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The Australian Organic & Natural Directory, the most comprehensive
online directory for consumers, listing companies that provide the best
selection of organic and natural products in Australia
It’s easy to find organic and natural options for just about every product
we use in our daily lives. Simply browse using the category tabs above or
search for a specific keyword in the search bar.

 Boost your brand with the Australian Organic & Natural Directory
Advertising on the Australian Organic & Natural Directory will attract new customers and give increased
exposure for your brand. If you don’t have a website, we will create an online profile for your company
giving customers a destination to visit. If you do have a website, The Australian Organic & Natural
Directory will drive more traffic and generate more leads. We have online visitors actively searching for
organic products and services daily.

The Australian Organic Directory lists a range of high quality organic food and organic grocery, fresh
organic produce to use every day. Included you will find fresh organic cheese, icecream, organic milk,
organic yoghurt, freshly baked organic bread, spreads and condiments, nuts, organic and biodynamic
olive oils, organic pasta and rich, tasty organic sauce, healthy breakfast cereals and superfoods to start
your day. We list a range of butchers that sell organic beef, lamb, chicken and organic pork and organic
food catering companies that can bring all this wonderful organic food directly to your door and
companies that import a wonderful huge range of organic products for your consumption

Organic beverages cover a wide range of delicious drinks, all of which have been made and processed
without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, additives and preservatives.
Find a range of organic beverages including several varieties of organic teas, coffee, hot chocolate,
ginger beer, lemonade and Steaz soda.
Choose from natural alkaline drinking water, mineralised water, natural spring water and water
purifiers, filter water bottles and water filtration systems.
There are several companies supplying organic beer, lager, non-alcoholic sparkling beverages and
organic, biodynamic wines.

Choose from a range of natural and organic fruit and vegetable juices, including grape, pomegranate,
apple, apple and pear, apple and strawberry, apple and raspberry, apple and boysenberry, apple and
cranberry, orange, grapefruit and red grape, carrot, apple and celery, blackcurrent, carrot apple and
ginger, apple beetroot and carrot, mango, guava, strawberry, watermelon, mulberry and Noni juices

 BABY-Accessories
One of the most popular baby accessories are baby slings and hammocks. These allow you to practice
“baby wearing” which is the practice of carrying baby against front of your body. A baby sling is a safe
place for a new baby to adjust to the world, while encouraging bonding with mom, dad or other
Baby slings free up your arms and hands so you are able to do chores, go shopping and walk freely while
baby naps. They allow mom to nurse discreetly in public too. While baby slings are most often used with
infants, they have great benefits for toddlers too as they can carry weights of up to 20kgs.
Here you can find a range of companies that supply a variety of organic, eco-friendly baby accessories
including organic baby carriers, hammocks and slings.

There are several reasons to avoid conventional health and beauty products. Conventional skincare,
body care, perfume and make-up products contain toxic chemicals and preservatives like parabens,
sulphates and phthalates. These ingredients have been linked to skin allergies, hormone imbalances and
certain cancers.
Natural and organic health and beauty products do not have chemical or toxic additives and
preservatives and are friendlier to the environment because these products do not poison the water and
surrounding environment.
The Australian Organic Directory lists ethical companies who supply natural, fair trade, eco-friendly
organic cosmetics, body products, skincare and hair care products.
Find organic cotton tampons and pads, menstrual cups, hair removal kits, deodorant, sunscreen, dental
care, essential oils, personal lubricant, shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, toothpaste, lipstick, makeup, and
natural products for men and teen boys and girls.

The home can be a source of chemicals and toxins that can negatively affect the environment and your
health. Conventional air fresheners, cleaning products, mattresses, paints, glue used in conventional
furnishings and carpeting can be a source of toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde and volatile organic
compounds. These can cause sore, burning eyes, sore throat, asthma, respiratory problems, immune
system and nervous system problems, and others.

The Australian Organic Directory lists companies who supply various natural and organic items for your
home. This includes fabrics, bedding, paint, candles, bed heads, blanket boxes, bamboo towels,
blankets, cleaning and laundry products, decor products, room sprays, bread bags, reusable food wraps
and pockets, eco tableware, furnishings, cast iron pans, ceramic cookware, buckwheat husk pillows,
bamboo pillow protectors, juice extractors, flour grinders, bamboo flooring, reusable coffee cups, food
dehydrators, blenders, and many more.

Clothes made from conventional cotton and synthetic fibres require huge amounts of land, nonrenewable resources, water, and chemicals to be produced. Fortunately there are several natural and
organic clothing options available, including cotton, hemp and bamboo fibres. These are
environmentally friendly crops and do not require pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides.
Babies, children and people with sensitive skin, chemical sensitivities, asthma, and other health issues
may benefit from wearing organic and natural clothes because they are softer and gentler on the skin.
The Australian Organic Directory lists suppliers of soft, functional, organic, fair trade and sustainable
clothing for men, women and children. This organic cotton, bamboo, soy, silk and hemp clothing,
underwear, pyjamas, sleepwear, yoga clothes, dresses, tops, pants, gym wear, maternity wear, t-shirts,
tanks, hoodies and more, plus fair trade, ethical footwear and socks for adults and children. |

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