713AQ Elixir Tablets, Tangerine Orange
w/Caffeine,  ​6C5H59����������������������������

$ 6.99

Tough Bottle Has Integral Carabiner Loop
BPA-free polymer water bottle lets you take
water on the go. Integral loop lets you hook it to
your backpack or belt with a carabiner, length
of cord, or even carry it by one finger. Flip-top
bite valve makes drinking easy. No tipping of
the bottle required. Dishwasher safe. Bottle is
charcoal tinted. Available in .75 l and 1 l sizes.
SPECS: Polymer. 9" (22cm) tall. .75 l 3" (7.6cm) O.D. 1l
3 1/2" (8.8cm)O.D.
#100-012-709AQ .75-Liter Eddy Bottle,  ​
6C11H79���������������������������������������������������� $ 13.99
#100-012-710AQ 1-Liter Eddy Bottle,  ​6C12J59 ����������  14.99

Lightweight Filter Lets You Drink
From Any Fresh Water Source

Lightweight personal water filter
lets you drink directly from any source
of fresh water. Removes up to 99.9% of
bacteria and protozoa without using
any batteries or chemicals. Filters up
to 264 gallons of water before becoming clogged. Gives high flow rate,
making it easy to drink. Works with
water bottles, too. Simply fill container, insert Lifestraw and
drink. Unlimited shelf life. Can be cleaned by merely blowing
through the filter. BPA-free. Comes with lanyard letting you
carry it around your neck for fast access.
#100-013-964AQ Lifestraw Personal Water Filter,  ​
 100-015-238AQ Lifestraw Water Filter, 2-Pak, ​

$ 19.99

Ultraviolet light water purifiers kill up to 99.9% of dangerous microorganisms, bacteria
and viruses in only seconds.
Simply insert into mouth of
1-liter container of water with
all visible particles filtered out,
turn on the light and stir.


Classic w/Pre-Filter
& Case

SteriPen Ultra has an internal, rechargeable battery that can be powered up on a computer
USB, wall socket adapter or solar panel. It features an easy-tounderstand display, automatically adjusts for use in cold temperatures and will purify up to 50 liters on a single change.
SteriPen Classic runs on four AA lithium batteries and can
purify up to 100 liters of water before needing new batteries.
Tapered to fit into most water bottles, the Classic comes with a
Pre-Filter 40x40 micron screen designed to fit on any standard,
wide-mouth 1-liter water bottle and remove all visible particles
from the water.
SPECS: Plastic. Ultraviolet light wand. Steripen Water Purifiers do not
remove harmful chemicals or heavy metals from water.
#100-012-890AQ Steripen Ultra,  ​4C85Q69������������������ $ 99.99
#100-012-893AQ Steripen Classic,  ​4C59A99 ��������������  69.99


Lets You Drink From Any Source
Of Fresh Water
Polycarbonate, PBA-free water bottle features advanced integral filter that makes any
fresh water safe to drink. Simply fill the bottle,
screw on the lid and drink through the tube. Removes up to 99.9% of all bacteria and protozoa,
including E. coli, salmonella, Giardia and Cryptosporidium, without using chemicals or batteries. Filter element can be cleaned by blowing
through it, and bottle is dishwasher safe. Filters
up to 264 gallons before filter becomes clogged. Includes carabiner clip for easy attachement to your belt, backpack or bag.
SPECS: Polycarbonate bottle. 9 (22.8cm) tall, 3 (7.6cm) O.D. 22 oz. (.65 l)
capacity. Filter pores .2 microns.
#100-014-299AQ Go Bottle,  ​4F28P89������������������������������ $ 29.99


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water & hydration

60 SERVING GOURMET ENTRÉE ONLY GRAB & GO FOOD KIT Provides 2 servings per day for 1 adult for 4 weeks,
or 4 adults for 1 week. Includes 8 servings each
of Stroganoff, creamy pasta and vegetable rotini,
plus 4 servings of chili macaroni, pasta Alfredo,
Teriyaki chicken and rice, cheesy lasagna, baked
potato casserole, tomato basil soup w/pasta,
cheesy macaroni, hearty tortilla soup, potatoes
and chicken pot pie, chicken flavored noodle
soup, southwest rice & beans. Meals have a shelf life of 25 years.

convenient food kit provides 1 adult with 3 servings a day for 1
month, or 4 adults with 3 servings a day for 1 week. Each four
serving pouch is packed inside a durable grab-and-go bucket.
Kit contains: savory stroganoff, chili macaroni, pasta alfredo,
creamy pasta and vegetable rotini, teriyaki and rice, cheesy
lasagna, hearty tortilla soup, apple cinnamon cereal, brown
sugar and maple multi-grain cereal, and crunchy granola.
Meals have a shelf life of up to 25 years.
 100-016-302AQ 84 Serving Breakfast And Entree
Grab And Go Food Kit,  ​9F148B89�� $ 174.99

Blue Can provides great
tasting, purified emergency
drinking water with a 50-year
shelf life. This water goes
through a 12-step filtration
and reverse osmosis process
before being hermetically
sealed in aluminum cans. Aluminum will not leach chemicals into the water, nor will it
rust like tin or steel. Each 24-can case provides 4 days' supply of
drinking water for one person. 12 oz. (354ml) of water per can,
2¼ gallons total per case. a

food/cooking supplies

52 SERVING PREPPER PACK - Designed for the beginning
prepper, these food packs contain 52 servings of Wise Food’s
popular gourmet meals plus two types of beverages. Each pack
includes: creamy pasta and vegetable rotini, savory stroganoff,
tomato basil soup with pasta, southwest beans and rice, brown
sugar and maple multi-grain, apple cinnamon cereal, orange
delight drink mix, whey milk alternative. Meals are packed in
handy grab and go plastic storage buckets. Prepper pack has a
25 year shelf life.

an even better, well balanced meal. Includes 12 servings each
of: roasted chicken, southwest style chicken, savory roasted
ground beef. Contains 8 servings each of: teriyaki style chicken, cheesy beef, stroganoff style beef. Also includes 20 servings
of instant rice. Meats have a shelf life of up to 15 years.
#100-014-041AQ Meat Grab & Go Food Kit,  ​
9F109N89 ������������������������������������������������ $ 134.99



Stays Fresh & Pure For Decades

emergency & survival gear




emergency & survival gear
communication & power





Filters Microorganisms & Heavy Metals
BPA-free plastic water bottle
purifies up to 100 gallons of water,
depending on quality of the water
source. Integral filter removes up
to 99.9% of bacteria, protozoa and
viruses as well as chemicals and
heavy metals without using batteries or chemicals. Easy to use - just
fill the bottle and drink thorugh
Water Bottle
the flip-top straw. Holds up to 28
oz. of water, and rubber grip sleeve
it easy to hold, even when wet. ReReplacement
placement filter units available separately.
When one filter becomes clogged, just
swap out with a new one. a
#100-013-243AQ 28 oz. Flip Top Water Bottle
w/Filter,  ​4F27K89 ����������������������������������� $ 30.99
 100-013-244AQ Replacement Filter,  ​4F20C79�������������  23.99


Powerful Water Filter
Built For Heavy, Continuous Use
Robust, portable water filtration system
removes all sediment, particles, and microorganisms commonly found in backcountry “fresh” water sources. Pumps out up to 1
quart of purified water per minute. Microfilter is fully field maintainable: internal, silverimpregnated ceramic element 0.2 micron
filter purifies up to 13,000 gallons (50,000
liters) before needing replacement. Aluminum, silicone, and stainless steel housing.
10" (25.4cm) high x 2.4" (6.1cm) wide.
#100-016-035AQ Pocket Microfilter,  ​5B319E19���������� $ 369.99

Personal Purificaton Device
Disinfects Water On Contact
For Drinking

water & hydration

Portable pocket filter disinfects water from questionable
sources on contact to make it safe to drink. Simply use the Pure
Sip like a drinking straw, and it instantly kills 99.99% of bacteria
and 99.7% of viruses on contact, along with removing protozoa
and other contaminants. Filters 10-30 gal. (35-115 liters), and
lets you know when its disinfection properties are exhausted
(when the internal filter clogs). Do not use with brackish or salt
water. a
#100-016-315AQ Pure Sip,  ​4D16I19 �������������������������������� $ 17.99

Filters One Million
Gallons Of Water
Comprehensive filter system
lets you filter fresh
water from any
source- river, lake,
faucet, even suspect bottled water.
Removes up to
99.9% of bacteria
and protozoa from
up to one million gallons of water without batteries or chemicals. Hollow
fiber membrane filter features .1 micron absolute fibers, like
that used in medical dialysis equipment. Filter can be quickly
cleaned by simply backwashing with clean water. Comes with
squeeze pouch, adapter kit for use with a bucket, filter that
fits into most 2-liter water or soda bottles, faucet adapter and
cleaning syringe. Bucket adapter helps you build high-volume
filter for longterm emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes or city boil alerts. a
SPECS: Filter body. Squeeze pouch. Faucet adapter w/tube. Bucket
adapter, bucket hole cutter, hanger, attachment, (2) 2-liter caps, squeeze
bottle cap.
#100-014-560AQ All-In-One Filter,  ​9G47K79�������������� $ 54.99

Renovo Trio
Portable Water Filter

#100-015-924AQ Renovo Trio Water Filter,  ​
2D35P19���������������������������������������������������� $ 39.99
#100-015-925AQ Repl. Carbon Filter,  ​2D9Q99������������
#100-015-926AQ Repl. UF Filter,  ​2D10D99 ������������������  11.99





10-pak, blue

10-pak, tan

Durable, HDPE stackable plastic containers are perfect for long-term water storage.
Featuring molded bodies that
interlock and comfortable builtin carry handles, containers
have easy-to-fill wide mouths
with notched, o-ring lids for
tight seals. Can also store grains,
sugar, salt, dog food, or similar
materials. Available in 3.5 gallon
1.6 gallon size
sizes in 8- and 10-paks or indivdidual 1.6 gallon sizes in blue or
tan. Both sizes accept ventless
spigot for easy access. Spigot
unit simply replaces lid, and is
sold separately. Not for storage
Spigot Assembly of flammable liquids.


1.6 Gallon, Blue,  ​8F15K59������������������
1.6 Gallon, Tan,  ​8F15C59��������������������
3.5 Gallon, Blue, 8-Pak,  ​8F139L89��
3.5 Gallon, Tan, 8-Pak,  ​8F139J89����
3.5 Gallon, Blue, 10-pak,  ​8F157Q99
3.5 Gallon, Tan, 10-Pak,  ​8F157K99��
Ventless Spigot Assembly,  ​

$ 16.99

Built Strong To Handle The Abuse
Of Being Strapped To A Car Or ATV
A modern variation on the classic jerry
can, this durable, 51/2 gallon water container
is made of super-thick, puncture resistant,
food-grade hard polymer that stands up to
hard use. An innovative side panel design allows Rhino-Paks to lock together. Includes a
spigot that prevents unwanted leakage and
a built-in vent cap ensures smooth pouring.
14¾" (37.5cm) long x 6¼" (15.8cm) wide x 19"
(48.3cm) high. Green.
#100-016-029AQ Rhino-Pak Water Container,  ​

Receive Up-To-Date
Severe Weather Alerts &
Emergency Bulletins
Easy to use, weather alert
radio automatically activates
when severe weather or other
emergencies threaten your area.
Public Alert certified weather radio receives all NOAA and Environment Canada channels, plus
continuously monitors National Weather Service broadcasts.
The S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding) feature allows
users to select alerts for a single county or program in up to 25
counties for wider range monitoring. Chose alerts to be given
in English, French, or Spanish. Users can pick from three warning systems: 90db siren alarm, flashing LED, or voice alert. Easy
to read, built in alarm clock displays date and time. Includes
manual and AC adapter. Uses three AA batteries (not included)
for backup power.
SPECS: Plastic housing, white. 6" (15.2cm) wide, 5" (12.7cm) long, 17/8"
(4.6cm) thick.
#100-013-735AQ Desktop Weather Alert Radio,  ​
3D38Q49�������������������������������������������������� $ 41.99


Stay Informed Wherever
Your Day Takes You


$ 17.99

Convenient, portable radio keeps you
aware of current weather alerts and other
local emergencies. Radio offers two modes
– home and travel. Home mode uses S.A.M.E
(Specific Area Message Encoding) technology to screen out unwanted broadcasts and
receive alerts for your area only. Travel mode
scans and locks onto the strongest local
weather channel, providing you with information directly from the National Weather
Service or Environment Canada. Provides advisory, watch, and
warning alerts. Select from three different alert modes: flashing
backlight, tone, or voice. Radio can also be used as an alarm
clock with snooze. Uses rechargeable battery pack or 3 AA batteries. Includes drop in charger.
SPECS: Plastic, black. Includes radio, charging base, AC adapter, rechargeable battery pack, belt clip, and lanyard.
#100-013-737AQ Portable Weather Alert Radio,  ​
3D51N49 �������������������������������������������������� $ 54.99


Perfect For Camping,
Emergency Preparedness,
or Everyday Use

Compact, Infinitely Renewable Water
Purification System
Use the Trio inline with a hydration reservoir, attached to a water bottle, or directly as a
straw to remove harmful contaminants from
available water. Powerful three-stage filtration
system - a pre-filter, hollow-fiber membrane,
and an activated carbon filter - to remove
99.99% of bacteria, protozoa, chemicals, and
other contaminants, even some viruses. Purifies up to 1,000 liters (264 gal.) of water before
the internal components need
cleaning and the carbon filter
needs replacing. Fits standard
28mm water bottle mouth.


Durable Containers
For Long-Term Water Storage

Lightweight Filter Cleans Up
To 100,000 Gallons
Lightweight filter removes up
to 99.9% of all bacteria and protozoa from up to 100,000 gallons of
water. Fits onto most commercial
water bottles, or can be used with
included squeeze pouch. Can also be used inline with hydration
backpacks. Hollow fiber membrane filter features .1 micron
absolute fibers, like that used in medical dialysis equipment.
Filter can be quickly cleaned by simply backwashing with clean
water. Includes cleaning syringe, filter tip cap, drinking straw
and instructions. a
SPECS: Filter body. 16 oz. (.47 l) squeeze pouch. Filter tip cap. drinking
straw, cleaning syringe.
#100-014-559AQ Mini Water Filtration System,  ​
9G17F09���������������������������������������������������� $ 19.99


Digital weather alert radio, with
AM/FM, receives all NOAA channels
and automatically activates when
severe weather or other emergencies
threaten your area. Radio features a
digital clock and charging port for cell phones or other USB
powered devices. Built-in LED flashlight produces 130 lumens
of brightness. For rescue situations, flashlight can be set to
blink an SOS signal and the electronic dog whistle activated.
Lithium Ion battery provides 25 hours of run time and can be
recharged using hand crank, USB cable, or the integrated solar
panel. Also operates on six AA batteries, not included. Includes
USB cord and owner’s manual.
SPECS: Plastic housing, black and red. Includes rechargeable lithium Ion
battery and USB cord.
#100-013-739AQ Emergency Crank Radio w/
Weather Alert,  ​3D46B69�������������������� $ 54.99


SINCE 1939


Emergency Crank Radio
Lets You Stay Informed
During Power Outages
Emergency weather radio features an AM/FM receiver, digital
alarm clock, built-in flashlight, and
a hand crank dynamo to recharge
the unit when there is no electricity.
Seven preset weather channels lets
you stay connected to the national
Weather Service and NOAA stations.
Radio uses both audible and visual alerts to notify you of severe weather or other emergencies in your area. Other features
include a USB port to charge electronic devices and a digital
thermometer with freeze alert.
SPECS: Plastic housing, black and silver. Includes NiMH battery, AC charger, carrying strap, and instruction manual.
#100-013-738AQ Emergency Crank Radio,  ​3D54I19 $ 59.99

Office/Tech: 641-623-5401






Solar Power Keeps Your Electronics
Charged On The Go

Keeps Your Handheld
Devices Charged

#100-012-880AQ Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharging
Kit,  ​3C111G19������������������������������������������ $ 119.99
#100-013-712AQ Guide 10 Plus Recharger,  ​
3C45K19����������������������������������������������������  49.99
#100-012-883AQ Rechargeable AA Batteries, 4-Pak, ​
#100-012-884AQ Rechargeable AAA Batteries,
4-Pak, ​
3C10Q29������������������������������������  14.99


Economical bulk packs
of Duracell alkaline batteries in sizes commonly-used
by shooters for electronic
muffs, flashlights, red dot
sights, timers, and other
electronic shooting accessories. a
#100-010-675AQ AA Batteries, 24-Pak,  ​3F9F99����������
#100-010-676AQ AAA Batteries, 24-Pak,  ​3F9G99������
#100-010-677AQ CR-123A Batteries, 6-Pak, ​
#100-010-679AQ CR-2032 Batteries, 6-Pak,  ​3F7B99
#100-014-052AQ N Batteries, 2-Pak,  ​3F2B29 ��������������

$ 9.99


Solar charger with built-in battery
pack gives you light, power, and the
ability to recharge critical electronic
devices, no matter where you go. The
Bolt delivers 5W of energy, so it can
easily charge personal electronic devices like smartphones, cameras, E-readers, and small GPS units.
Reaches full charge after 8 to 10 hours in the sun, half that time
when charging via computer USB. Fixed discharge rate of 5V
or 1,000mAh. Compact, too: 3½" (8.8cm) long x 3½" wide x 1"
(2.5cm) high. 5.3 oz. (150) wt.
#100-012-877AQ Bolt,  ​9E55Q09���������������������������������������� $ 69.99


Compact Recharging Kit
For Electronic Devices
Solar charging system lets
you keep your cell phones,
MP3 players, and other handheld electronic devices powered up when no outlets are available. Use the solar panel to
directly charge devices or to charge the Switch 8 unit, which
allows you to store power and transfer it to devices later. Panel
will fully charge the Switch 8 in 4-5 hours; can also be charged
from a USB power source, such as a computer. USB extension
cord included.
SPECS: Kit includes solar panel, charger, USB cord. Solar Panel - 6½"
(16.5cm) long, 5½" (13.9cm) wide. 5V/2.5W (USB) or 7.5V/3W (solar) output. Recharger – 5" (12.7cm) long, ¾" (1.9cm) diameter. 0.2 lbs. (90g) wt.
5V/5W (USB) output. USB Cord – 83/8" (21.3cm) OAL.
#100-012-881AQ Switch 8 Solar Recharging Kit,  ​
3C89B89 �������������������������������������������������� $ 99.99
#100-013-699AQ Switch 8 Recharger, Only,  ​
3C36G19����������������������������������������������������  39.99

Compact, Powerful,
Adaptable, Durable –
And Affordable
When we decided to design
our own flashlight, we started with a list of “mission critical”
features. We wanted a compact light that fits comfortably in
the hand, yet is super-bright, with an ultra-reliable, shockproof
LED “emitter,” rather than a traditional light bulb with a filament
that’s easily broken on impact or under recoil when mounted
on a gun. We wanted a rugged, machined aluminum body
that’s 1" wide, so it’ll fit a lot of popular gun mounts, and O-ring
sealed to make it waterproof. The light had to run on two readily
available CR-123A lithium batteries because so many law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters already have devices
that use those. And we wanted to offer these lights at a really
affordable price that says, “Hey, why not buy two?!”
We think we’ve achieved all those goals (and then some!)
with the Brownells Versatile Light.
The BVL530’s powerful CREE® XM-L2 LED emitter gives an
astonishing 530 lumens maximum output, with Low (175 lumen) - brighter than “high” mode on a lot of other lights - and
Ultra-Low (13 lumen) modes available. High mode can be set
to steady-on or strobe. Change modes by hitting a simple sequence of “clicks” on the sealed rubber tailcap switch.
All this power sticks around, too: you get up to 2.5 hours
continuous output in High mode, and an amazing 9 hours in
Comes with accessories to help you customize your
BVL530 to your needs: a spring-steel pocket clip and a freespinning lanyard loop that rotates a full 360° so the lanyard (also
included) won’t get tangled. There’s a silicone rubber ring that
slides over the body to serve as a finger stop when employing
the popular “syringe” grip technique. All of these items are easily installed and removed as you need them. a
SPECS: 6061 T6 aluminum body 303 stainless steel "strike" bezel, matte
black finish. 53/8" (13.6cm) OAL, 13/8" (3.5cm) maximum O.D. at bezel, 1"
(2.5cm) O.D. body. 6 oz. (169g) wt. Output levels and run times: High (530
lumen), 2.5 hours; Low (175 lumen), 9 hours; Ultra-Low (13 lumen), 150
hours; Strobe (530 lumen), 7 hours. Runs on two CR-123A lithium batteries or one 18650 x1 Li-Ion rechargeable cell, not included.
#080-001-089AQ Brownells BVL-530 Flashlight,  ​
5C65Q01��������������������������������������������������� $ 79.99




Illuminates Anything
From A Keyboard To A Tent


Plug the Luna light bar
into the USB port of your laptop or any compatible power
source for hours of illumination. Drawing only 1 watt of power,
the Luna’s energy efficient LEDs won’t drain your recharger
or laptop. Flexible 9" cord lets you easily position the light for
hands-free use. Stores easily in a backpack, toolbox, or glove
SPECS: 11" (27.9cm) OAL. Black. 10 LED bulbs.
#100-013-715AQ Luna LED Light,  ​3C8I99��������������������

$ 9.99

Powers USB, 12V & AC Powered Devices
Durable, lightweight power supply keeps
cell phones, laptops and tablets charged
when you are on the go. The Sherpa 50 can be
charged from a wall outlet, using a car’s 12 volt
accessory port, or with one of GoalZero’s solar panels. Fully charged, the Sherpa’s lithium
battery provides 50 watt hours of power. Unit
has three power ports: 5V USB, 12 V, and a 19V laptop outlet.
Includes optional port to connect an AC inverter for 110 volt

Will Run Continuously For A Month
On Single Set Of Batteries

devices. Features a battery level monitor, lighted power ports,
plus a brilliant LED light. Recharger is small enough to fit in a
briefcase or pack. Comes with an AC outlet charger, car port
adapter, and laptop charging kit.
SPECS: Plastic housing, silver and black. Lithium ion battery. 41/2" (11.4cm)
long, 11/2" (3.8cm) wide, 51/4" (13.3cm) high. 1.1 lbs (0.5kg) wt.
#100-013-713AQ Sherpa 50 Recharger,  ​3C179C99�� �� $ 199.99

Orders/Tech: 800-741-0015

Super-Bright 300-Lumen
Handheld Spotlight;
Recharges In 4 Hours
Rugged, portable and rechargeable, this powerful LED
spotlight is ideal for law enforcement officers, military personnel or anyone who needs reliable lighting away from a power
source. 300-lumen high-output mode delivers penetrating
light for up to 5 hours; 25-lumen low-output mode provides
light for up to 50 hours. Emergency signal mode flashes to
alert others to your location should the need arise. Triggerstyle switch activates the light for momentary-on or constanton operation. Maybe held in hand or placed on the integrated
stand for stationary illumination purposes. Lithium Ion battery
recharges to full-power in just 4 hours.
SPECS: High-impact polycarbonate, black. 6¾" (17.1cm) long, 7" (17.8cm)
tall. 1½ lbs (691g) wt. LED emitter service life: 50,000 hours. Lithium Ion
battery is rechargeable up to 800 times. Waterproof to 2 meters. Includes
5′ 120V AC power cord and high-strength adjustable wrist lanyard.
#100-011-263AQ Waypoint Spotlight,  ​1K125D59 ������ $ 139.99

Compact, weatherproof LED lantern will
deliver long-lasting light on your next outdoor
adventure. Lantern has four modes – high,
medium, low and flashing SOS. High setting
produces 300 lumens for 32 hours, medium
gives 150 lumens for 3½ days, and low setting
gives 29 lumens for 30 days! SOS flash will last
for 15 days. Removable globe and convenient
recessed hook allows the lantern to be hung
upside down and used as an area light. To make
finding the lantern easier when the lights are
out, the LED model has a blinking green light
while the GLO model features a luminescent
base and cap.
SPECS: Weatherproof high-impact ABS plastic, with
rubberized encasements to protect against shock and
impact. 7¼" (18.4cm) high x 41/4" (10.8cm) across. 1.9 lb.
(858g) wt. Uses 3 D-cell batteries, not included.
#100-012-909AQ 30-Day LED Lantern,  ​2C40P09������ $ 49.99
 100-016-741AQ 30 Day Lantern-GLO,  ​2C37K79������  49.99


Bright Enough To Light Up A Room
Or Campsite
Lightweight lantern uses four, white LEDs to
provide 360° of soft, even light. High setting produces 340 lumens for 30hrs, medium setting has
runtime of 70 hours with 175 lumens, and low setting has an output of 33 lumens for 295 hours. One
red LED for night vision produces 10 lumens for 235 hours. A
flashing SOS mode runs for 430 hours. Easy to carry, rubber
coated handle and recessed D-hangers in the top and bottom
of the lantern let you hang it upright or upside down. Batterylevel indicator changes from green, to yellow, to red and to
flashing red when batteries are low. Rugged, polymer body
with molded rubber base provides stability on slippery or uneven surfaces. Lantern is waterproof and designed to float. Uses
three D batteries (not included).
SPECS: Molded polymer and rubber body, black and coyote. 7¼"
(18.41cm) high. 1 lb. 15 oz. (878.8g) wt. Requires three D batteries, not
#100-012-800AQ The Siege Lantern,  ​1K38L49������������ $ 43.99

Ideal For Fun
Or Emergencies
Compact illumination
sticks are safe, windproof,
waterproof, nontoxic and
do not produce heat or
flames. To activate, remove
the stick from the foil, bend,
snap and shake. Produces
a bright glow for a full 12
hours. a
SPECS: 6" (15.2cm) long. Available in green, yellow, and white.
#100-013-320AQ Lightsticks, Green,  ​5A1G29��������������
#100-013-328AQ Lightsticks, Yellow,  ​5A1A29��������������
#100-013-329AQ Lightsticks, White,  ​5A1B29��������������

Instructional video available at brownells.com

order on the web


$ 1.99



communication & power

and solar panel keeps
your handheld electronic
devices powered when
Recharging Kit
you’re in the field. Battery pack can be charged
using the solar panel or a
USB power source and will
recharge most electronic
devices, plus AA and AAA
Recharger features a built
in LED flashlight capable
of running 150 hours per Recharger Pack
charge. A convenient zippered pocket on back of panel is ideal for holding devices while
charging or to store the battery pack and USB cord. Folding
solar panel fits easily into backpack, briefcase or glove compartment. Kit comes with 4 rechargeable batteries, USB cord
and 12V car adapter for solar panel.
SPECS: Kit includes solar panel, battery pack, USB cord, AA rechargeable
batteries (4 pack), AAA battery adapter. Solar Panel - 17" (43.2cm) long,
9" (22.9cm) wide, 1" (2.5cm) deep, unfolded. 13 oz. (368.5g) wt. Battery
Pack – Plastic, silver and black. 4" (10.2cm) high, 21/2" (6.4cm) wide, 3/4"
(1.9cm) deep. 6 oz. (181.4g) wt. Batteries - Rechargable, NiMh. 300 - 500
lifecycle charges.


emergency & survival gear


emergency & survival gear
communication & power



Provides Convenient
Light Wherever You
Need It
Compact LED work
light plugs into any USB
power source, including
the Goal Zero Switch 8 or Guide 10 Plus rechargers. The flexible,
11" neck adjusts to any angle and stays where you put it. Remove
the light’s cover to convert from a flood light to a focused beam.
Light produces 60 lumens with the cover on and 80 lumens
with the cover off. Change the light’s function by using one
of the four colored bulb covers – white, blue, green, and red.
Makes an ideal reading light, workspace light, or camp light.
SPECS: 1.5W, Cree LED light, white. Dimensions: 11/4" (3.2cm) dia., 11"
(27.9cm) OAL. .8 oz. (22.7g) wt. Includes white, red, green, and blue caps.
#100-013-714AQ Firefly USB Light,  ​3C13G29������������������$ 15.99


Easily ignite any dry tinder
with this compact, all-weather
fire starting system. The ABS case opens to reveal a 7/16" diameter alloy flint rod and steel striker embedded in the handles.
Capable of producing a stream of sparks three times hotter than
a match, the StrikeForce generates sparks even in the rain, and
it’s good for up to 4,000 strikes. A storage compartment in the
large, easy to grip handles provides a secure place to keep extra
tinder. Weighing less than 4 oz., the StrikeForce makes a great
addition to any survival kit, camping gear, or a hiking pack. a
SPECS: Case – ABS, orange. 5" (12.7cm) long, 1 1/2" (3.8cm) wide, 1/2"
(1.3cm) thick. 3.7 oz. (104.9g) wt. Striker Rod - alloy flint rod. 1½" (3.8cm)
long, 7/16" (1.1cm) diameter. Striker – hardened steel.
#100-012-905AQ Strikeforce,  ​2C18P19����������������������������� $ 19.99

Versatile Shemagh Protects
Against Sun, Sand & Cold
Traditional 100% cotton
head covering can be tied in
many ways and serves as a
scarf, hat, mask, sun-shelter,
even a first-pass water filter,
emergency bandage, or tourniquet. Its uses are limited only by
your imagination and ingenuity. Available with checkerboard
patterns in four color combinations listed below. 44" x 44"
SPECS: Cotton. 44" x 44".
#100-012-937AQ Shemagh, O.D./Black,  ​4G6J59�������������� $ 7.99
#100-012-939AQ Shemagh, Tan/Black,  ​4G6M59��������������  7.99
#100-012-940AQ Shemagh, Foliage Green/Green,  ​
4G6M59����������������������������������������������������������  7.99
#100-012-941AQ Shemagh, Foliage Green/Black, ​
4G6J59������������������������������������������������������������  7.99

If you aren’t 100%
satisfied with your
purchase from
Brownells, return it
for a full refund or



Designed To Withstand
Whatever Nature
Throws At It

Expandable Panel Allows You To
Change Size Of Sleeping Bag
Sleeping bag changes from
spacious and cool to snug and
warm thanks to its unique baffle system. The Expander Panel
System features a jumbo zipper that allows between 5" and 10"
of extra sleeping space at maximum expansion. Exterior is
made of breathable Paratex micro fabric, a water resistant, ripstop nylon. Inner lining is made of highly breathable, moisture
wicking, Paratex light fabric. A layer of reflectatherm metalized
material reflects your body heat back inside the sleeping bag.
Comfort range is 36° to 45°. Comes with stuff sack for storage
or transporting.
SPECS: Black. Paratex micro fabric exterior. Paratex light fabric interior.
86" (218.4cm) long, 32" (81.3cm) wide. 36 oz. (1kg) wt. 36° (2.2° C) to
45° (7.2° C) temperature range. Pack – Nylon, black. 7" (17.8cm) high,
7" (17.8cm) wide.
#100-013-258AQ Softie Elite 1,  ​4F99G99 ���������������������� $ 114.99

The sleek, low profile of
the Scorpion 2 allows this two
person tent to withstand strong winds. Dual component tent
features a lightweight, polyester, waterproof fly that can be set
up for immediate shelter. Inner tent is constructed of nylon
with polyester mesh and can be set up at your convenience.
Tent has one door with No-See-Um-Mesh, three vents, and
internal mesh storage pockets. Vestibule is ideal for storing
gear or muddy boots. All seams are tape sealed for added waterproofing.
SPECS: Shelter – 39" (99cm) high, 59" (150cm) wide, 108" (274cm) OAL including 28" (71cm) vestibule. 4 lbs (1.8kg) wt. Fly – 210t polyester RipStop,
5000mm waterproof polyurethane coating, olive color. Inner tent – 190t
nylon, 5000mm waterproof polyurethane coating, black. Poles – TH72M
aluminum, anodized, pressfit connectors. Pack – 17" (43.2cm) long, 7½"
(19cm) wide, 7½" (19cm) high.
#100-013-251AQ Scorpion 2 Tent,  ​4F256D49�������������� $ 289.99



Easy-To-Use Fire Starter
Designed For All-Weather Use


Made of Paratex Dry material that’s
both 100% waterproof and breathable, the enhanced patrol poncho is
large enough to fit over you and your
pack. Poncho has an adjustable hood
to help keep the rain out and thumb
loops prevent the sleeves from riding
up. Handy chest pocket with storm
flap closure is ideal for keeping maps,
cell phone or other smaller items dry.
Behind the chest pocket are slit pockets for your hands. Poncho is roomy enough to be used as an
emergency shelter. One size fits most.
SPECS: Paratex Dry fabric. One size fits most. Pack - 8" long (20.3cm),
31/2" across (8.9cm).
#100-013-249AQ Patrol Poncho, Black,  ​4F42H29�������� $ 46.99
 100-014-698AQ Patrol Pancho, Olive,  ​4F42F29����������  47.99




Keeps You & Your Gear Dry In A






Breathable Fabric Helps
Keep You Cool On Hot Nights
Designed for mild to warm
weather camping, these lightweight
sleeping bags feature an antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment in
both the interior and exterior fabrics. Water repellent exterior is made of rip stop nylon. Interior
lining is a highly breathable, wicking fabric which discourages
bacterial growth and reduces odors. Built in mosquito net helps
keep bugs at bay or can be unzipped and rolled away when not
needed. Internal mesh pocket offers a place to store valuables.
Comes with nylon stuff sack Available in either the Travelpak 1
with a comfort rating of 45°to 36° or the Travelpak 2 with a 35°
to 26° comfort rating.
SPECS: Exterior – Hex, ripstop nylon, Paratex antibacterial treated. Interior
– Paratex base fabric. 86" (120cm) long, 64" (164cm) wide. TravelPak 1:
Red & black. 2 lbs. (850g) wt. 45°to 36° comfort rating. TravelPak 2: Blue
& black. 2½ lbs. (1.1kg). 35° to 26° comfort rating.
#100-013-256AQ Travelpak 1 Sleeping Bag,  ​
4F49M89�������������������������������������������������� $ 54.99
#100-013-257AQ Travelpak 2 Sleeping Bag,  ​
4F56D49����������������������������������������������������  64.99


Compact, military grade, one person tent will stand
up to severe weather and keep you dry. Dual component tent
features a lightweight, 210t polyester RipStop outer fly with a
waterproof polyurethane coating. Inner tent is constructed of
50D polyester, No-See-Um-Mesh with a polyurethane coated,
waterproof, bathtub style bottom. In hot environments the inner tent can be used as a standalone bug tent. Comes with individual storage bags for the two feather light DAC aluminum
poles, sixteen alloy stakes, and stuff pack.
SPECS: Shelter - 71" (180cm) long, 44" (111.8cm) wide, 28" (71.1cm) high.
2.64 lbs (1.2 kgs) trail weight. 3.34 lbs (1.52 kgs) pack weight. Inner tent
– 190t nylon, 5000mm waterproof polyurethane coating, black. Fly –
210t polyester RipStop, 5000mm waterproof polyurethane coating, olive
color. Poles – TH72M aluminum, anodized, pressfit connectors. Pack polyester, olive drab. 17" (43.2cm) long, 5.25" (13.3cm) deep.
#100-013-252AQ Ionosphere Tent,  ​4F164M99������������ $ 189.99



Ideal For Low To Mid-Range Nighttime Temperatures


sleeping bag is a favorite
of many United States
government agencies.
The siliconized synthetic hollow fiber filling gives this bag a
comfort range of 32° to 18°. Durable, silk weight, inner lining
is breathable and wicks away moisture. Outer shell is made
of robust, ripstop nylon which ensures your bag a prolonged
life. Snugfit drawstring hood includes a padded section on top
which can be utilized as a pillow. Comes with nylon cinch sack
for storage and transportation. Constructed of the same superior materials as the Sleeper Lite Mummy Style bag, the Sleeper
Lite Square Foot can be unzipped and opened fully to make a
blanket to lie on or to throw over you. Ideal for those who don’t
like being restricted by a mummy bag.
SPECS: Nylon, black. 86" (218cm) long, 60" (152cm) wide. Comfort range:
32°F (0°C) to 18°F (7°C). Pack - 12” (30.5cm) long, 8" (20.3cm) wide. Sleeper
Lite Mummy: 3½ lbs, (1.6kg) wt. Sleeper Lite Square Foot: 4 lbs. (1.8kg) wt.
#100-013-255AQ Sleeper Lite Mummy Style,  ​
4F49E29������������������������������������������������������� $ 55.99
#100-013-254AQ Sleeper Lite Square Foot,  ​4F53C59�� �  59.99


Ideal For Individual
Camping Or As An
Emergency Shelter

Robust, Four Season Tent
Withstands The Elements
Designed for hard use,
this three man dome tent
will keep you dry in the
heaviest rain. The Bunker allows you to set the fly up for
immediate shelter, and then
put up the inner structure at your convenience. Fly is made of
lightweight 210t Polyester RipStop with 5000mm waterproof
polyurethane coating to keep the rain out. Inner shell is constructed of 190t nylon. Tent features two doors, 2 vents, and six
internal mesh pockets for storing your gear. Rugged anodized aluminum poles will withstand strong wind. Includes guy
lines, stakes, repair kit, and carry case.
SPECS: Shelter – 413/8" (105cm) high, 98½" (250cm) across. 6¾ lbs.
(3.07kg). Fly – 210t polyester RipStop, 5000mm waterproof polyurethane
coating, olive color. Inner tent – 190t nylon, 5000mm waterproof polyurethane coating, black. Poles – TH72M aluminum, anodized, pressfit
connectors. Pack – 18½" (47cm) long, 8" (20.3cm) wide, 8" (20.3cm) high.
#100-013-250AQ Bunker Tent,  ​4F270C79�������������������� $ 309.99


SINCE 1939

Miltary Grade Bivi
Stands Up To
Severe Weather
Made of waterproof, ripstop nylon,
this one person bivi
has an integrated canopy for a greater sense
of room and enhanced ventilation. Canopy is supported by two
lightweight aluminum poles and features a rear mesh window
with rain flap and a fully zippered mosquito net in the front.
Mosquito net can be rolled up and stored out of the way when
not needed. Bivi sets up quickly and is ideal for lightweight
backpacking or survival situations. Includes aluminum poles,
metal tent pegs, and pack.
SPECS: Olive green. Top - 50D Nylon Ripstop, 5000mm waterproof polyurethane coating. Bottom - 210T Nylon, 8000mm waterproof polyurethane coating. 90" (230cm) long, 37" (106cm) high, 42" (95cm) wide. Pack
– Nylon, green. 12¼" (32cm) long, 5½" (14cm) wide. 39oz (1.1kg) total wt.
#100-013-253AQ Stratosphere Tent,  ​4F143D39���������� $ 159.99

Survival Tarp
Designed for a
single person, this
multi-purpose tarp
can make the difference in
a survival situation. Made of
lightweight, 68 denier polyester, the tarp features an
aluminized side for thermal
insulation and reflective signaling, while the reverse side is
covered in high visibility orange. Makes an ideal overhead
cover, ground sheet or thermal wrap. Comes with stuff sack,
guy lines with tighteners, and six steel stakes.
SPECS: 68 denier polyester, aluminized/orange. 6′ (1.8m) wide x 8′ (2.4m)
long. 12.7 oz. (360g) wt. Includes stuff sack, 6 steel stakes and guy lines.
#100-012-902AQ UST B.A.S.E. All Weather Tarp,  ​
2C21E49���������������������������������������������������� $ 24.99

Office/Tech: 641-623-5401






A Good Multi-Purpose
Knife To Have
At Your Side

Replaces Full-Size Tents
For More Efficient Sleeping
& Protection
one person tent
is ideal for a day
pack or when you
want to test your
survival skills with minimal equipment. The fire-retardant,
fine mesh construction keeps out the smallest insects, yet lets
air flow through so you can sleep comfortable even when it’s
hot. Bottomless design allows the tent to be compatible with
any sleeping bag or ground mat. The included shock-corded
fiberglass poles make set up quick and easy. Tent comes with
handy stuff sack for carrying and storage.
SPECS: Mesh, with orange effects. 21" (53cm) high, 34" (86cm) wide, 72"
(664cm) long when set up. 16.5" (42cm) high, 4" (10cm) wide, 3" (8cm)
long when packed. 20 oz. (567g) wt. Includes shock-corded fiberglass
poles and stuff sack.
#100-012-903AQ UST B.A.S.E. Bug Tent,  ​2C21A49������� $ 24.99

fixedblade, full-tang knife has
a versatile flat-ground 7"
blade with a 20° edge. Partially serrated back toward the tang,
so it cuts rope, fishing line, or seat belts easily. Blade is ground
from high-carbon 1095 Cro-Van steel that's known for keeping
an edge, then given a non-reflective, anti-corrosion powder
coated finish. Kraton G handle provides a non-slip grip and
good feel, and impervious to heat, cold, and moisture. Comes
with an injection-molded, fiberglass-reinforced nylon sheath
that is designed for multiple carry options. Knife has 113/4"
(30cm) OAL. 10.7 oz. (303g) wt. incl. sheath. a
SPECS: 1095 cro-van steel, powder coated, black. 113/4" (30cm) overall
length, 7" (17.8cm) blade length. Weighs 10.7 oz. (303g) with sheath. Glassfilled, nylon sheath, black 4.5 oz. (127g) weight.
#100-006-350AQ Fighting/Utility Knife,  ​9B67F79������� $ 74.99




Portable Size For On-The-Fly
Care & Adjustments


Lightweight, easy-to-carry package features six tools for maintaining
AR platforms. Includes a two-prong
front sight adjustment tool that raises
and lowers standard A2 styles; 3/8"
open-end wrench; and rectangular
cutout used to slot over an oxygen
tank to open. Center rubber bit holder secures a ¼" slotted-head screwdriver; 7/64" hex, Torx® T-15, and Phillips #2; and a thin, replaceable firearm disassembly punch that
threads onto a multi-tool for removing pins. Bits and punch fit
into driver holes along the Rail’s grip-tight pressure bar, which
also offers a recess for conventional ¼" hex bits. Carabiner has a
one-way gate for clipping to a belt loop, strap, or bag, keeping it
within reach at all times; doubles as a bottle opener. Made from
corrosion-resistant steel with powder-based metal coating to
reduce glare and reflection. a
SPECS: Heat-treated 420 stainless steel, black oxide finish. 4.8" (12.2cm)
long. 2.3 oz. (65.2g) wt.
#525-000-010AQ Rail Pocket Tool,  ​5B21P49������������������� $ 24.99

Current U.S. Military
Issue Bayonet Is
Tough & Versatile
Stainless steel bayonet
comes with rugged polymer
scabbard with quick-release
for fast deployment. Belly features plain edge for effective
hacking and slashing, and spine has milled saw teeth for cutting wood and other jobs. Cut-out near tip allows bayonet to
function with scabbard as a wire cutter. Durable coating resists
rust and corrosion. a
SPECS: 420 Modified Stainless Steel. 7" blade. 12¼" OAL. Black.
#100-015-094AQ M4 Bayonet,  ​2B109A89����������������������� $ 124.99



Commemorates Original
USMC-Issue Knife
Stainless steel knife features
stacked leather and fiber washer handle like old-style USMC
knives, along with decorative
brass-colored crossguard and
pommel, and bright mirror-finish, plain-edge blade. Full-tang
construction gives strength
and false-edge point design
gives penetrating power combined with slashing and hacking ability. Comes with leather
sheath. a
SPECS: 440A Stainless Steel. 7" plain-edge blade. 11¾" O.A.L.
#100-014-718AQ P4 Combat Knife,  ​2B123F39������������� $ 136.99

Orders/Tech: 800-741-0015

This handy
little tomahawk
will make a great
addition to your
fishing or camping trip. Features
a 420 stainless
steel head with
a 2 inch edge
and hard-case coated for enhanced durability. The short, ergonomic, nonslip ballistic-polymer handle is designed for
efficient movement, making this tomahawk extremely well
balanced. Top of the handle is reinforced with a stainless steel
ferrule to prevent it from splitting when throwing or chopping
with the tomahawk. Comes with a nylon sheath that can be
worn on a belt or fastened to a backpack for easy carry.
SPECS: 12" (30.5cm) OAL. Head - 420 stainless steel, 6 1/2" (16.5cm) long,
2" (5.0cm) straight edge, black oxide finish. Handle - 11 1/4" (28.6cm) long,
ballistic polymer, black. Weight: 19 oz (538.6g). Sheath – nylon, black.
#100-006-954AQ Fasthawk,  ​2D34F99 ���������������������������� $ 34.99

Lightweight & Easily Concealable
Pocket Baton
Super-compact, collapsible baton was designed for plain
clothes and undercover law enforcement personnel, making it
also ideal for discreet concealed civilian carry in a coat pocket
or purse. Friction Loc® system lets you collapse the baton simply by rapping the striking tip on a hard surface. Asp's CrossTec
knurled grip provides a sure grasp, and will not snag on clothing. Removable, belt/pocket clip may be placed in any position
for convenient, secure retention in the pocket.
SPECS: 4140 steel striking tip and 7075 T6 aluminum tubing, "black
chrome" finish. 153/4" (40cm) long extended, 61/2" (16.cm) long retracted.
#100-009-280AQ P16 Clip-On Baton,  ​4D48P89������������� $ 49.99


Makes Short
Work Of Brush &
Other Vegetation


10" Tanto Point

One of the more useful edged tools in the world, a classic,
steel-blade machete equips you to chop through brush, blaze
trails, build shelters, and perform other cutting jobs with ease.
In a pinch, a machete has saved more than one life in selfdefense. Sawback on the top of the blade gives you extra versatility for hacking through thicker brush and saplings. Black
powdercoat finish prevents rust and preserves the blade, while
ergonomic handle of synthetic Kraton give you a firm grip and
all-day machete swinging comfort. Available with classic 18"
blade or a shorter 10" blade with a Tanto point for added versatility. Both come with a nylon sheath.
#100-014-230AQ 18" SOGfari Machete,  ​2D22I99���������� $ 22.99
#100-014-231AQ 10" SOGfari Machete w/Tanto
Point,  ​2D20B99���������������������������������������  20.99

order on the web





knives & tools

Beveled-edge blade chops
through walls, doors, and rope,
while the butt end serves as a
hammer for smashing hinges,
locks, door knobs, or other obstacles. The ax head also has a
cutaway T-grip for leveraging
the pry bar at the end of the
handle. Strong, high-carbon
420 steel body with Cerakote™
protective finish will not bend
or break under stress. Desert
Tan G10 fiberglass scales help you keep a firm, secure hold.
Includes MOLLE-compatible sheath that attaches to your pack,
standard webbing, or body armor for easy carry; quick-release
snaps permit give access. Separate blade cover also included.
19.27" (48.9cm) OAL. 1.9 lb. (861.8g) wt. a
#385-000-031AQ Downrange Tomahawk,  ​
5H227N79�������������������������������������������������$ 259.99



Ideal For Breaking, Chopping &
Other Utility Applications

All-In-One Blade, Hammer & Pry Bar
Keeps Obstacles From Slowing You Down

Tactical knife with a
fixed, serrated, drop-point
blade is designed to tackle
jobs you wouldn’t expect a
knife to handle. The LMF II
will cut through the skin of
a fuselage, sever a seat belt,
egress through the Plexiglas
of a chopper, cut firewood
and help you build a shelter. The ergonomic handle
is over-molded with comfortable, non-slip TPV material to give you a firm hold and help prevent blistering you
hand. Complete separation between the tang and butt cap, so
the knife absorbs the shock of hammering, while grooves and
lashing holes enable you to convert the LMF II to a spear. The
low-profile, nylon sheath attaches to a belt or MOLLE vest, and
has a built-in sharpener, so the blade stays sharp. NSN #734000-098-4327. a
SPECS: 10.6" OAL. 11.7 oz. wt.; 24.3 oz. with sheath. Blade - 420HC stainless steel, serrated, drop-point. 4.8" long. Handle - glass-filled nylon with
Coyote Brown TPV overmold. Sheath - Ballistic nylon with fire retardant
treatment, Coyote Brown.
#385-000-006AQ LMF II Survival Knife,  ​8A85G29������� $ 89.99


Nylon, 5/32" diameter military-style paracord boasts
a minimum tensile strength
of 550 lbs. This Type III, commercial grade cord is resistant
to rot, mildew, and abrasions.
Cord has an inner core comprised of seven strands of 30
lbs. test nylon. Inner strands can be separated and used for fishing lines, stitching gear, and numerous other applications. a
#100-012-970AQ 550 Paracord, Black, 50 ft.,  ​5A4P99����� $ 4.99
#100-012-972AQ 550 Paracord, Black, 100 ft.,  ​5A6B99 �  7.99
#100-012-971AQ 550 Paracord, Coyote, 50 ft.,  ​5A4I99 �  4.99
#100-012-973AQ 550 Paracord, Coyote, 100 ft.,  ​
5A6I99 �����������������������������������������������������������  7.99

simulates the centuriesold kukri style and is extremely effective as a tactical weapon
or to cut, chop, and slash through wooded areas. Features
distinctive inwardly curved blade that broadens toward the
point, as well as a plain edge and full tang construction. Flat
grind - tapered from spine to edge on both sides - ensures
outstanding sharpness; nonreflective, powder-coat finish enhances durability. Weather-resistant Kraton® polymer handle
has a slightly rubbery feel and milled-out, contoured grooves
for high traction and comfort. Front and rear guards allow for
better retention and keep your hand from sliding forward onto
the blade. a
SPECS: 17" (43.2cm) OAL. 1.33 lb. (21.3oz.) wt. Blade - 1095 carbon steel,
53-58HRC, black. 12" (30.5cm) long. .26" (0.7cm) thick. Handle w/lanyard - Kraton, black. Includes black nylon sheath w/belt loop, D-ring,
and leg tie.
#100-014-639AQ OKC Kukri Knife,  ​2B57N79������������������$ 69.99


Numerous Practical Uses
For Camping &
Survival Situations

Design & Angled Blade
Excellent For
& Clearing Brush



Compact Sheath Knife
Does Way More Than An
Ordinary Knife

emergency & survival gear


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